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Cost of Assisted Living in Round Rock, Texas

Page Reviewed / Updated - May 22, 2019

This guide covers information such as the average costs of in-home and long-term care for seniors in Round Rock, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Eligibility requirements and details about the application process for various types of financial assistance are also provided, as well as low-income senior housing in the area. Read our guide to paying for senior care in Texas to find more information on a statewide level.

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Round Rock

All levels of senior care are more expensive in Round Rock when compared to Texas as a whole, with adult day care costing almost double the state average. According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey, nursing homes and in-home services in the area are priced similarly to the state averages, yet assisted living is almost $1,500 a month more expensive.

Note:Data on the average cost of senior care wasn't available for Round Rock, so the data for the closest city, Austin, was used.

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Round Rock?

Round Rock is the most expensive area in Texas for assisted living. The average monthly cost is $5,190 a month, which is over $1,000 higher than the state average and all nearby areas.

The cheapest assisted living can be found in Longview at an average of $3,100 a month. Houston is the most affordable major city in Texas for this level of care, with an average cost only slightly higher than the state average at $3,863 a month.

How much does Home Care Cost in Round Rock?

In-home care in Round Rock has an average monthly cost of $4,099, which is higher than anywhere else in the state. However, the difference in price from area to area is negligible in most cases, with the exception of Waco where home care costs about $600 less a month.

Other than Round Rock, the most expensive area for in-home care is Longview, although the difference between the two is only around $50 a month. The cheapest areas for this level of care are Waco at $3,432 a month and San Antonio at $3,718.

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Round Rock?

The cost of adult day care in the area is $1,408 a month, which is almost double the state average of $758. This puts Round Rock alongside Dallas, also with an average cost of $1,408 a month, as the most expensive areas for adult day care services in Texas.

Abilene is the least expensive area in the state for this level of care, with an average monthly cost of $618, followed by Longview and San Antonio at $813 and $867 a month, respectively.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Round Rock?

Nursing home care in Round Rock has the highest cost of all areas in the state at an average of $5,323 a month. This is comparable to major cities, such as Dallas and Houston with averages of $5,064 and $5,095 a month, respectively.

The cheapest areas for nursing homes in Texas are Longview and Waco with averages of $3,954 and $4,380 a month, respectively.

Financial Assistance Programs in Round Rock

Medicaid Program in Round Rock

Seniors and disabled people with low income can receive assistance paying for certain types of long-term care and health-related services from the federal government in the form of Medicaid. Residents can also take advantage of additional Medicaid programs at the state level, such as the HCBS waiver available in Texas, which is explained below.

Texas Medicaid is available for seniors (aged 65+), people with disabilities and adults caring for a child. Applicants must meet the financial eligibility requirement, which is a maximum income of $24,037 a year for an individual or $32,591 a year for a couple as of 2019. However, anyone applying based on disability may be eligible to participate in the buy-in program if their income exceeds the normal limit.

Seniors who are already receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) from the federal government will automatically qualify for Medicaid for people who get SSI.

Services available at low or no cost through Texas Medicaid include doctor visits and prescription drugs, lab fees, hospitalization and dental care. Depending on circumstances, applicants may also receive long-term care services in their own home, a nursing facility or mental health treatment center.

In Texas, nursing home care is considered an entitlement for anyone eligible for Medicaid, which means all members are guaranteed federal and state assistance to pay for their stay. Medicaid assistance to cover home health services is also an entitlement.

Seniors in assisted living facilities are not automatically entitled to receive help from Medicaid to pay for services. In this case, Texas residents should apply for the STAR+PLUS managed care program and the related HCBS waiver which may remove the federal restrictions on Medicaid paying for assisted living services. However, there is generally a waiting list to receive assistance after qualifying for these programs.

To apply for Medicaid in Texas, visit the Your Texas Benefits website and fill out the required forms, which can be printed and mailed or submitted online. Alternatively, visit a local Community Partner in-person to begin the application process or call 1-877-541-7905 to get help from Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) staff.Find out more about the available services and programs in our Texas Medicaid guide.

Medicaid Waivers in Round Rock

Other Financial Assistance Programs in Round Rock

HCBS STAR+PLUS Medicaid Waiver

As noted above, most state Medicaid programs will not directly provide financial help to pay for assisted living facilities, including Texas Medicaid. However, if eligible for a waiver, Texas residents can receive help to pay for various services provided in assisted living facilities.

