Page Reviewed / Updated – August 28, 2020

Program Description

The Homemaker Program provides Nevada residents with a variety of non-medical assistance to help elderly and / or disabled individuals remain living in their homes. Although, this phrase may not be used officially within Nevada, the Homemaker Program is a “nursing home diversion program”. These are programs intended to keep individuals in need of care from becoming destitute, going on Medicaid, and being placed in nursing homes.

Nevada offers Homemaker services through the use of “Family Support Workers”. These are state employed individuals or volunteers who come to the home of the program participant and provide assistance conducting household chores and errands.

Services are provided free of charge, but donations of up to $3 / hour are sometimes requested. According to Genworth’s cost of care calculator, at the time of this writing, the average cost of hourly, non-medical, home care in Nevada is $22.50. Therefore, this program offers families considerable cost savings.

This program is available statewide and is administered by the Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD) of the Department of Health & Human Services.

Eligibility Guidelines

Age – Program participants must be either 60+ years of age or designated as disabled by the Social Security Administration if under 60.

Residency – Candidates must be Nevada residents and must reside in a non-institutional environment (such as at home or in the home of a family member). One cannot reside in an assisted living residence.

Functional Need – Participants must have a need for assistance to manage homemaker tasks. This means the applicant must be functionally unable, because of mobility, cognitive, or sensory challenges, to live at home without assistance. Typical, homemaker tasks include cleaning, meal preparation, doing laundry, and shopping for essentials.

Support System – Participants must have a lack of support, meaning that they have no one to assist them with the homemaker tasks for which they require help.

Income Limits – In 2020, single applicants must have annual income below 110% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), which is less than $14,036 per year or $1,169 per month. Married applicants must take home less than $18,964 per year or $1,580 per month.

Asset Limits – As of 2020, there is also a countable asset limit of $10,000. Typically, countable assets do not include the value of one’s home. For married couples, the asset limit is $30,000.

Benefits and Services

Services may vary by county, with the availability of funding and, of course, with the needs of the Homemaker Program participant.  Most beneficiaries receive between 6-10 hours / month of assistance. The range of services provided by the Family Support Workers can include:

  • Household Paperwork
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Meal Planning & Preparation
  • Other Errands
  • Shopping for Groceries, Medications and other Essential Items

Family Support Workers are intentionally excluded from providing certain services.

To protect the safety of the Family Support Worker and the program participant, there are certain household chores and errands that are intentionally excluded from the range of services that can be provided. Examples include moving anything weighing over 40 pounds, dispensing medications, yard work, and risky chores, such as cleaning roofs, gutters, and washing exterior windows.

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How to Apply / Learn More

For additional information about the Homemaker Program, click here. To apply, one should contact the regional Aging and Disability Services office nearest them. There are 3 regional offices throughout Nevada. In previous years, there has been a waiting list for participation in this program.

1010 Ruby Vista Drive, Suite 104
(775) 738-1966

Las Vegas
1860 East Sahara Avenue
(702) 486-3545

9670 Gateway Drive, Suite 200
(775) 687-0800

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  • Search over 400 Programs