Published – 7/17/2022

Dental insurance plans don’t usually cover dentures. Most plans offer only basic preventative care coverage and limit the type of work covered and allowable annual expenses. However, some of the best comprehensive dental insurance policies include dentures. The variation in policy coverage is one reason seniors should read plan documentation carefully before signing up.

Dental Insurance Covers Preventative Care

In most cases, dental insurance covers preventative care costs such as X-rays and cleanings. Policies often cover a part of the cost for fillings, extractions and other basic treatments. Basic policies usually do not cover cosmetic treatments or other treatments that are not considered medically necessary.

Most policies will have maximum annual spending limits, so someone who needs a lot of dental work may find the policy won’t help with all of the treatments.

Dentures Are Part of Comprehensive Policies

Seniors looking for a dental care policy that will cover denture costs should consider a comprehensive policy. Some comprehensive policies include periodontics and prosthodontics, which means they may cover implants or dentures as well as their ongoing care. Seniors should study the terms and conditions of their dental policies carefully, so they understand what is and is not covered.

Be Proactive When It Comes to Dental Care

Dental issues left untreated can become a serious potential health issue. Inflamed, infective gums or poorly fitted dentures can increase the risk of gum disease and infections such as Candida. Treating dental issues can be incredibly costly. Seniors who are proactive about their dental care can save themselves a lot of time and money by treating minor issues before they become a problem requiring more complex intervention.