The only relevant waiver for seniors in Texas is the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) STAR+PLUS Waiver. This waiver combines the various community-based assistance programs that had been in place until late 2014. Although the main goal of this waiver program is to allow seniors to remain living in their own home for as long as possible, it also helps to pay for certain aspects of care in an assisted living facility.

Applicants for this waiver must be eligible for Medicaid and assessed as needing a nursing home level of care for medical reasons. There is no fee to participate in this waiver program.

Services available under the HCBS STAR+PLUS waiver include in-home and adult day care, personal assistance and emergency response, meal deliveries and medical supplies. Assisted living and nursing services are also covered to varying extents, as well as short-term respite for caregivers.

This waiver is not an entitlement program, which means applicants may be placed on a waiting list to receive services. Priority is given to applicants who are already enrolled in Medicaid and currently living in a Medicaid-funded nursing home. It is important to get the application process started as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

Applications for this waiver can be made online via Your Texas Benefits. Printable forms are also available to submit by mail. Alternatively, applicants can call (877) 782-6440 to begin the process.

Read more about this program in our Texas STAR+PLUS Medicaid Waiver guide.

Community First Choice (CFC)

This is a state-run Medicaid program for seniors who are not living in residential facilities. For example, seniors living in their own home or with a caregiver. If successful in applying for the HCBS waiver above, seniors will also qualify for the Community First Choice (CFC) program.

CFC provides services and support, such as assistance with activities of daily living (personal assistance), education to help seniors care for themselves (habilitation) and emergency response. This is an entitlement program, which means that all eligible residents will receive services without being placed on a waiting list.

To apply for the CFC program, visit the Your Texas Benefits website to create an account or update an existing account. Seniors can also contact their local Area Agency on Aging for help, which is the Capital Area branch for all residents of Williamson county. The aging services and information hotline can be reached at (512) 916-6062.

Read more about this program in our Community First Choice guide.

Community Care for Aged and Disabled (CCAD)

CCAD is a state-run program administered by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). The goals of this program are similar to Community First Choice, in that it aims to prevent seniors from being placed in expensive nursing homes prematurely when more affordable alternatives are available.

Services available under the CCAD cover adult foster care, day activity and health care, emergency response, meal delivery, in-home care, as well as residential care, including assisted living facilities.

Applications for the CCAD can be made via the Your Texas Benefits website either by submitting online or printing and mailing an application form.

Read more about this program in our Texas Community Care for Aged and Disabled guide.

Optional State Supplement (OSS)

Seniors who live in, or are planning to move to, a Medicaid-funded facility in Texas should explore the possibility of receiving state-funded Optional State Supplement (OSS) payments. These payments are made to eligible residents in addition to the federally-funded Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments.

OSS is considered an entitlement for anyone receiving SSI who is living in a Medicaid-funded nursing facility. However, OSS payments can also be used to pay some of the costs associated with assisted living and mental health facilities.To apply for OSS payments, visit SSA.gov and create an account. You can also contact a Social Security Office to begin the process. The closest office for Round Rock residents is in Georgetown and can be reached on 1-877-531-4699.

More Senior Living Resources in Round Rock

Resource Phone Number Description
Round Rock Housing Authority  (512) 255-9159 There are currently 100 units under the control of the local housing authority which provides low-income housing opportunities to those who qualify, including seniors. 
Red Hills Villas (512) 828-4175 This apartment complex participates in the federally-funded Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program which provides affordable rentals to low-income seniors.
Round Rock Oak Grove (512) 255-0816 These apartments on Westwood Drive are also covered under the LIHTC program, which means the federal government sets the maximum allowable monthly rent.
Main Street Square Apartments (512) 388-3577 This apartment complex has 99 units on two floors. It is a participant in the LIHTC program to assist low-income residents of all ages.
Chisholm Trail Apartments (512) 255-7122 This community has 50 units, all of which are at ground level, and is only available for residents who qualify for Section 8 or 221 programs.
Trinity Place Apartments (512) 244-0366 Residents aged 62 or older, and the disabled, who qualify for Section 8 or 202 programs may be able to find affordable housing here.