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Cost of Assisted Living in San Bruno, California

Page Reviewed / Updated - August 08, 2019

Seniors and their loved ones can use this guide to learn more about the cost of different types of senior care in San Bruno, California. This guide also includes detailed information about the financial assistance programs and other resources that are available to senior citizens who live in San Bruno and its surrounding areas. To learn more about financial assistance throughout the state, visit our guide to paying for senior care in California

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in San Bruno

The Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey indicates that senior care costs in San Bruno and throughout the San Francisco Bay are considerably high when compared with state averages. Assisted living carries the most significant difference with an average monthly cost that's $1,000 more than in the average city in California. Both nursing home care and home care costs are exceptionally high when compared with state averages, too, with differences that exceed $500. Although adult day care in San Bruno cost more than the state average, the difference is much less considerable at just $54.

Note: Specific senior care cost data isn't available for San Bruno. Instead, data for the nearest major city, San Francisco, has been used. 

How much does Assisted Living Cost in San Bruno?

The cost of assisted living in the San Bruno area is among the highest in California at an average of $5,500 per month. While the cost of assisted living is the same in the San Jose area, it's much less in most other cities throughout California. For example, in Sacramento, the average cost is only $4,473 per month and in Los Angeles, it's only $4,500. In Fresno, costs are even less at an average of only $3,500 per month.

How much does Home Care Cost in San Bruno?

While the cost of home care in San Bruno isn't the highest in the state, it's not too far behind. Seniors who receive home care in the city pay an average of $5,625 per month, just slightly less than in San Jose, where the cost is the highest in the state at an average of $5,720 per month.

In both Los Angeles and Sacramento, the cost is about $1,000 less at an average of $4,767 per month, while in Chico and Riverside, home care costs are even lower at $4,433 and $4,481 per month, respectively. 

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in San Bruno?

Unlike other types of senior care, the cost of adult day care in San Bruno is quite reasonable when compared with other major cities throughout California. At an average of $1,733 per month, the cost in San Bruno is the same as in Sacramento and San Diego. It's $260 less than in San Jose, where the cost is $1,993 per month, and about $400 less than in Chico, where adult day care is $2,134, the highest price in the state. 

How much does Nursing Home Costs in San Bruno?

Seniors in San Bruno and its surrounding area pay the highest price in the state for nursing home care. At an average of $9,148 per month, San Bruno's nursing care costs are more than $1,500 higher than in Los Angeles, where the average cost is $7605 per month. In cities such as Sacramento and San Diego, the average cost is $8,517 per month, which is about $600 less than in San Bruno.

Financial Assistance Programs in San Bruno

Medicaid Program in San Bruno

California's Medicaid plan is called Medi-Cal. Just like other Medicaid plans throughout the country, it gives low-income families and individuals access to free healthcare services such as primary care services, hospital services and dental care, as well as necessary medical devices and prescription drugs. Seniors aged 65 and older can also access nursing care through the Medi-Cal state plan, while those who require services such as home care or assisted living can apply for one of California's Medi-Cal waivers, which are listed below. 

To be eligible for Medi-Cal, seniors who are single must have a maximum income of $16,395 annually, while married applicants may have a maximum income of $22,108 annually. Single applicants may own up to $2,000 in countable assets and married couples may own up to $3,000 in countable assets. While all sources of income are counted toward eligibility, some assets are exempt such as the applicant's home, a single vehicle and personal belongings. 

Seniors who don't meet the financial eligibility requirements of Medi-Cal yet have excessive medical bills may be able to apply via the state's Medi-Cal spend-down program, which allows applicants to pay for medical bills before counting their income toward the plan's eligibility requirements. 

Medi-Cal is an entitlement program, which means that all qualified applicants are granted benefits immediately. Seniors who live in San Bruno or surrounding areas can apply for Medi-Cal by calling (800) 300-1506. 

Medicaid Waivers in San Bruno

Home and Community-Based Alternatives

The Home and Community-Based Alternatives waiver program helps California's senior citizens and disabled persons to transition from a nursing home or hospital into their own community. Covered costs include nursing care, transition services, transportation and necessary home modifications. This waiver also helps beneficiaries to pay for home health care if it's needed. 

