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Page Reviewed / Updated – December 23, 2023

Colorado seniors looking into their health coverage options or seeking a change from their current Medicare plans may have the option of enrolling in Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C. Unlike traditional Medicare that’s provided through the federal government, Medicare Advantage is offered by private insurance companies. Plans are required to offer the same coverage as Original Medicare but are often enhanced with additional benefits to compete with other insurance companies. For example, prescription coverage through traditional Medicare requires enrollment in Part D with additional costs. Many Medicare Advantage Plans already include prescriptions, keeping this important benefit under the same premium. Other possible coverage options include vision, dental and sometimes less common benefits, such as fitness and medical transportation.

There are some important details to consider when comparing Medicare Advantage to original Medicare. Like many traditional health insurance plans, most Medicare Advantage Plans use a network of providers and physicians. Seeing someone outside of this network will incur additional costs. Seniors who travel frequently within the U.S. may be limited on finding in-network care outside of Colorado and could get more from a standard plan that covers care from any provider in the country that accepts traditional Medicare. Also, while having healthcare options bundled can reduce premium costs for many seniors, some plans could cost them more depending on the coverage included.

Regardless of these potential drawbacks, the number of Colorado seniors who choose Medicare Advantage has grown over the last year. Enrollment reached 48% of all eligible enrollees in 2022 but has increased to 51% in 2023, despite the number of eligible residents also increasing by 3.14%. That comes out to just over 500,000 seniors who get their benefits from Medicare Advantage in Colorado as of July of this year.

This guide is a must-read for Colorado seniors considering Medicare Advantage. It delves into Part C coverage, showcases state plans, explains eligibility, and provides application insights for a well-informed decision.

The Top 10 Medicare Advantage Plans in Colorado

Medicare Advantage offers seniors options when it comes to their healthcare, allowing them the same freedom of choice to shop for the best plan to fit their situation. Because insurance companies are competing with one another to attract enrollees, many offer multiple plan configurations and plans could vary significantly between companies. The table below lists the top 10 Colorado Medicare Advantage Plans, ranked by the number of people enrolled. Costs are provided as a range to cover differing plan options and the Medicare rating comes from actual enrollee experiences. The information provided is accurate as of July of 2023. More detailed information can be found on



Medicare Star Rating

Monthly Cost Range

Plan Types




$0 – $197


Kaiser Permanente



$0 – $186





$0 – $96


Aetna Medicare



$0 – $0


Rocky Mountain Health Plans



$0 – $32





$0 – $0


Elevate Medicare Advantage



$0 – $0


Vermont Blue Advantage



$0 – $0


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield



$0 – $0


Devoted Health



$0 – $0


How Medicare Advantage Plans Work in Colorado

The graphic below provides details about the four most common types of Medicare Advantage Plans in Colorado. Some plans only cover care delivered by in-network providers, while other plans cover out-of-network care. Depending on the terms of the plan, an enrollee may also be required to choose a primary care doctor or ask for a referral to seek care from a medical specialist.

Medicare Advantage Plan Types Graphic

What Medicare Advantage Plans Cover in Colorado

With exceptions for hospice care, clinical trials and new benefits that are introduced via legislation, Medicare Advantage must cover the same medically necessary services as Original Medicare. This means enrollees have access to all other services covered under Medicare Part A and Part B. Most Medicare Advantage plans also include prescription coverage, eliminating the need for enrollees to purchase a Part D drug supplement. Many providers even offer extra benefits, such as coverage for hearing aids or over-the-counter medications.

Coverage Available With Medicare Parts A & B?

Coverage Available With Medicare Advantage?

Preventive Screenings



Hospital Care



Durable Medical Equipment



Prescription Drugs



Vision Care



Dental Care



Hearing Aids



*Select plans offer this coverage

** Most plans offer this coverage

Eligibility for Medicare Advantage in Colorado

Medicare Advantage isn’t available to every resident of Colorado. To enroll, an individual must have Medicare Part A and Part B, choose a Medicare Advantage plan that’s available in their service area and meet other eligibility requirements. Enrollees must be at least 65 or have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, end-stage renal failure or a disability that qualifies them for 24 consecutive Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board disability payments. To qualify for Medicare, an applicant must also be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

Medicare doesn’t offer year-round enrollment, so it’s important for seniors to understand when they can sign up for the first time, switch Medicare Advantage Plans or switch from Medicare Advantage back to Original Medicare. The list below provides details on Medicare’s enrollment periods.

