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District of Columbia Senior Citizens' Home Repair & Improvement Program

Page Reviewed / Updated - October 01, 2019

A more recent and more detailed page on this program is available here.  This page is maintained strictly for historic purposes. 

Program Description

To avoid confusion, it is worth mentioning at the onset, there are two programs in D.C. with very similar names. The majority of the content on this page focuses on the Senior Citizens' Home Repair and Improvement Program under the administration of the District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). The second program is the Senior Citizens' Home Repair Program which is under the D.C. Office on Aging. In this second program, students from the YouthBuild Charter school system help elderly District residents with household chores and minor home repairs such as painting and small safety modifications. Some limited information is available here. The remainder of this page discuss the first program in greater detail. The Senior Citizens' Home Repair and Improvement Program is a loan and grant program that provides financial assistance to help seniors make home safety and accessibility improvements to their properties. Funding is not exclusively for improving home access (it is also to prevent disrepair of the home). However, funding can be used for modifications such as wheelchair ramps and stair-lifts as well as bathroom modifications to increase independence and prevent injury.
Did You Know? Elderly D.C. residents can receive estimates for home access and safety improvements free of charge. For bathroom modifications, click here. For staircase access, click here.  

Eligibility Guidelines

Residency – participants must be full-time D.C. residents. Age – participants must be senior citizens (at least 65 years of age) Home Ownership – participants must own their homes and have resided in their homes for at least 3 years prior to their date of application. Income – participants must be “low to middle income”. However, the program does not publish definitive dollar amounts for those terms.

Benefits and Services

  • Assistance with home repairs
  • Assistance with home and yard upkeep
  • Financial loans and grants to make home modifications to enable aging in place or to increase a home's safety and weatherization. This includes HVAC, electrical, plumbing and indoor / outdoor wheelchair ramps and other accessibility improvements.

How to Apply / Learn More

To apply for financial assistance with home repair, contact the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). Detailed programs rules are available here. Be aware that these rules are written in legal speak and not necessarily intended for a consumer audience.