Any California resident who requires nursing care and is receiving long-term care in a hospital or licensed nursing home may apply for this waiver. To qualify, applicants must meet Medi-Cal's financial requirements. This waiver is capped at 5,500 participants, which means that there's usually a waiting list for qualified applicants to receive benefits.

To apply for this program or to find out how long the current waiting list is, seniors can contact the Center for Elders' Independence at (510) 318-7375. 

More information can be found here

Community-Based Adult Services

The Community-Based Adult Services program helps seniors citizens who require daily assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, toileting and dressing. It provides services within the community, as well as at senior centers and adult day care centers. Benefits that are covered by this waiver include personal care, home visits by a skilled nurse, and non-medical transportation.

To be eligible for this program, seniors should be 65 or older and they must be participating in a Medi-Cal managed care program. This program accepts a limited number of participants; therefore, there may be a waiting list for those who are qualified to participate.

To apply or to learn more about this program, seniors can call the Area Agency on Aging in San Mateo at (650) 573-3527.

More information can be found here.

Assisted Living Waiver

The Assisted Living Waiver covers the cost of care for seniors who reside in a licenced assisted living facility. It also covers additional costs such as transportation, and for those who are moving from a nursing home into an assisted living facility, this waiver covers the cost of transitional services. 

To qualify for this waiver, applicants must be at least 21 years of age and disabled or at least 65 years old when applying based on age. Financially, all applicants must be fully eligible for Medi-Cal with zero cost share. This program accepts a limited number of participants and there is often a waiting list for those who are eligible for coverage.

To apply for this waiver, seniors can call San Mateo County Human Services at (800) 223-8383.More information can be found here

Other Financial Assistance Programs in San Bruno

In-Home Supportive Services

In-Home Supportive Services helps senior citizens to access care at home as an alternative to living in nursing care or assisted living facilities. Participants of this waiver are offered the option of self-directed care, which means they're allowed to hire and supervise their own caregivers, as well as determine which services they need most. Cost covered by this waiver includes in-home care services, non-medical transportation and meal preparation and delivery services. 

Seniors aged 65 and older are welcome to apply for this program provided they meet the minimum care requirements and are financially eligible for the state Medicaid plan. This program only accepts a limited number of applicants; therefore, there is usually a waiting list. 

To apply for this program, seniors living in San Bruno can contact San Mateo County Human Services at (800) 223-8383. 

More information can be found here

Paid Family Leave

The Paid Family Leave Act says that people can take up to six weeks of paid leave from work to care for an immediate relative, often while the senior is transitioning home from residential care or recovering from an injury.

When leave is needed, the employed relative can apply for benefits through the state's Employment Development Department (EDD). Benefits are accumulated through payroll deductions until the worker needs to take time off and then are paid bi-weekly. Award amounts vary with the worker's accumulated benefits and average wages over a three-year look-back period, and they must be replenished before paid leave can be taken again.

State Supplementary Payment 

The State Supplementary Payment (SSP) is a state financial payment that's combined with Supplemental Security Income payments each month. The benefit is offered to aged, blind and disabled persons to help them pay for costs that aren't covered by Medi-Cal such as room and board. While the benefit amount varies depending on the beneficiary's living situation, it may be as much as $412 per month. 

To qualify for the SSP as a senior citizen, applicants should be 65 or older and a beneficiary of the federal SSI benefit. 

For more information, seniors can contact the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213. 

More Senior Living Resources in San Bruno


Phone Number


San Mateo County Affordable Housing

(650) 616-7052

The San Mateo County Department of Housing helps seniors and low-income families living in San Bruno and surrounding areas to access affordable housing through a variety of resources and low-income housing options. 
Catholic Charities of the East Bay

(510) 768-3100

The Concord Service Center helps low-income families and seniors with urgent housing and financial needs by providing emergency rent and bill assistance, as well as damage deposits for those who are at risk of homelessness. 

(800) 225-5342

HUD programs provide housing choice vouchers and public housing options to low-income families and individuals. These programs help those in need to access safe and affordable housing by working with landlords to subsidize rental costs considerably. 
HEAP Program

(650) 242-9474

HEAP helps low-income residents of San Bruno and throughout San Mateo County to pay for energy bills and weatherization costs in times of need.