Cost of Assisted Living in Littleton, Colorado

Page Reviewed / Updated - May. 2019

In the guide that follows, seniors and their families can find detailed information on the cost of senior care in Littleton, Colorado, and the financial assistance programs in the area that can help pay for it. For more information about resources and financial assistance programs throughout the state, visit our guide to paying for senior care in Colorado

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Littleton

Senior care costs in Littleton are fairly average when compared with other major cities in Colorado. According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey, the cost of both home care and adult day care in Littleton align with state averages, while the cost of assisted living and nursing home care are both more expensive than the state averages. When compared to some of Colorado's larger cities, such as Boulder and Colorado Springs, the cost of assisted living in Littleton is considerably less expensive. 

Note: Specific senior care cost data isn't available for Littleton. Data for the nearest major city, Denver, has been used instead. 

Littleton Assisted Living Costs

In Littleton, the average monthly cost of assisted living is $4,700. This price is $700 higher than the state's average cost and sits just below some of the highest costs in the state. While Boulder and Colorado Springs are more expensive than Littleton, their average assisted living costs aren't much higher at $5,000 and $4,875, respectively. Assisted living is quite a bit less expensive in some of the smaller cities, such as Greeley, where assisted living is only $3,670 per month and Grand Junction, where care is even less expensive at only $3,350 per month. 

Littleton Home Care Costs

The average monthly cost of home care in Littleton is $4,767 based on 44 hours of care per week. Although the cost of home care in Littleton isn't the highest in the state, it's more expensive than in many other cities throughout Colorado. For example, Colorado Springs has an average home care cost of $4,576, while in Grand Junction home care costs are the lowest in the state at $4,528 per month. The most expensive home care in Colorado is in Boulder, where the average monthly cost is $5,339.

Littleton Adult Day Care Costs 

Adult day care in Littleton costs an average of $1,625 per month, which is on par with the state average. While the cost of adult day care is higher than many other cities throughout Colorado, the average price in Pueblo is a fair bit higher at $1,950 per month. The state's least expensive adult day care is in Grand Junction, where the average cost is $1,408 per month.

Littleton Nursing Home Costs

Nursing home care is the most expensive type of senior care. In Littleton, average nursing home costs are $8,365 per month, which is $473 more than the state median and the second highest cost in the state. The only place in Colorado with more expensive nursing home costs is Boulder, where the average cost is $9,343 per month. Seniors looking for less expensive nursing home care can consider smaller cities that are farther away from large metropolitan areas, such as Pueblo, where the average monthly cost is only $7,604. 

Financial Assistance Programs in Littleton

Medicaid Program in Littleton

Health First Colorado is the state's Medicaid plan. It provides free health insurance to eligible, low-income residents including senior citizens. It pays for a variety of healthcare costs including physician care, dental care and prescription medications, as well as the cost of nursing home care. The state's Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver is also available to help elderly and disabled persons pay for the cost of care when they choose to continue living independently in their home or the home of a family member or caregiver. 

To qualify for Health First Colorado and its waiver programs, including the HCBS waiver, applicants who are applying based on age should be 65 or older. and meet the following income requirements: 

  • Maximum monthly income of $2,250 per month 
  • No more than $2,000 in countable assets

Applicants who are married and applying alone do not need to declare the income of their spouse. The state also allows married applicants to transfer a portion of their income to their spouse to meet eligibility requirements. Some assets are excluded from countable assets, including the family home if the senior still lives there, and one vehicle.

Health First Colorado is an entitlement program, which means that any qualified applicant is approved to receive benefits without being subject to a waiting list. 

Seniors living in the Littleton area can apply for benefits in person at the Denver Health First Colorado office at 1570 Grant Street or by phoning 1-800-221-3943.

Other Financial Assistance Programs in Littleton

Home and Community Based Services Waiver (HCBS)

The HCBS Waiver for the Elderly, Blind and Disabled is available to seniors who live in their own home or in an assisted living facility. The waiver allows Medicaid to cover the cost of home care and personal care services as well as home modifications, personal emergency response systems, respite care, adult day care and nonmedical transportation. As of 2019, the program did not have an enrollment cap or waiting list. 

Old Age Pension Program (OAP)

The Old Age Pension (OAP) Program operates outside of the Medicaid system and provides financial assistance to individuals aged 60 to 64 who have an income of $788 or less and assets valued at $2,000 or less. The program provides participants with a cash benefit that's added to their monthly pension payouts. The amount disbursed is dependent on a variety of factors including income fluctuations, poverty levels and other benefit programs such as Supplemental Security Income and Veteran's Benefits, but for some seniors may be as high as $788 per month. Seniors who don't qualify for Health First Colorado may also be eligible to receive medical and dental coverage as part of the OAP. More information can be found here.

Adult Foster Care Program (AFC) 

The Adult Foster Care Program helps seniors living with disabilities in the Denver area, including Littleton, to pay for the cost of 24-hour non-medical supervision and personal care. The program doesn't typically cover costs in large assisted living facilities but instead arranges care for its participants in smaller, family-style homes. The program also covers the cost of meals, transportation and light recreation. 

To qualify for the AFC program, seniors must require 24-hour care and have an income at or below the federal poverty level, which as of 2018 entails having a maximum income of $788 per month. Asset limitations state that single seniors may not have more than $2,000 in countable assets and those who are married may not have more than $3,000 in countable assets. 

To apply for this program, seniors can visit the Arapahoe County Human Services Department at 1690 W Littleton Blvd in Littleton, or call (303) 734-4302. More information can be found here.

Home Care Allowance Program (HCA) 

The Home Care Allowance (HCA) Program helps eligible seniors and disabled persons pay for services that can help them continue to live independently and delay or avoid institutionalization. Under this program, seniors can direct their own care by hiring their own caregivers. Participants have the option to hire professional attendants or they may choose to hire a friend, neighbor or family member to provide care. 

To be eligible for this program, applicants are required to undergo an assessment of their ability to perform activities of daily living. Financially, applicants are allotted a maximum income of $750 per month and no more than $2,000 in countable assets, or $3,000 for married couples. Seniors who receive benefits from the HCBS waiver program or the AFC program may not participate in the HCA program. 

To apply for this program, seniors can visit the Arapahoe County Human Services Department at 1690 W Littleton Blvd in Littleton, or call (303) 734-4302. More information can be found here.

InnovAge PACE

InnovAge PACE provides seniors aged 55 and older with comprehensive, all-inclusive healthcare services. Services are charged on a sliding scale and may be free of charge for those with lower incomes. While the program is primarily focused on helping seniors to access safe healthcare services, it does include the cost of nursing home care and personal care services for many seniors. 

To qualify for InnovAge PACE, seniors must be 55 years of age or older and require a nursing level of care. To apply, seniors can contact (844) 704-9613. 

More Senior Living Resources in Littleton


Phone Number


Senior Assistance Center

(303) 455-9642

The Senior Assistance Center works with seniors living in the greater Denver area to help them pay for the cost of food, utilities, medical equipment and transportation costs in times of urgent need. 
Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

(303) 794-9608

The Housing Choice Voucher program provides seniors and low-income residents of Littleton with access to safe and sanitary housing by working with landlords to subsidize housing costs to meet the needs of residents. 
Colorado Property Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate

(303) 238-7378

Eligible seniors can access this program, which is administered by the Colorado Department of Revenue, to receive a quarterly rebate on housing costs, such as property tax and heating bills. 
Colorado Weatherization Assistance

(303) 866-2100 The Colorado Energy Office provides assistance with the cost of weatherization to seniors who receive OAP or SSI benefits. Covered expenses include window replacement and furnace repair.