  • Initial Coverage Election Period: This is the initial 7-month period, coinciding with one’s 65th birthday, during which everyone is eligible to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Annual Election Period (AEP): Also referred to as the Open Enrollment Period, this the time of year when anyone over 65 can enroll in Medicare Advantage for the first time or change to a new plan.
  • Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period: During this period, those who are already enrolled in Medicare Advantage can switch to a different plan or switch back to Original Medicare.

Start Date

End Date

Initial Coverage Election

3 Months Before One’s
65th Birth Month

3 Months After One’s
65th Birth Month

Annual Election Period

October 15th

December 7th

Medicare Advantage Open
Enrollment Period

January 1st

March 31st

Additionally, Medicare Advantage plan participants can change their plan outside of these enrollment periods under certain qualifying circumstances, such as moving to a new state.

How to Find & Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan in Colorado

Navigating the many intricacies of Medicare Advantage plan types, insurers, and the specific plan options available by region can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Below are several resources we’ve created to help you through the process.

First is a downloadable PDF that you can use as a guide to help you compare plans as you research. Finally, we have listed a number of organizations that you can contact with experts that will help you determine whether Medicare Advantage is right for you and what plans you should consider.

Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan

State-Wide Medicare Advantage Resources

Colorado Division of Insurance SHIP Assistance Program 

The Colorado Division of Insurance participates in the nationwide network of state health insurance assistance programs that provide free counseling to help seniors navigate the complexities of Medicare coverage. The goal of the program is to serve as an advocate and help seniors make the right choices based on their needs. Any state resident who qualifies for Medicare coverage is eligible to receive SHIP counseling. The Division of Insurance website features a convenient link to apply for benefits, along with information about supplemental insurance, Medicare basics and how to report insurance fraud.

Contact Info

To learn more about the Colorado SHIP program or to find the nearest location call 1-888-696-7213 to speak to a counselor.

Visit Website
Colorado Gerontology Society

Located in Denver, the Colorado Gerontology Society is a nonprofit organization that provides free counseling to Colorado residents on any issue related to Medicare and Medicaid. Counselors can answer questions about coverage options, eligibility and how to apply. The organization’s website also provides a list of community resources for seniors and a calendar of upcoming events.

Contact Info

For more information about the Gerontology Society, call 303-333-3482. You can also send an email via the contact form on the organization’s website.

Visit Website
Centura Senior Links

Centura Senior Links is one of the largest health care networks in Colorado, with more than 21,000 professionals, 17 hospitals and over 100 practices. The network provides counselors who can help seniors understand and apply for Medicare and other health benefit programs. Assistance is available in person for those living in Denver, and by phone for seniors located elsewhere in the state. 

Contact Info

For more information about Centura Links and how counselors can help with Medicare and other insurance questions, contact the organization directly at 1-866-550-2752. 

Colorado Foundation for Medical Care 

The Colorado Foundation for Medical Care is the state health care quality improvement organization. It works hand in hand with Medicare and Medicaid to help improve the quality of health care for seniors and other state residents. The foundation also has a hotline available to seniors who have questions or need help signing up for Medicare.

Contact Info

To learn more about the assistance CFMC can offer, contact the organization by phone at 1-877-225-0838 or by email at [email protected]

Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities 

The Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities (CFPD) helps individuals get the health care they need to maintain their quality of life. Counselors are available to answer questions concerning Medicare, and representative payees are available to make sure insurance bills are paid accurately and on time. 

Contact Info

For questions concerning Medicare counseling, contact the CFPD by phone at 303-733-2867 or send a message through the organization’s online contact form.

Visit Website

Local Medicare Advantage Resources

Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging

The Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging provides free information and counseling on Medicare and insurance fraud to seniors who live in El Paso, Park and Teller counties. The agency also offers insurance counseling and access to educational resources by phone in the surrounding counties of Custer, Fremont and Las Animas. The trained staff periodically holds educational classes and gives presentations in the Pikes Peak region to help seniors better understand their Medicare options. 

Contact Info

To speak to a counselor or learn when the next presentation is scheduled in your area, contact the agency at 719-471-2096.

Boulder County Area Agency on Aging

The Boulder County Area Agency on Aging serves seniors and adults with disabilities and their families by providing information on elder rights, healthy aging, respite care and Medicare counseling. Seniors may sign up for classes to learn about enrollment, benefits and the costs of Medicare. These classes are held monthly throughout Boulder County.

Contact Info

Contact the Boulder County Area Agency on Aging at 303-441-3570 to learn more about the upcoming class schedule, or for answers to questions about Medicare. You can also email the organization at [email protected].