Published: 7/18/2022

Best for High Annual Coverage Limits and No Waiting Period

Surebridge is a relatively new dental insurance provider, and one that has a fairly limited selection of plans to choose from. However, it stands out from the crowd by offering some generous annual coverage limits. Its PPO plans have limits of between $1,200 and $1,500, while its loyalty plan has a yearly coverage limit of $2,000, one of the most generous on the market. 

Another thing that makes Surebridge worth considering is the waiting periods. It has no waiting period for basic dental services. There is, however, a 9-month waiting period for major dental services, and this cannot be waived.

Pros and Cons of Surebridge Dental Insurance

Surebridge offers just three plans for customers to choose from and doesn’t have any HMO or indemnity options. The premiums it charges are slightly higher than average too. However, it does offer some of the best annual coverage limits on the market, and most of its PPO plans have deductibles in line with the market average.


  • Annual coverage limits of between $1,200 and $2,000
  • $50 deductible on most plans
  • No waiting period for basic dental services


  • Only three PPO plans to choose from
  • Premiums slightly above average
  • No HMO or indemnity options

Overview of Surebridge Dental Insurance

Surebridge dental insurance offers three PPO plans and a selection of discount programs as an alternative to standard insurance. The PPO plans have generous annual limits, and most plans have a deductible of just $50, which is in line with the industry average. While other providers offer more variety, Surebridge’s plans are competitive in terms of coverage amounts and waiting periods.

Company Overall Score (1-5 Scale) Company Reputation and Reliability Plan Variety PPO Coverage Limitations PPO Costs Dental Insurance Alternatives 
Surebridge 2.1 0 6 5 0 0

How Much Does Surebridge Dental Insurance Cost? 

Surebridge’s most basic PPO plan has a $43 monthly premium and a $50 deductible. This is more expensive than the equivalent plan from most other providers. Those who don’t want a full insurance plan may wish to consider a discount plan instead. The most affordable discount plan costs $516 per year, and customers can spread the cost over 12 monthly payments. 

In addition to dental-only offerings, Surebridge has a combined vision and dental cover, although this plan comes with a $100 deductible. The coverage amount and co-pays vary depending on the type of plan chosen. On its most comprehensive plan, customers see 80% of the cost of basic services covered and 50% of the cost of major services. 

Eligibility, Plan Details & Other Information

Surebridge gives customers access to the Maximum Care Dental PPO Network. The company also offers vision and hearing plans. Anyone can join a plan, and some of the plans have no waiting period for basic dental services. There is a waiting period of 9 months before customers can claim for major dental services, however. 

Customers aren’t required to have care pre-authorized, but it’s recommended they do so, and pre-authorizations are valid for up to 60 days. Care provided by an in-network dentist is covered in accordance with the terms of the customer’s plan. If a customer chooses to visit an out-of-network dentist, the care may still be covered but only up to a predetermined maximum amount.

Three PPO Plans To Choose From

The company offers three tiers of PPO plans but no HMO plans. The basic plan has a deductible of $50, and the combined dental, vision and hearing plan has a deductible of $100. The monthly premium for the basic plan is higher than that of many rivals, so seniors looking for a low-cost option may prefer to look elsewhere unless they have a strong preference for a dentist who’s part of the Maximum Care network.

Generous Annual Limits

When it comes to annual limits, Surebridge is among the best dental insurance providers, offering up to $2,000 maximum coverage in the first year. However, it’s important to be aware that for customers on vision and dental plans, this limit is shared across all types of care. In addition, while the cover for the other PPO plans increases each year, the limit for the DVH plan does not. This means that after a few years of membership, other insurance providers may be more competitive in terms of the maximum coverage they offer.

Who Should Consider Surebridge Dental Insurance? 

Those Who Want Basic Care Quickly

Surebridge is one of the few providers that offers dental insurance with no waiting period for basic care. This means seniors who want basic care or preventative care quickly may find it an attractive option.

Seniors Who Want Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance

The all-in-one dental, vision and hearing PPO plan with $2,000 annual coverage is a convenient option for those who don’t want to manage multiple providers. It offers one simple co-pay, premium and coverage limit, keeping paperwork and bill management to a minimum.

What Are People Saying About Surebridge Dental Insurance?

Surebridge is a relatively new dental insurance company, so it doesn’t have a long history of reviews. However, those who have used the service report experiencing good customer service and feel the available packages are easy to understand. Some reviews do highlight the way the limits for the dental, vision and hearing plan are combined, meaning it’s possible to run out of allowance unexpectedly if someone needs multiple services in one year. However, this is made clear when users join the plan.

Most reviewers are happy with the service provided by dentists within the network. They also praise the lack of a waiting period for basic care, which is something few other dental insurance companies offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Dental Insurance for Seniors Typically Cover?

Dental insurance for seniors typically covers checkups and basic care. Some policies also cover dentures, crowns, implants and other major treatments.

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Are Dentures Covered Under Dental Insurance Plans?

Dentures are usually considered a major dental treatment. Most plans cover a portion of the cost of such treatments, but it’s rare for the cost to be covered in full.

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Why Should Seniors Consider Dental Insurance?

Maintaining good oral health is important. Regular checkups can identify dental issues while they’re still easy to treat. Dental insurance covers checkups and basic dental services, helping seniors access affordable dental care.

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Does Dental Insurance Include Coverage for Oral Surgery?

Most dental insurance policies cover a portion of the cost of oral surgery but not the whole cost. Individual plans differ, but most PPO plans offer coverage of around 50% on major treatments.

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What Is the Best Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period?

Humana offers dental insurance with no waiting period. Cigna is willing to waive waiting periods in certain circumstances for customers who had insurance with another provider prior to joining them.

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