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Cost of Assisted Living in Phoenix, Arizona

Page Reviewed / Updated - May 22, 2019

The information provided below helps seniors in the Phoenix area understand the cost of senior care, learn about financial assistance programs, and locate additional senior living resources. For more information about costs and financial assistance in the rest of the state, read our guide to paying for senior care in Arizona.

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Phoenix

In Phoenix, the cost of senior care is relatively close to the state’s median for most types of care and it can often be more affordable than other areas of the state. For instance, the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey indicates that the average cost for assisted living in Pheonix is over $1,000 less a month than the average cost in Flagstaff.

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Phoenix?

The average cost for assisted living in Phoenix is $3,850 a month, which is a little above the median cost for the state. While  Lake Havasu City is a bit cheaper than Pheonix at $3,500 a month, Flagstaff is significantly more expensive at $5,098 a month.

How much does Home Care Cost in Phoenix?

The average cost of home care in Phoenix is $4,767 a month, which is the highest in the state of Arizona. Every other major city is considerably lower than Phoenix - the Sierra Vista area and Yuma are the cheapest at $3,718 a month, while Tucson is closer to Phoenix’s average at $4,576 a month.

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Phoenix?

At an average of $2,167 a month for adult day care, Phoenix’s average cost is the highest in the state. Other major cities in the state average between $1,625 and $1,733 a month.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Phoenix?

At $6,540 a month for a semi-private room, the cost of nursing home care in Phoenix is relatively close to the state median of $6,494. Flagstaff is considerably more expensive than Pheonix with an average of $7,832 a month, which is the highest in the state. On the other hand, Lake Havasu City is a bit cheaper with an average cost that’s about $500 cheaper than Pheonix’s average.

Financial Assistance Programs in Phoenix

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (Medicaid)

Medicaid in Pheonix is called the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). The division of AHCCCS that covers long-term care services for seniors is called Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS).

ALTCS helps to cover the costs of long-term care, whether it be in-home care services, nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Unlike most other states where there are waiting lists and enrollment caps, ALTCS is an entitlement program, which means that everyone who meets the requirements will be eligible to receive services. Keep in mind that some of the waiver programs listed below are not an entitlement, so there may be a waiting period to receive services.

To qualify for ALTCS one must be an Arizona resident or a legal immigrant, 65 years or older and have a Social Security number. As of 2018, an individual must have an income under $2,250 and must require a nursing home level of care. Also, one’s countable assets must be under $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple.

To apply for ALTCS you can call or visit your local ALTCS office or Area Agency on Aging. The Phoenix office phone number for ALTCS is 602-417-6600, and the local Area Agency on Aging can be reached at 602-264-2255.

Other Financial Assistance Programs

Agency with a Choice Program (AWC)

The Agency with a Choice Program gives seniors the opportunity to partner with a provider agency to develop a care plan and choose their own caregiver, this includes a spouse or another family member. To apply and learn more information about the AWC program, you can visit your local ALTCS office or reach it by phone by calling (602) 417-6600.

Self-Directed Attendant Care Program (SDAC)

The Self-Directed Attendant Care Program is available to eligible seniors who are able to live in their own home and hire an Attendant Care Worker (ACW), this may be a spouse or family member over the age of 18. The SDAC gives the freedom and the responsibility for an individual to choose how they receive their care and by whom. You can read more or you can contact your local ALTCS office for more information. For Phoenix residents, you can call (602) 417-6600.

Non-Medical, Home and Community Based Services Program (NMHCBS)

The NMHCBS is for those who require assistance with three or more daily living activities such as bathing, eating, and shopping, and it helps with a variety of non-medical care services such as chore services, home health aides and adult day care. You can learn more about this program through your local Area Agency on Aging. A Phoenix resident may contact their Area Agency on Aging by phone (602) 264-2255 or email [email protected].

More Senior Living Resources in Phoenix


Phone Number


Sunnyslope Manor

(602) 495-5701

Sunnyslope is a subsidized rental community for seniors 62 years or older with rent being 30% of their adjusted income. The manor is completed with 116 one bedroom apartment style homes that offer a spacious living arrangement.

Broadway Terrace

(866) 933-2293 ext. 42113#

Broadway Terrace is affordable housing for seniors 62 years or older with 100 units. One must earn 50% or less of the area median income to qualify.

Christian Care Manors

(602) 833-5057

Christian Manors offers subsidized housing for seniors 62 and older. They offer a variety of apartments and levels of care.

Cplc Villas

(602) 252-0482

Cplc Villas are apartments that are federally funded for low-income seniors and if approved can pay 30% less of their gross income or a flat rent.

Fillmore Gardens

(602) 495-5701

Fillmore Gardens is a subsidized community for seniors 62 years and older with no more than 2 people per apartment. Rent is based on household income and residents pay 30% of what their adjusted income is or 10% of their gross income.

Maryvale Parkway Terrace

(602) 495-5701

Maryvale offers apartments to seniors 62 and older with rent cost at 30% of what a person's adjusted income is. All utilities, excluding tv and telephone, are included in the rent price.

Washington Manor

(602) 495-5701

Washington Manor is a multifamily property for seniors 62 or older that offers rent based on monthly income. This 3-level apartment building offers updated 1 bedroom style apartments with utilities included in the rent.

Pine Towers

(602) 495-5701

Pine Towers offers 156 units in studio or 1 bedroom style apartments for seniors 62 and older. Rent is 30% of your monthly income and utilities are included in the rent, this does not include cable or phone.