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Program Description

The Nevada Assistive Technology for Independent Living (AT/IL) Program is a statewide program for permanently disabled residents of Nevada. Through this program, assistive technology is provided to help an individual remain living independently in their home or to help an individual transition back to living independently from a care facility, such as a nursing home. Assistive technology is something that helps an individual maintain or increase his or her level of functioning. Examples of assistive technology include walk in tubs / roll in showers, grab bars, stair lifts, wheelchairs, hearing aids, special computer equipment, fall alerts, medication management systems and many other tools and devices. The National Institutes of Health offers a more exhaustive definition here.

While this program is not specific to the elderly, assistive technology can be very instrumental in allowing disabled elderly individuals, such as those who have had a stroke, to live independently. Through this program, modifications are made to homes and vehicles in order to make them more accessible.

The Disability Services Unit of the Aging and Disability Services Division (ADSD) provides oversight, support and direction, while CARE Chest of Sierra Nevada administers the program. CARE Chest refers to it as the Independent Living Program.

Eligibility Guidelines

General Requirements

  • Must be a resident of Nevada. The length of residency is not a direct eligibility factor, but may indirectly impact individuals should a wait list exist.
  • Must have a documented, permanent disability that significantly limits functioning (ability to walk, etc.).
  • The requested assistive technology or modification must increase the applicant’s level of independent function.

Financial Requirements

Applicants must have no other means of receiving services in order to receive aid from this program. For example, they cannot have insurance that will help meet their needs, nor can they be enrolled in, or have access to, another state or federal program such as Medicaid. If the individual has insurance but has been denied assistance, proof of denial must be included with the application.

Homeownership is not a requirement. Those living in a rental home are still eligible for this program, but must have approval of the landlord for modifications. Income level does not impact eligibility but does determine if a co-payment will be required.

Priority is given to applicants who are currently residing in a care facility or face significant risk of being placed in a care facility.  

Benefits and Services

The Nevada Assistive Technology for Independent Living Program provides a wide variety of services, modifications, and equipment in order to help eligible applicants function independently.

  • Home Modifications – includes widening of doorways, installation of wheelchair ramps, grab bars and handrails, the addition of a walk in tub, shower chair or stair glide
  • Vehicle Modifications – includes hand controls, manual clutch conversions, accelerator conversions, and driver training
  • Hearing Aids and Visual Aids
  • Mobility Equipment – includes wheelchairs, walkers, etc.
  • Durable Medical Equipment – includes hospital beds, platform lifts
  • Personal Communication Technology – personal emergency response systems (will not cover monthly service fee)

A Case Coordinator is available to assist the applicant with setting goals to live independently and determining the devices / services / modifications that are needed to make this happen. Help with technology, such as installation, as well as information, may be provided. Assistance is also provided to locate and coordinate needed suppliers and contractors and to obtain bids. Referrals may be made if the services needed are not provided via this program.

If an eligible individual is living in a rental home, modifications are capped at $3,000.

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How to Apply / Learn More

For additional information about the Nevada Assistive Technology for Independent Living Program, click here.  The application process is managed by CARE Chest of Sierra Nevada. Learn more here, or contact CARE Chest at 775-829-2273.

Depending on available funding and caseload, there may be a wait list.