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This webpage will assist Wyoming residents in understanding the costs associated with senior care. The average cost of care options (assisted living, home care, and adult day care) throughout different geographic regions of the state will be explored. Programs that cover the cost of senior care, or assist in covering the cost, will also be covered.

While the programs listed on this webpage are inclusive as to what the state of Wyoming has to offer, there are also senior care programs available on a national level. When looking for assistance with covering the cost of senior care, it is important one consider each and every option. To assist one in their search for the program that best fits one’s needs and circumstances, our free Resource Locator Tool has proved to be invaluable.

Wyoming Eldercare Costs for 2023

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Assisted Living / Memory Care

As of 2021, per Genworth’s 2020 Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost for assisted living throughout the state of Wyoming is $4,175. This amount is just under 5% less than the national average of $4,300 / month. However, there is a wide range of cost throughout the state, and the average cost in the areas of Cheyenne ($4,588 / month) and Casper ($5,500 / month) are higher than the statewide and nationwide average.

For individuals with moderate to severe dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, memory care units are available. This type of care provides additional security and supervision, and on average, costs approximately 20% – 30% more, or in dollar terms, approximately $1,043 / month more.

Home Care

Unlike with the cost of assisted living, the average hourly cost of in-home care in Wyoming is above the hourly national average. As of 2021, according to the 2020 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the hourly statewide average in Wyoming is $28.12, while the nationwide hourly average is $23.50. This equates to nearly a 20% increase in hourly cost. In Cheyenne and Casper, the average hourly rate is just under the statewide average at $26.75 – $27.00.

For seniors who require in-home medical assistance (minimal in nature), home health care is another option. This type of care, on average, costs approximately $1.00 more an hour statewide than does non-medical in-home care. However, in Casper, the cost is significantly higher and on average is an additional $9.75 / hour.

Adult Day Care

Adult day care is another option for senior care. As of 2021, Genworth’s 2020 Cost of Care Survey indicates that the average daily cost throughout the state of Wyoming is $150. Compared to the nationwide average of $74 / day, this cost is extremely high. At the time of this writing, average daily costs by areas within Wyoming was not available. However, some areas have very affordable adult day care, while other areas have quite expensive daily rates.

Wyoming Medicaid Financial Assistance Programs

Medicaid Programs & Waivers for the Elderly

Background Information

Medicaid is a jointly funded (state and federal) health care program for low-income persons in the United States. While this program was Federally created, each state is able to set its own eligibility requirements based on parameters set forth by the federal government. That being said, all state Medicaid programs cover limited personal care and nursing home care for eligible elderly and disabled persons.

In addition to state Medicaid programs, long-term home and community based care is available through Medicaid waivers. While state Medicaid plans are entitlements, meaning if one is eligible for services, they will receive them, Medicaid Waivers are not. Medicaid Waivers limit the number of people who are able to receive services, so meeting eligibility requirements does not mean one will automatically receive services. As of 2023, Wyoming has one Medicaid Waiver that is relevant for elderly residents of the state.

The Community Choices Home & Community Based Services Medicaid Waiver (CCW) provides services for elderly residents of Wyoming to enable them to continue to live at home, in the home of a relative, or in an assisted living facility, rather than require nursing home placement. Services may include adult day care, meal delivery, respite care, non-medical transportation, and more. This program has an In-Home Participant Directed Option, which allows individuals to hire and manage their own caregiver, including a family member. To learn more about benefits and eligibility requirements, click here.

Medicaid Eligibility

For elderly Wyoming residents to be eligible for long-term Medicaid, they must demonstrate a functional need for care and meet income and asset requirements. As of 2023, a single elderly applicant must not have income greater than $2,742 a month (300% of the Federal Benefit Rate) and must not have more than $2,000 in assets. However, certain assets are excluded (not counted), such as one’s primary home (up to an equity interest of $688,000), a motor vehicle, and one’s personal effects and household items.

If one is over the asset limit, it is imperative assets are not given away or sold very inexpensively in an effort to reach Medicaid’s asset limit. Medicaid has a look-back period in which all past asset transfers are reviewed from the date of Medicaid application. In Wyoming, this is a period of 5 years. If one is found to have gifted assets or sold them for less than fair market value during this timeframe, one will be penalized in the form of a period of Medicaid ineligibility.

Applying for Medicaid is not always straightforward, particularly if one is married with a healthy spouse or has income and / or assets over the limit(s). In cases like these, it is extremely helpful to consult with a Medicaid planning professional prior to beginning the application process.

Wyoming Non-Medicaid Assistance Programs

In addition to the state Medicaid programs, the state of Wyoming has one non-Medicaid based program offering long-term supports to help seniors avoid nursing home placement.

The Wyoming Home Services Program (WyHS) provides a variety of services for the elderly, including personal care assistance, respite care, home modifications, personal emergency response systems, homemaker services, and more. Based on one’s income, services are provided on a sliding scale, with some recipients receiving free services. For additional information and eligibility requirements, click here.

Other Financial Options for Care

In addition to the Wyoming state specific programs that offer assistance in covering the cost of senior care, non-profit and federal programs are also available. To assist one in finding these programs, our free Resource Locator Tool is extremely helpful. When looking for senior care assistance, it’s best to consider all of one’s options in their geographic location. This way, one can find high quality care at the most affordable rate. Programs that aid veterans with assisted living and eldercare loans are additional options that should be considered. 

Finding Affordable Care in Wyoming

To find the most affordable care in Wyoming, one must look for multiple providers as options. The more options that are considered, the lower the potential of the costs. This organization provides free services to assist families with specific needs at specific price points. Click here for help in finding assistance options.

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Top Cities for Senior Care in Wyoming

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