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Cost of Assisted Living in Overland Park, Kansas

Page Reviewed / Updated - May 22, 2019

This guide is intended to provide information to help seniors and their families understand the costs associated with senior care in Overland Park, Kansas, including assisted living, adult day care, home care, and nursing home services. It also provides information about financial resources available to seniors who need assistance paying for various care options. For more information about the cost of senior care and financial assistance options in the rest of the state, read our guide to paying for senior care in Kansas.

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Overland Park

Depending on the type of care needed, the average monthly cost of senior care in Overland Park is slightly higher than the state averages with the exception of home care which is slightly lower according to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care study. Nursing home care accounts for the most significant difference between Overland Park and the statewide costs, with services in Overland Park costing about $1,000 more than the statewide median. Although assisted living costs average about $700 more than the state median, and adult day care costs about $200 more, home care in the region is about $400 less expensive than the Kansas average.  

Note: Senior care cost data wasn’t available for Overland Park, so the data for the closest city, Lawrence, was used. 

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Overland Park?

Assisted living costs in Overland Park are higher than most other major cities throughout Kansas, with the exception of Topeka. Monthly assisted living expenses in Overland Park average $5,265, approximately $700 more expensive than the Kansas median of $4,556. According to the survey, only one city in Kansas has higher assisted living costs, Topeka, where assisted living costs average around $40 more per month than in Overland Park. More affordable assisted living services can be found in Wichita and Manhattan. 

How much does Home Care Cost in Overland Park?

Home care costs in Overland Park are among the lowest of the cities surveyed. In Overland Park, the average monthly cost for home care is $3,623. This is about $400 higher than the statewide median of $4,044 per month. More expensive home healthcare services are found in Wichita, Manhattan and Topeka where the monthly costs are $4,195, $4,099 and $3,909, respectively. Seniors may find that home healthcare costs in Overland Park are less expensive than in other cities throughout the state.

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Overland Park?

In Overland Park, the average monthly cost of adult day care is $1,896, slightly higher than the state average at $1,760 per month. More affordable adult day care can be found in Manhattan, where the average monthly cost of adult day care is slightly lower at $1,419, about $400 less expensive than in Overland Park.  However, adult day care is more expensive in Wichita at $1,934 monthly, and the most costly adult day care is in Topeka where costs average $2,302 per month. Seniors may be able to find more affordable adult day care in other cities throughout the state.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Overland Park?

When compared with other major cities throughout the state of Kansas, the average monthly cost of nursing home care in Overland Park is among the highest at $6,494 for semi-private room accommodations, significantly higher than the statewide average of $5,414 per month.

Of the surveyed cities, the most costly care is in Manhattan, where seniors spend $6,661 monthly. More modestly priced nursing home services can be found in Wichita and Topeka at $5,475 and $5,658 per month, respectively.

Financial Assistance Programs in Overland Park

Medicaid Program in Overland Park

KanCare, Kansas’ Medicaid program, is available to low-income seniors living in Overland Park and throughout the rest of the state of Kansas. KanCare provides assistance with nursing home costs and in certain circumstances may also provide financial assistance for home care. KanCare covers nursing care services up to $2,250 per month. KanCare also covers the cost of basic medical services like doctor’s visits, prescription medications, hospitalization, transportation, optometry and dental care.

Seniors wishing to qualify for KanCare must have incomes that do not exceed $727 per month unless they can meet the spend-down requirements. The spend-down requirements state that an individual must use their income to pay their medical bills and meet the eligibility requirements with their leftover monthly income. To qualify for KanCare, individuals cannot have assets valued at more than $2,000 per month. Housing is an exception for the assets rule, and homes may not have a value exceeding $572,000.

Call (800) 792-4884 to request an application for KanCare. 

Medicaid Waivers in Overland Park

The Frail Elderly (FE) Waiver

The Frail Elderly (FE) Waiver is a Home and Community Based Services Program for seniors in Overland Park and is integrated into KanCare to prevent or delay seniors from going to nursing homes unnecessarily. The FE Waiver can assist seniors with adult day care, assisted living care, home care, personal care services, wellness monitoring and medication reminders. Applicants can hire the personal care attendant of their choosing including family members with this program.

Seniors aged 65 or older who wish to apply for the Frail Elderly Waiver must submit to having a comprehensive assessment to determine their need for nursing care, along with the level of care needed and meet the KanCare financial eligibility requirements.

Seniors wishing to apply for the FE Waiver can do so by calling (855) 200-2372. 

Other Financial Assistance Programs in Overland Park

Kansas Senior Care Act Program

Seniors in Overland Park may be able to apply for funding through the non-Medicaid Kansas Senior Care Act (SCA) program, which is funded by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services. Through this program, seniors can get financial assistance with home care including personal care, homemaker services, adult day care and respite. While a small donation might be required for seniors with higher incomes, for others the program may cover up to 100 percent of the costs.

Seniors wishing to apply for this program must meet the financial requirements which can change annually. They must also have an assessment to determine their need for care and to determine whether they meet the functional limitation requirement.

Seniors wishing to learn more about the eligibility requirements or to apply for this program can do so by calling (855) 200-2372. 

Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

PACE provides a healthcare option to seniors aged 55 or older who require nursing care in Overland Park and throughout Kansas. The program provides seniors with access to physicians and healthcare services including prescription medications, personal support services, nurse visits and meal services. This program may cover 100 percent of the costs for these services for seniors with lower incomes, but service costs may be determined by the seniors with the highest incomes.

To be eligible for this program, a medical professional must determine that applicants require nursing care but can still live safely within their community.

Seniors living in Overland Park who wish to apply for the PACE program can do so by calling (316) 858-1111. 

Kansas Optional State Supplement

Seniors in Overland County and throughout Kansas may be eligible for a cash benefit intended to increase federal Supplemental Security Income benefits. This supplement can help seniors in long-term care cover expenses that are not covered by KanCare. Some of these expenses might include room and board or other additional services. Both applicants living arrangements and income are taken into consideration when determining the amount of this supplement. Seniors wishing to apply for the state supplement must be aged 65 or older, be eligible for Medicaid or be recipients of Supplemental Security Income.

Seniors wishing to apply for this benefit can do so by calling  (800) 772-1213.

More Senior Living Resources in Overland Park

Resource Phone Number Description
Home Improvement Program (913) 715-6612 Seniors in Overland Park and the rest of Johnson County, Kansas may be eligible for assistance with home maintenance to bring their home up to current housing codes and repair any health or safety issues. This assistance is a deferred payment loan that has zero percent interest over a ten year period; however, if at any point the homeowner sells the home the loan must be repaid immediately. To be eligible for this program seniors must own a home in Overland Park or elsewhere in Johnson County, it must be their primary residence, mortgage payments and property taxes must be up to date, the home must be insured, repairs must cost in excess of $1,000 and they must meet financial eligibility requirements.
Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) (800) 432-0043 The LIEAP program can help low-income seniors cover the costs of their heating and cooling bills with an annual benefit that must be applied for each year.  Applicants must live at the residence that assistance is required for and must have a past history of paying for these utilities. Additionally, applicants must have an income that does not exceed 130 percent of the federal poverty level.