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Page Reviewed / Updated – February 19, 2023

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With nearly 43,000 residents, Odenton is one of the most popular suburbs in Maryland for families and residents of all ages. The New England gem sees less snow and more sun throughout the year compared to similar areas, creating a comfortable climate every season. The weather combined with a sprawling art scene, a strong sense of community and preserved culture create an inviting atmosphere that seniors can enjoy. Odenton’s senior community makes up 10% of the city, and this popularity has created demand for premium assisted living facilities.

It’s important to also consider that Odenton’s cost of living falls 11% above the national average. Despite this, the median cost for assisted living care in Odenton is $4,750 per month, which is higher than the national median but lower than the state median, at $4,500 and $4,900, respectively. The lower facility costs help offset the higher cost of living, making Odenton an affordable and accessible option for senior care.

Note: Data for Odenton was unavailable, so data for the nearest city, Baltimore, was used instead.

We’ve compiled the top 10 locations to help you and your family determine which Odenton assisted living facility matches your unique needs and preferences.

Sunrise of Severna Park

The community at Sunrise of Severna Park is one of careful planning and consideration. Each room and amenity was created to be as safe and comfortable as possible for senior residents. The staff work closely with residents to create activity plans that keep everyone engaged, active and mentally stimulated. Areas and activities dedicated to arts and crafts connect the local town's culture with Sunrise residents, creating an even stronger sense of community. An in-house chef prepares homemade meals that are served in a restaurant-style setting, complete with tableside ordering and service. A bistro is available with snacks at all hours to keep residents fueled as they go about their daily activities.

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Brookdale Woodward Estates

Located in nearby Bowie, Brookdale Woodward Estates focuses on taking care of daily duties for their residents so they can immerse themselves in the community. Residents feel right at home in this relaxed environment, connecting with others through scheduled activities and regular happy hour socials at the in-house pub. The facility is located near multiple health care facilities, perfect for those who have medical conditions that require specialty care away from the home. An on-site salon and help with personal grooming keeps residents feeling confident without intruding on their independence. Facility-wide internet access and a fully stocked library gives residents easy access to learn something.

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Charter Senior Living of Bowie

Residents at Charter Senior Living of Bowie have adopted an active lifestyle to get the most out of their golden years. The community supports this lifestyle with regular wellness checks and multiple therapy options to help residents take part in their favorite physical activities in a safe, healthy manner. Part of the enrichment Charter Senior Living provides is allowing visitors 24/7 and understanding the importance of staying connected with loved ones in any way they can. Provided transportation to the nearby Washington D.C. area makes group day trips accessible, and a full-service beauty salon handles the hair and makeup of residents stepping out on the town.

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Brighton Gardens of Columbia

Situated between D.C. and Baltimore, Brighton Gardens of Columbia has access to hundreds of shops and eateries residents can enjoy through regular group trips into town. The food service at Brighton Gardens is world-class, using high-quality and fresh ingredients for every meal. Residents with prescribed diets or personal preferences have no shortage of options thanks to a professional in-house chef. A planned daily set of activities makes it easy for residents to stay engaged, with the calendars available online for families to review as they plan their next visit. Monthly wellness checks are handled by an on-site, licensed nurse to give families peace of mind that their loved one's health is being properly cared for.

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Morningside House of Laurel

While residents at Morningside House of Laurel consider themselves one big, extended family, the community embraces and promotes gatherings of immediate family members. Private dining rooms regularly host birthday parties or family reunions that bring a resident's loved ones to them. A community council among the residents helps the facility determine which activities and outings are added to the calendar while also gathering feedback on the previous month. Transportation provided by the facility can be used in groups heading into town or for individual appointments at one of the several nearby medical buildings. Residents are encouraged to participate in local events as well, such as the annual Laurel Main Street fair.

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Morningside House of Friendship

At Morningside House of Friendship, even the staff consider themselves part of the community at a personal level. The team of professionals is dedicated to the residents, with a majority of staff having spent several years working at the facility. Giving residents a chance to experience something new every day is what makes Morningside House of Friendship stand out from the rest. Residents always have something to look forward to, from engaging in festivals held in Hanover to an ever-evolving menu. Those with dementia or Alzheimer's are supported by the facility's long-term memory care, with each resident receiving personalized treatment.

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Spring Arbor of Severna Park

Spring Arbor of Severna Park is all about keeping residents engaged with activities that align with their interests. The community is deeply connected to local Severna Park, with residents taking part in nearby events and interacting with local shop owners and families they've come to know. Back home, residents can choose from a list of curated activities, ranging from book clubs to group fitness classes to keep the mind and body active. We included Spring Arbor due to the high level of engagement with the residents. Spring Arbor's Memory Care Cottage gives residents with memory-related conditions specialized access to enriching activities that match their current capabilities.

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Kris-Leigh Assisted Living

Hosting residents in the greater Anne Arundel County area, Kris-Leigh Assisted Living was chosen in part due to the stunning facility that won the Design Award from the Joe Smith Association. The team of medical professionals found on-site helps support residents and provides transitional support into hospice care, giving residents the best life possible throughout their stay. The facility proudly promotes diversity among their residents, offering the community new perspectives and backgrounds they can learn from. Medication management and meal planning make daily maintenance activities simple, opening up time for residents to engage in crafts or other activities.

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Arbor Terrace

We've included Arbor Terrace in our top picks for Odenton for their level of affordability, with monthly prices often far below the local median. Even with a lower price point, the amenities and services offered at Arbor Terrace are some of the best in the state. Every aspect of their assisted living program is designed to promote independence, health and education. Specialized exercise programs give residents a consistent way to improve their mobility and maintain their fitness to let them engage in activities they otherwise wouldn't be able to enjoy. Live music events and community cookouts keep everyone connected with each other.

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HeartLands Assisted Living at Severna Park

HeartLands Assisted Living at Severna Park acts as a sanctuary for senior residents to enjoy their days without the stress of maintaining a home or handling daily maintenance activities. Residents receive assistance with housekeeping, personal grooming and medication management to make completion of vital tasks guaranteed. Seasonal events such as their Spring Fling party take advantage of the local nature that residents have grown to love. The in-house chef puts their experience to work creating new dishes that meet dietary restrictions and personal tastes.

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