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Cost of Assisted Living in Vancouver, Washington

Page Reviewed / Updated - May 22, 2019

This guide provides seniors and their families with information about paying for senior care in Vancouver. This includes information about financial assistance programs in the area and other resources for seniors. A broader overview of senior care costs and financial assistance available in the state can be found in our guide to paying for senior care in Washington.

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Vancouver

In Vancouver, the cost of senior care is close to the state average in most categories. Adult day care is the exception, with the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey showing that the average monthly cost of adult day care in Vancouver is more than 50 percent higher than the state average, which puts adult day care in Vancouver among the most expensive in the state. Home care in the city is equal to the state average and nursing home costs are slightly higher; however, seniors in assisted living can save almost 6 percent per month compared to the rest of the state.

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Vancouver?

Assisted living costs in Vancouver are in the mid-range for Washington at $4,825 a month. Prices in Seattle are almost 20 percent more expensive than Vancouver and assisted living in nearby Longview costs $175 more per month.

More affordable areas include the state capital of Olympia as well as Yakima and Spokane, where costs average just $4,000 each month.

How much does Home Care Cost in Vancouver?

Home health care costs in Vancouver are equal to the state average. The average monthly cost of $5,339 is almost 14 percent lower than the cost in Seattle, which is the highest in the state. Most other areas are less expensive than Vancouver. The average cost in Longview is $191 less per month than Vancouver. Bellingham has the state's most affordable home health care, with monthly costs averaging just $3,813.

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Vancouver?

The cost of adult day care in Washington differs greatly by region, and Vancouver is among the more expensive cities. The average monthly cost of $2,167 is more expensive than Seattle and Kennewick. However, nearby Longview is almost 60 percent more expensive than Vancouver. At just $867 per month, Yakima's average costs are the most affordable in the state.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Vancouver?

Nursing home costs in Vancouver are third-highest in the state, behind Bremerton and Seattle. A semi-private room in the area costs $9,125 a month, around 5 percent more than the state average. More affordable areas include Bellingham and Kennewick, while the state's most affordable city, Longview, costs $1,308 less than Vancouver each month.

Financial Assistance Programs in Vancouver

Medicaid Program in Vancouver

Medicaid in Vancouver pays for long-term medical services for people on a limited income. Known as Apple Health, the Medicaid service is administered by the Washington State Health Care Authority. Seniors can apply through their local Home and Community Services (HCS) office or online. Once an application is received, a financial review is conducted to determine a person's financial eligibility. Then, a personal care assessment is conducted to determine an individual's functional eligibility. The financial and functional eligibility requirements differ depending on the type of care a person is requesting. People eligible for Apple Health are entitled to a range of services, including doctor's appointments, emergency medical care, prescription medications, hospitalization and transport to and from medical appointments.

Seniors who receive Medicaid will work with an HCS social worker to determine their care options. The Medicaid Personal Care (MPC) program pays for personal care services to people who require assistance with the activities of daily living. This assistance can be provided in the home, a residential community or assisted living facility. The amount paid will depend on the senior's income.The Community First Choice (CFC) program is also a Medicaid program that provides personal care to seniors in the community, as well as respite care, assistive technology, community transition services and Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS) for qualified clients.

Other Financial Assistance Programs in Vancouver

The Community Options Program Entry System (COPES) Waiver

The COPES waiver is an Apple Health waiver program designed to provide care to people in their own home or an alternative care environment. It's available to people aged 18-64 who have a disability and to people aged 65 and older. Services provided include adult day care, environmental modifications, home-delivered meals, skilled nursing services, specialized medical equipment and transportation. Read more about what's covered and how to apply.

The Nurse Delegation Program

This program lowers the cost of healthcare for seniors by allowing caregivers to be trained to provide care that would normally be provided by a Registered Nurse. In the program, nursing assistants are trained by an RN in the proper technique for managing a patient at home, allowing seniors to delay entry into a nursing home. The program is available to Medicaid beneficiaries and more information is available on the Nurse Delegation page.

The Medicaid Alternative Care (MAC) Program

MAC provides support services to unpaid caregivers of seniors. This includes adult day care, respite care, medical equipment and more. The program is designed to help prevent caregiver burnout. Read more about eligibility and how to apply.

The Washington Tailored Support for Older Adults (TSOA)

The TSOA Program is designed to delay nursing home placement by supporting seniors to live in their own home or the home of a family member. This program is very similar to the Medicaid Alternative Care Program, but is for people who are ineligible for Medicaid. It provides services that help promote independence, including medical equipment and personal care services, as well as services that support caregivers such as respite care and adult day care. More information can be found on the TSOA page.

More Senior Living Resources in Vancouver

Resource Phone Number Description
Vancouver Housing Authority (360) 694-2501 The Vancouver Housing Authority offers several programs to help low-income residents find affordable housing. The Section 8 Program includes Housing Choice Vouchers and Project Based Vouchers and elderly people are among those given priority on the waitlist.
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) (855)353-4328 The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program offers grants to help eligible residents pay for heating options, including electricity, natural gas, oil, wood and propane. Eligibility is based on income, household size and typical home heating costs.
Washington State's Volunteer Services (VS)  (206) 328-5696 Volunteer Services are available to people aged 60 years and older who have limitations in their ability to function, as well as people aged 18-59 who have limitations in their functional ability. Participants in the program are matched with volunteers who provide a range of services including errands, meal preparation, yard work and personal care services. It's designed to help those not eligible for other programs with stricter criteria. Further information can be found on the Volunteer Services page.
Clark County Assessor, Property Tax Exemption (564) 397-2391 Seniors aged 61 and older, with a combined household income below $40,000 can apply for reduced property taxes. The program freezes the assessed value of the property and exempts the taxpayer from excess and special levies. This is available for the taxpayer's principal place of residence.
Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (360) 735-5780  The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides low-income seniors with coupons that can be exchanged for produce at eligible farmer's markets, roadside stands and community supported agriculture programs. It's available at the Clark County Farmers Market.