Page Reviewed / Updated – June 25, 2023

Program Description

Maryland’s prescription drug assistance program is known as the SPDAP (Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program) Subsidy. It provides financial assistance to eligible residents to assist with their Medicare Rx (Part D) premiums.

The SPDAP program is known as a Medicare wraparound program, which means the benefits wrap around benefits provided by a Medicare Part D plan. Therefore, it is a requirement that SPDAP participants have a Medicare Part D plan. When making a prescription purchase, Medicare Part D is the first payer, then SPDAP contributes to the costs not covered by a Part D plan.

SPDAP is overseen by the Maryland Department of Health. 

Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible for this program, seniors must meet the following criteria:

General Requirements

  • Be a Maryland resident for a minimum of six months.
  • Must enroll or be enrolled in a qualified Medicare Rx (Part D) plan or Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan. (There are many options from which to choose. One can see all of them on the SPDAP program application, which is linked at the bottom of this page).

Financial Requirements

  • Have an annual income of less than three times the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). In dollar terms for 2023, the SPDAP annual income limit is $43,740 for an individual or $59,160 for a married couple. Income includes earned wages, pensions, social security benefits, annuities, etc.
  • Must NOT be eligible for Medicaid or 100% Full Federal Low Income Subsidy “Extra Help.”

Benefits and Services

This program pays up to $50 per month toward the cost of standalone Medicare drug plans or Medicare Advantage Prescription drug premiums.

Please note that the SPDAP Coverage Gap (Donut Hole) subsidy is no longer being offered. As of 2020, the Medicare Part D Donut Hole was closed. Now once you reach the coverage gap, you will be responsible for no more than 25% of your plan’s brand name prescription drug costs.

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How to Apply / Learn More

Maryland residents can learn more about this program by visiting the SPDAP website or by calling their toll free number at 800-551-5995. One can apply by downloading an application here. Please make note, if both spouses of a couple are applying for this program, each spouse must fill out their own application.