Page Reviewed / Updated – June 16, 2023

Program Description

Louisiana Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is a program that offers affordable housing at a variety of housing units across Louisiana. While at first glance PSH is not specifically targeted toward low-income elderly individuals, Louisiana specifically identifies persons with age-related disabilities as eligible. Furthermore, some of the supportive housing units are designated as “elderly only.” For these units, “elderly” individuals are defined as persons at least 55 years of age. In addition to rental support, some locations also offer other supports, such as medication administration and transportation assistance.

PSH is administered by the Office of Aging and Adult Services (OASS) within the Louisiana Department of Health and is a partnership with the Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC).

Eligibility Guidelines

This program has the following major eligibility criteria:

General Requirements

  • The applicant (or someone in their household) must have a chronic disability. As mentioned previously, this can include disabilities due to aging.
  • The individual must be receiving services from Medicaid, such as the Community Choices Wavier or Long Term-Personal Care Services, or services from the Ryan White program.
  • The applicant must be in need of housing supports provided via this program.

Financial Requirements

The applicant’s household income must be less than or equal to 50% of the median income for their geographic area. Median incomes vary by parish, by the number of individuals within the household, and are re-calculated annually.

Currently, 50% of the median income ranges from a low of $18,950 or less in Evangeline Parish to $31,050 or less in West Baton Rouge Parish for a single person household. For a two-person household, the range limit is $21,550 to $35,500.

Benefits and Services

PSH offers subsidized housing or financial assistance for rental housing in specified locations so that participants can remain in the community. Participants pay 30% of their monthly household income on rent. Other services via this program might include:
  • Reminders to pay the rent
  • Assistance with setting up doctor’s appointments
  • Assistance communicating with landlord and neighbors
  • Individual counseling that is solution-focused
  • 24 hour emergency services and crisis intervention

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How to Apply / Learn More

More information about the Permanent Supportive Housing program can be found here. Alternatively, one can call the Permanent Supportive Housing Office at 844-698-9075.

If applying in South Louisiana, an online application can be found here. Residents of North Louisiana must use a qualified referral source to submit an application. Call 844-698-9075 for more information on applying in North Louisiana.

Applicants should also be aware that there might be a significant waiting list for PSH services. Those who are homeless, are at risk of institutionalization, or who are currently institutionalized are given priority.