Page Reviewed / Updated – June 24, 2023

Program Description

Maryland’s Senior Assisted Living Subsidy is a financial assistance program provided to elderly Maryland residents that helps pay for the cost of assisted living. The objective of this program is to prevent premature, costly nursing home placement. By providing financial assistance to needy individuals, both the state and individuals benefit. The state saves money on expensive nursing home care and individuals have the opportunity to live in environments better suited to their needs.

Participating assisted living facilities are required to be licensed and approved by the Maryland Department of Health. This program is not available in every county and there may be waiting lists for assistance in some counties. If the program is not available in their county, seniors can move to an approved assisted living residence in a county where the program is available, and then enroll to receive assistance.

The Maryland Department of Aging monitors this program via Area Agencies on Aging.

Eligibility Guidelines

General Requirements

The Assisted Living Subsidy is available to Maryland residents who currently live in an assisted living facility, as well as those who have plans to move to such a residence in the very near future.

  • Applicants must be at least 62 years of age.
  • Individuals must be assessed to determine their personal care needs. Eligible applicants must require assistance with their Activities of Daily Living, such as grooming, dressing, walking, and eating.

Financial Requirements

Income Limits
Monthly income cannot exceed 60% of the state’s median income as published by U.S. HUD. As of July 2023, this amount is $4,350 ($52,200/ year) for an individual. Please note that the income limits will increase July 1, 2024.

Asset Limits
Countable asset limits for an individual or a couple are set at $20,064 and $26,400, respectively. This includes cash, savings and checking accounts, stocks, mutual funds, and certificates of deposit.

Benefits and Services

The subsidy comes in the form of direct financial assistance for assisted living services. This includes helping to cover the cost of personal care assistance, supervision around the clock, and meals. The actual amount of assistance available depends on the individual and the county in which they are applying for assistance. Please note that payments are made directly to the provider, not the program participant.

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How to Apply / Learn More

One should contact their local Maryland Area Agency on Aging to determine if this subsidy is available in their geographic area and to apply. Please make note, there may be a waiting list for this program. For additional information about this program, click here.