Published: 7/18/2022

Best for Varied Plans and Insurance Alternatives

Renaissance has been providing dental insurance for more than six decades. The company has a good reputation and provides a wide variety of plans to suit different needs and budgets. It also offers a good selection of insurance alternatives, such as discount plans, giving those who prefer to avoid the complexities of dental insurance some easy-to-understand options that still help them offset the cost of their dental care. The company’s insurance plan options are PPO only, but there are three different PPO plans to choose from. Some of the plans have no waiting period, and the annual coverage limits on the top-tier plans are quite generous.

Pros and Cons of Renaissance Dental Insurance


  • Wide variety of plans to choose from
  • Affordable discount options
  • High annual coverage limits on loyalty plans
  • No waiting period on some plans


  • 6-month waiting period for basic services on basic plans
  • No waiver option for waiting periods
  • PPO plans only
  • Complex coverage rules

Overview of Renaissance Dental Insurance

Renaissance provides a wide selection of PPO dental insurance plans, including one with an annual coverage limit of $3,000, which is more generous than the majority of its competitors. Plans cost more than average, but the top-tier products have no waiting period, so some seniors may feel they’re worth the expense. The company also offers some affordable insurance alternatives.

Company Overall Score (1-5 Scale) Company Reputation and Reliability Plan Variety PPO Coverage Limitations PPO Costs Dental Insurance Alternatives 
Renaissance 2.4 1.67 6 2 2 6.68

How Much Does Renaissance Dental Insurance Cost? 

Renaissance’s dental insurance plans cost a little more than average. Its lowest-cost monthly plan is $31, which is almost double its most affordable rival. However, the plan has a deductible of just $50, which is in line with the average. Premium plans have no waiting period and a high annual coverage amount, which could make the higher fees worthwhile for some individuals. In addition to traditional insurance, the company offers discount plans, starting from $372 per year. Discounts vary depending on the type of care required but are usually between 20% and 60%.

Eligibility, Plan Details & Other Information

Renaissance has individual and family plans as well as a Medicare Supplement plan. Customers can choose from individual vision and dental plans or combined options. The plans offer access to a network of more than 300,000 dentists, making it easy for anyone to access care.

Some Plans Have No Waiting Periods

There are several tiers of plans to choose from. The basic plans have a 6-month waiting period for basic services and a 12-month waiting period for major treatments. There’s no option to waive this waiting period, unlike similar tiers from some rival insurers. There is, however, the option of choosing a higher-tier plan with no waiting period.

The Healthy Savings Card Is Open to All

In addition to traditional plans, Renaissance offers a Healthy Savings Card, a low-cost, flexible option that helps families save money on dental treatments. Cardholders receive discounts of up to 50% on common services, such as checkups, cleanings, fillings and dentures. This could be a good option for those who want predictable costs but don’t expect to require a lot of treatments.

Renaissance Handles the Paperwork for You

The Renaissance PPO network is nationwide, so it’s easy for seniors to find a dentist they can use for their treatments. Seniors don’t have to worry about filling out paperwork and making sure they’re eligible for discounts on their treatments. As long as they see an in-network dentist, the dental office fills out the forms for them and completes the claim. This means there’s no need to worry about being out-of-pocket and waiting for reimbursement.

The annual discount amount seniors are eligible for varies depending on their plan. With loyalty plans, the benefits may increase over time, so customers may face a small limit during their first year with the company. But with time, the benefits become far more generous. The basic plans start with a $1,200 annual claim limit per year.

Who Should Consider Renaissance Dental Insurance? 

Seniors Who Don’t Want To Deal With Paperwork

Dentists in the Renaissance network complete claims for their patients, so there’s no need to wait for reimbursement. Seniors who want this level of simplicity and customer service may find Renaissance PPO plans appealing. The network is nationwide, so most seniors should be able to find a dentist they can work with.

Those Who Need a Plan With No Waiting Period

Renaissance is one of only a handful of insurers that offers a plan with no waiting period. Seniors who need to see a dentist quickly but cannot get another insurer to waive their waiting period may be eligible for cover under Renaissance’s higher-tier plans.

What Are People Saying About Renaissance Dental Insurance?

Reviewers speak highly of Renaissance for its customer service and its generous coverage allowances. They also appreciate the large size of the network, which provides dental practices nationwide. Since the network includes more than 300,000 national and regional providers, it’s easy for seniors to find a dentist in their area, whether for a checkup or emergency care. The vision network is equally impressive.

The company’s plans are more expensive than many rivals. However, reviewers note the deductible is usually an industry-standard $50, and the plans offer reasonably generous annual coverage limits. Loyalty plans give good benefits to customers for staying with the provider for multiple years. Those who are joining the provider for the first time can take advantage of plans that have no minimum waiting period for both basic and major dental services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Dental Insurance for Seniors Typically Cover?

Dental insurance for seniors usually covers checkups and basic services such as cleanings and fillings. More comprehensive plans may also cover dentures and implants.

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How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost for Seniors?

The cost of dental insurance varies depending on how comprehensive the plan is. Basic dental insurance can often be had for less than $20 per month.

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Are Dentures Covered Under Dental Insurance Plans?

Most dental insurance plans offer partial cover for dentures. Check the policy for each plan you’re considering to confirm how much of the cost it will cover.

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Is Paying For Dental Insurance for Seniors Worth It?

Dental insurance is a good idea for most seniors. It helps them offset the out-of-pocket cost of checkups and essential dental care.

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What Is the Best Dental Insurance With No Waiting Period?

Renaissance and Humana both offer dental insurance with no waiting period. Many other companies will waive the waiting period under certain circumstances, so seniors requiring urgent dental care have several options for coverage.

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