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This page will assist Louisiana residents in exploring the costs associated with senior care throughout the state, including select geographic regions within the state. The cost of living in an assisted living facility, hiring in-home care, and attending adult day care will all be explored. Programs that offer financial and care assistance, both in the home and in residential facilities, will also be discussed.

The compiled list of programs that assist with senior care found below are comprehensive of what the state of Louisiana has to offer. However, it is not inclusive of what is offered at the national level. When searching for elderly care assistance, it is important to explore all options, finding the one that best fits the given situation. To assist in your search of elderly care programs, please use our free Resource Locator Tool.

Louisiana Eldercare Costs for 2024

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Assisted Living / Memory Care

In Louisiana, per Genworth’s 2023 Cost of Care Survey, the statewide average monthly cost of assisted living is $4,750. However, within the state, the cost varies depending on the geographic region. The lowest average monthly cost for assisted living can be found in Lafayette, at $3,415. The costliest cities for assisted living in Louisiana include Houma ($6,541), New Orleans ($5,630), and Shreveport ($5,475).

Individuals who are in need of Alzheimer’s care, often referred to as Memory Care, in an assisted living facility should expect to pay an extra monthly fee of between $853 and $1,635. Due to the additional security and specialized care, it is estimated this type of care costs 20% to 30% more than traditional assisted living.

Home Care

According to the 2023 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, non-medical in-home care in Louisiana averages $25 per hour. As with the cost of assisted living, the hourly rates vary based on the geographic region of the state. The most affordable area for home care is found in Houma, at $15 / hour. The areas of Shreveport, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans are on par with the statewide average.

Home health care, where health care providers act as caregivers, is another option for elderly care in Louisiana. On average, the hourly rate for home health care versus home care is approximately the same as non-medical, in-home care. However, in the areas of Lake Charles and Baton Rouge, the hourly cost can be as high as $40.

Adult Day Care

Adult day care in Louisiana, per Genworth’s 2023 Cost of Care Survey, runs residents an average of $97 / day. The least expensive care can be found in New Orleans, with a daily rate of $60.

Louisiana Medicaid Financial Assistance Programs

Medicaid Programs & Waivers for the Elderly

Medicaid, which is a joint partnership between the federal government and the state, offers health care for low-income residents of Louisiana. For seniors and those who are disabled, it also covers nursing home care and limited personal care assistance through the state Medicaid plan.

Medicaid Programs

Medicaid Long Term – Personal Care Services (LT-PCS)

LT-PCS provides seniors who need a nursing home level of care with in-home personal care assistance. Supports include assistance with grooming, bathing, toiletry, eating, meal preparation, light housecleaning, medication management, and grocery shopping. There is no wait list for this program, as this is part of the state Medicaid plan, and there are no enrollment caps.

Medicaid HCBS Waivers

Louisiana also offers Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid Waivers. They provide long-term care in an individual’s home and community, preventing unnecessary nursing home placements. This is a win-win for the state and the individual: The cost of HCBS is less costly for the state than nursing home care and the individual gets to age in place. Currently, Louisiana offers two HCBS waivers.

Adult Day Health Care Medicaid Waiver (ADHC)

The ADHC Medicaid Waiver provides adult day care services to seniors and individuals who need a nursing home level of care. Additional supports one might receive while in adult day care include personal care assistance, nursing services, medication management, and meals. A wait list may exist for this waiver.

Community Choices Waiver

The Community Choices Waiver provides support in the home and community to prevent or delay nursing home placement. Supports include adult day care, personal care assistance, respite care, temporary skilled nursing, and home modifications. A unique benefit of this program is the option for monitored in-home caregiving, which is similar to adult foster care. A wait list may exist, and the highest priority is given to those with the greatest need.

Medicaid Eligibility

In order to be eligible for Medicaid in the state of Louisiana, there are functional limitations that must be met, as well as income and asset restrictions. Make note, there are different income requirements for the state’s Regular Medicaid and for Nursing Home Medicaid or a Medicaid Waiver.

In 2024, single senior applicants must have a monthly income no greater than $943 a month for Regular Medicaid, and income no greater than $2,829 a month for Medicaid Waivers and Nursing Home Medicaid.

Applicants, regardless of applying for the state plan, a waiver, or nursing home care, must not have liquid assets in excess of $2,000. (Liquid assets are those that are easily converted to cash.) However, several assets are exempt, including an individual’s home (if the individual or their spouse lives in the home, or has an intent to return to it, and the home has an equity value of under $713,000), one vehicle, and personal effects.

The eligibility guidelines are different for married couples where both spouses are applying and for married couples with just one spouse applying. Due to the complicated nature of applying for Medicaid, it can be helpful to contact a professional Medicaid planner for assistance.

Louisiana Non-Medicaid Assistance Programs

The state of Louisiana also offers one non-Medicaid assistance program that is relevant to seniors.

Louisiana Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

The Louisiana Permanent Supportive Housing program offers affordable housing for low-income individuals, with four of the residences deemed as elderly housing. Select locations also offer other supports, such as medication management and transportation.

Further Help

In addition, seniors may find other options for non-medical assistance via the Older Americans Act (OAA) through the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) in their parish. The services available will likely vary based on the area in which one resides and the AAA office in that area. Find your local AAA here.

PACE Programs in Louisiana

The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is a joint initiative between Medicare and Medicaid to help seniors get the care and services they need in the community rather than transitioning to a nursing home for care. Because Medicaid differs in each state, PACE eligibility varies between states.

PACE covers all Medicaid and Medicare services to help seniors live at home instead of in a nursing facility. The goal is to enhance the quality of life and create individualized care plans for each participant. PACE covers medical support services needed to live at home. To receive PACE services, Louisiana seniors must meet the following criteria:

  • Be age 55 and older
  • Live in the PACE provider’s service area
  • Financially eligible for Medicaid long-term care
  • Meet the medical need for nursing home care

How To Get Started With PACE in Louisiana

To learn more about PACE in Louisiana, visit the state’s Medicaid website. Families and seniors can also get help through the PACE providers in the chart below:

PACE Provider


Areas Served

PACE Baton Rouge

(225) 490-0604

East Baton Rouge and West Baton Rouge Parish

PACE Greater New Orleans

(504) 835-0006

Greater New Orleans area

PACE Lafayette

(337) 470-4500

Lafayette, Carencro, Breaux Bridge, Broussard, Youngsville, Scott, Duson, Ryne and Sunset

Other Financial Options for Care

In addition to the state specific programs that assist in covering the cost of elderly care in Louisiana, there are also federal and non-profit programs available. In order to find other programs that assist in paying for care or reduce your out-of-pocket cost, make sure to use our Resource Locator Tool.  This tool makes it easy to locate and consider all of your options and choose the program that best fits the circumstances. Eldercare loans and programs that aid veterans with assisted living are other available options.

Finding Affordable Care in Louisiana

To best assist you in your search for affordable senior care, we have partnered with other organizations to assist in matching your care needs and budget with providers in your preferred geographical location. Due to the wide range of cost for senior care in Louisiana, it’s important to check with multiple providers when seeking care assistance. To find affordable care, click here to get started

Eldercare Financial Assistance Locator

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Top Cities for Senior Care in Louisiana

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