Published: 7/18/2022

Best Rated for Company Reputation and Reliability

Guardian dental insurance is one of the most well-known options for consumers seeking an affordable provider. This insurance company has an A++ rating from AM Best, making it one of the most financially stable insurance companies and ensuring seniors who enroll will have access to coverage for the life of their policies. Guardian also has a wide variety of plan options, including PPOs and HMOs, depending on the state where the plan is offered. 

Guardian ranks as one of the most reputable dental insurance options in large part due to the company’s clear financial stability and customer rankings. In addition, it’s a leader in plan availability and options, making Guardian one of the best dental insurance companies around. 

Pros and Cons of Guardian’s Dental Insurance


  • Four plan options are available
  • More than 160 years of insurance experience
  • Affordable plan options starting at $21 per month
  • Loyalty plans available in some states


  • No waiver on waiting periods
  • Lower maximum benefit than other companies at $1,500

Overview of Guardian Dental Insurance

Guardian has been in continuous operation since 1860 and is one of the oldest insurance companies offering dental coverage. It has PPO plans in 45 states, which gives seniors a wide range of options when seeking providers at home and while traveling. In 11 states, the company also has HMO options with higher copays but no or limited deductibles. 

Company Overall Score (1-5 Scale) Company Reputation and Reliability Plan Variety PPO Coverage Limitations PPO Costs Dental Insurance Alternatives 
Guardian 3.6 8.34 8 0 8 3.34

How Much Does Guardian Dental Insurance Cost?

For an individual, Guardian’s dental plans average between $15-$50 per month. Family plans that cover more people typically cost more. Some of the factors that can influence the cost of premiums include the deductible amount, scope of the coverage, waiting periods, coverage limits and annual maximums. All of these decisions can affect the out-of-pocket cost of dental services. For example, a higher-deductible plan with a higher level of coverage might have lower out-of-pocket costs for more intensive treatments. A crown or bridge might only be eligible for 50% coverage under one plan, while another plan could reduce the cost by 60% or more. 

Before choosing a plan, it might be a good idea for seniors to discuss their needs with their dental providers so they know what level of coverage they need for the coming year.

Full Review of Guardian Dental Plan Features

Guardian offers four basic tiers of dental coverage to the vast majority of its enrollees. Each tier provides slightly different levels of coverage and may include restorative dentistry or cosmetic procedures. 


There are no restrictions when applying for a Guardian dental plan, and everyone is eligible. Acceptance to a plan is guaranteed, and the company offers instant approval to start the clock on any wait times for specific dental services. 

Plan Details

With four plans to choose from, Guardian dental plans let seniors pick the one that suits them best. Each plan is designed to meet the needs of different enrollees. The Starter Plan is typically best for younger patients with few dental troubles who need preventive care. Diamond-level coverage is the most comprehensive option and even includes teeth whitening services. The chart below contains a quick comparison between the plan options. 






Preventive Care





Basic Care





Major Care




Not covered





Not covered

Coverage Waiting Periods

While all Guardian dental plans allow preventive care from day one, there’s a waiting period of 6 months before insurance kicks in for basic care procedures. When covered by a plan, major care and implants require a waiting period of at least 12 months, though those transferring from a previous employer-based plan may qualify to skip the waiting period. 


With Guardian dental plans, there’s no deductible for in-network preventive care. More advanced care has a $50 deductible, as do out-of-network services. It’s important to note that deductibles aren’t the out-of-pocket cost for a procedure. Instead, a deductible is what you pay prior to any insurance payout. For procedures with 80% coverage, you would pay the deductible and the remaining 20% of the cost of care. 

Who Should Consider Guardian Dental Insurance?

Seniors on Medicare/Medicaid

While both Medicare and Medicaid provide comprehensive health coverage, dental care is specifically excluded. To get quality care for aging teeth, seniors should consider private insurance options, particularly once they retire. Seniors may start to experience more tooth pain or require more complex dental work to maintain their existing teeth. 

Patients Who Need Extensive Dental Work

While Guardian dental plans do have a coverage maximum of $1,500 per year, when combined with Guardian’s negotiated rates that still gives patients plenty of coverage. Seniors who need considerable work done can work on a multi-year care plan with their dental provider to maximize their benefits. 

What Are People Saying About Guardian Dental Insurance?

People who use Guardian for their dental insurance routinely enjoy the large network of dental providers (more than 120,000 offices nationwide). Many commented that sign-up was quick and easy, and the coverage was very comprehensive. Transparent billing is another perk that policyholders love. Knowing what the costs will be before agreeing to a service is more budget-friendly for most patients. 

Some new enrollees had difficulty obtaining their insurance cards and using their benefits. In most cases, enrollment is streamlined and easy, but when insurance cards don’t arrive in a timely fashion, it can affect patient billing. Another drawback is the lack of orthodontic coverage, but that is standard for the industry as a whole. Guardian does offer some of the most comprehensive dental insurance on the market. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Dental Insurance for Seniors Typically Cover? 

Senior dental insurance covers all preventive care services such as cleanings and X-rays, and higher-tier plans may also include prosthetics, crowns, root canals and other restorative procedures. 

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How Much Does Dental Insurance Cost for Seniors? 

Senior dental insurance averages between $15-$50 per month and has coverage limits of $1,500 per year through Guardian. 

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Are Dentures Covered Under Dental Insurance Plans?

In most cases, yes, dentures are covered. There are specific styles of dentures that may be excluded from a policy, and there may be coverage wait times before insurance will help. 

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Does Medicare Cover Dental Work? 

No, Original Medicare doesn’t cover dental work. Some Medicare Part C options or Advantage Plans may include optional dental coverage.

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Is Paying for Dental Insurance for Seniors Worth It? 

Typically yes, dental insurance is a valuable resource for seniors. Guardian dental plans can save seniors considerably through lower negotiated pricing and coverage for up to 80% of basic care procedures. 

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