Senior Living Directory offers the most comprehensive directory of eldercare resources, including assisted-living facilities, independent living communities, nursing homes, in-home care, and many other service providers (such as geriatric care managers, hospice, etc.). provides basic information about each provider to help caregivers and their loved ones find the right resources at the right time.

We know the right fit is different for each family and individual, and we believe consumer/customer ratings and reviews from those with firsthand experience are valuable to others with similar needs and preferences — and helpful to service providers as well.

Senior Care Referrals

One of the resources we provide is a free senior care referral service, staffed by our team of knowledgeable Family Advisors. You can reach this service by calling our toll-free phone number 1-855-481-6777 or filling out a form when you browse our nationwide senior care directory. We provide a comprehensive and public-facing directory of senior living and care service providers and enable licensed providers to have free listings.

When you speak with a Family Advisor, she or he will invest time in understanding your complex needs and match you with senior care and health insurance providers and services in your area that best fit those needs. Some of these providers pay us a referral fee when a family hires them or moves into a senior living community. Other providers pay us if we send them your name and contact information, regardless of whether you hire them or start care. Still, other providers pay us an annual subscription fee to get enhanced features in our directory or on our websites, such as additional photos.

Whether a senior care service or product provider pays us or not, we’re committed to connecting you with the best options for you. As always, our services are free to consumers. Your needs come first, so our Family Advisors will always take the time to understand the type of care needed, budget level, preferences, and as much relevant information about your situation as possible before making a well-matched referral. 

A word of caution: Our free referral service is for informational purposes only. We do not endorse the senior care service providers in our directory and/or included them as ancillary product/service suggestions within a referral. And we host editorial content to help consumers consider their options and make well-informed decisions. 

Be sure to do your homework about any provider or senior care service/product you’re considering — read expert information and reviews from other consumers, go on tours, and interview extensively to make sure that a provider is a right fit for you or your loved one(s).

Advertisements, Affiliate/Product Partnerships, and Sponsorships

If you visit, you may see ads on our webpages, links to purchase products and services, and other sponsored content. If you click on a sponsored link and/or advertisement, or request more information via an online form, we may earn a commission or other compensation, such as through the Amazon Affiliate program. If you’ve opted to receive emails from us, you may also receive periodic messages from with advertisements from our partners.

Editorial Program Integrity

Advertising helps support our website and our ability to provide free content to consumers. The compensation we receive from other businesses does not dictate our research and editorial content for consumers, nor how we manage our consumer reviews program.

We independently research the products and services that our editorial team reviews and suggests for readers. Advertising and partnerships can impact how and where products, services, and service providers are shown on our website, including the order in which they appear, but they do not determine which services or products get reviewed by our team, nor which consumer reviews get published or declined.

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