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Cost of Assisted Living in Corpus Christi, Texas

Page Reviewed / Updated - October 01, 2019

This overview of senior care and financial assistance programs is for seniors in Corpus Christi, Texas, interested in learning about the various senior living options and resources available in the city and surrounding area. Affordable housing opportunities for low-income seniors are also covered. Read more about these subjects in our guide to paying for senior care in Texas.

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a relatively affordable area for most categories of senior living. According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey, the cost of assisted living and in-home care is roughly 20% lower than the state average, and even further below the national average. Adult day care in this area is just slightly cheaper than the Texas average, while nursing care costs roughly 10% more than the state average.

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Corpus Christi?

Assisted living in Corpus Christi costs an average of $2,975 per month, which is approximately $800 cheaper than the Texas average. This price is far below  those found in nearby areas included in the study, such as Victoria, with a monthly average of $4,370. Brownsville and McAllen are also more expensive, with average costs of $3,472 and $4,050 per month, respectively.

The cheapest area for assisted living in Texas is El Paso, where it costs $2,250 per month, and the most expensive is Austin at an average of $5,190.

How much does Home Care Cost in Corpus Christi?

Corpus Christi is on the cheaper side of in-home care in Texas, with an average monthly cost of $3,194. The state average is roughly $600 higher, and the most expensive areas are Odessa and Austin at $4,185 and $4,099 per month, respectively.

The lowest price for home care is found further south in Brownsville at $2,860 per month. McAllen is also cheaper than Corpus Christi and the state average, with a cost of $2,955.

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Corpus Christi?

The cost of adult day care is fairly consistent outside of the major cities in Texas. The average is $693 per month in Corpus Christi, which is just $65 less than the state average, and the cheapest area is Abilene at $618.

However, in major cities such as Austin and Houston, the average costs are $1,408 and $1,300 per month, respectively, which is roughly double that of Corpus Christi.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Corpus Christi?

Corpus Christi and Austin share the second-highest price for nursing home care in the state, with an average monthly cost of $5,323. The Texas average is roughly $500 lower, and the cheapest price is in Longview at $3,954. Only Killeen is more expensive, at $5,407.

In nearby Victoria, nursing home care is approximately $400 cheaper, while McAllen is similarly priced to Corpus Christi at $5,186 per month.

Financial Assistance Programs in Corpus Christi

Medicaid Program in Corpus Christi

Medicaid provides health care to people who are on a low income and don't own many assets. In Corpus Christi and Texas as a whole, seniors and the disabled can also receive coverage for long-term care, including in-home care and nursing homes, as well as the possibility of assisted living if qualified for the applicable services. These waiver services are explained in the section below.

Texas Medicaid helps cover various medical costs including hospital care and outpatient services, doctor visits, medication, dental, vision and hearing. It may also cover long-term care in the home or a nursing facility, depending on the needs of the applicant.

Texas residents aged 65 or older and people with disabilities are served through the STAR+PLUS managed care program. This program provides additional long-term care and other services that are appropriate for these groups and aren't covered by regular Medicaid.

Medicaid eligibility requirements for seniors and the disabled:

  • 65 years of age or older, or disabled as defined by the Social Security Administration
  • Resident of Texas and U.S. national or citizen
  • Maximum income of $2,313 per month ($4,626 for married couples if both apply)
  • Maximum value of $2,000 in countable assets ($3,000 for married couples if both apply)

SSI recipients automatically qualify for Medicaid coverage in Texas. There are different financial rules for married couples, which allow a greater value of assets and a higher income if one spouse is institutionalized while the other remains in the community.

All seniors and people with disabilities are entitled to receive care in a nursing facility or their own home immediately upon approval. Assisted living must be applied for separately with a waiver and isn't an entitlement from Medicaid, which generally results in a delay receiving service.Applications for Medicaid and the STAR+PLUS managed care program can be submitted at Your Texas Benefits. Forms are also available to download and print. Corpus Christi residents can visit the HHSC benefits office at 5155 Flynn Parkway, or call (361) 878-3342 for help.

Other Financial Assistance Programs in Corpus Christi


This is a waiver for members of the Medicaid STAR+PLUS managed care program. It lifts many of the federal Medicaid regulations and allows the state to cover more long-term care alternatives to nursing homes.

STAR+PLUS HCBS waivers cover services such as assisted living, foster care, nursing, respite care, as well as in-home services such as meal delivery and minor home modifications.

Applicants for waiver services are assessed to evaluate their needs, and it must be determined that they are at risk of being institutionalized if these additional services aren't provided. They must also meet the financial eligibility requirements for Medicaid or SSI and not receiving services from other waivers.

None of these services are entitlements. As such, applicants are placed on a waiting list if the limit of participants in Texas has been reached.

Seniors or their caregivers can call the Medicaid Managed Care helpline on (866) 566-8989 to ask about waiver services and begin the application process.

Find more information about services and eligibility in our Texas STAR+PLUS HCBS waiver guide.

Community Care for Aged and Disabled

CCAD provides assistance to seniors and people with disabilities in their own home or assisted living as an alternative to nursing homes. Housekeeping, day health care and emergency devices may also be covered.

Applicants for this program must require the level of care usually provided in a nursing facility yet able to remain in their own home or elsewhere in the community if CCAD services are provided. They must also be financially eligible for Texas Medicaid or federal SSI benefits.

Community Care for Aged and Disabled doesn't cover services that Medicaid is currently paying for.

Applications for the CCAD program can be submitted at Your Texas Benefits. Call the Corpus Christi HHSC benefits office on (361) 878-3342 or visit in-person at 5155 Flynn Parkway.

Find more information about Texas Community Care for Aged and Disabled in our CCAD guide.

Community First Choice

Corpus Christi residents who are enrolled in Medicaid may be eligible for additional support while living outside of nursing facilities through the Community First Choice program.

The CFC program covers services such as personal assistance, acquisition and administration of drugs, habilitation, emergency services, light housework and groceries.

Applicants for Community First Choice are assessed to determine if it's appropriate, and they must require help with activities of daily living and a nursing level of care. They must also meet the financial requirements for Medicaid in Texas.

All qualified applicants are entitled to CFC services with no waiting period.Applications for CFC can be submitted at Your Texas Benefits. Call (877) 541-7905 for help with the website, or (361) 878-3342 for the local benefits office in Corpus Christi.

More Senior Living Resources in Corpus Christi


Phone Number


Corpus Christi Housing Authority (361) 889-3300

The Corpus Christi housing authority manages the federal rental assistance programs at the local level. These programs are part of the Housing Choice Voucher program, which helps low-income residents around the country find affordable housing in their area.

Hacienda Senior Apartments (361) 882-1088

This apartment community has 60 units with one or two bedrooms for low-income seniors (62+) and people with disabilities. Pets are allowed and units have air conditioning. Rent is subsidized and based on the applicant's income.

The Estates Apartments (361) 241-3658

This is an affordable housing community that has units with one to three bedrooms for low-income residents. Rent is subsidized by the federal government through HUD. Cats and dogs are allowed. Units have central air and heat, and some utilities are paid for.

Nueces County Community Services (361) 883-7201 Ext. 142

Low-income residents of the county may be eligible for help paying utility bills and rent, as well as home weatherization and referral services. This agency manages the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program at the local level.