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Written By: Laura Larimer
Page Reviewed / Updated – 1/2/2023

Adults who get less than the recommended 7 or more hours of sleep per night have increased chances of developing and/or struggling to manage serious medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression, and more. Yet according to CDC data from 2014, 26.3% of those 65 and older report getting less sleep than they should, putting their health at risk. While many factors affect sleep quality, having a high-quality adjustable bed can make a big difference for those who struggle to sleep enough due to discomfort. 

Modern adjustable beds operate quietly and enable one to sleep in a variety of positions not possible in other beds. These positions can relieve pressure, ease aches, and even reduce disruptive and unhealthy snoring. Specialty features like massage settings can also provide stress relief. Many adjustable beds even have the option of a split mattress to accommodate partners who want to use different settings. Though all of these features have practical health benefits, the adjustable beds they come in are generally considered too high-end to qualify as Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Seniors who want these beds will have to buy them without financial assistance from Medicare or other sources. 

Since many adjustable beds cost well over $1,000 are not returnable, shopping should be done very carefully. This ranked guide to the best adjustable beds will help you with the process. Below you can find plentiful information on costs, available models, company histories, customer service policies, and much more. 

We found that Tempur-Pedic, Saatva, and Casper offer the best overall value on the market for adjustable beds. The six other companies we reviewed also have excellent adjustable bed options, each with its unique set of pros and cons. Explore the comparison tables below to see which company’s beds might suit you best. Note that all companies that we reviewed are ranked on a 1-10 point scale.

The Best Adjustable Beds of 2023:

  1. Tempur-Pedic: 7.8
  2. Saatva: 7.6 
  3. Casper: 5.7
  4. Nectar: 5.6
  5. Tuft & Needle: 4.7
  6. Ghostbed: 4.0
  7. Amerisleep:  4.0
  8. Yaasa: 3.3
  9. Purple: 2.6
Did You Know?

Many adjustable bed companies offer white glove delivery. Sometimes free and sometimes about $200, this service includes a delivery crew bringing the new bed into your home, unboxing it, and setting it up. The crew may also offer to remove your old furniture at no extra cost, though this can vary. A quick demonstration on how to use the remote may be provided. White glove delivery is mostly unavailable outside of the 48 mainland U.S. states. Availability of white glove delivery can also be interrupted periodically due to health and safety guidelines specific to a city, county, or state. 

An Overview of Our Ranking Methodology

We used the questions in the core metrics below to rank each adjustable bed company. Each core metric constitutes a percentage of the company’s overall score. For a much more detailed look at how we ranked companies, you can read “A Full Explanation of Our Metrics.”

  • Product Variety and Specifications (25%): How many adjustable bed models are available? What sizes are offered, and how do the beds measure up on a few basic design specifications like the amount of underbed storage and the presence or absence of wall-hugging bed movement. A wall-hugging design will keep the sleeper within reach of his or her nightstand regardless of which position the bed has been adjusted to.
  • Advanced Features and Settings (25%): Does the bed’s remote offer a range of safety, convenience, and luxury settings, and does the bedframe include useful features like lights and USB ports? Does the bed also have “smart” features such as the ability to be controlled by app and/or voice and the ability to make automatic position adjustments in response to your behavior?  
  • Bed Costs (25%): What do the adjustable beds cost, and are any discounts or financing options available? Are there extra charges for shipping or white glove setup?
  • Customer Service (15%): Does this company offer a full range of services such as nationwide shipping, trial periods, warranties, and setup help? Are there options for shopping in person as well as online? Is it easy to connect with sales and customer service representatives?
  • Company Reputation and Reliability (10%): How much sleep industry experience does the company have? Is it well-rated by its customers in online forums? Is the company based in the USA? Are its adjustable beds made in the USA or abroad?

The Top 9 Adjustable Bed Companies of 2023

Company Overall Score (1-10 Scale) Product Variety and Specifications Advanced Features  Bed Costs Customer Service Reputation and Reliability
Tempur-pedic 7.8 8.8 8.4 5.6 8.4 8.4
Saatva 7.6 10 7 7 4.2 10
Casper 5.7 6.3 2.8 5.6 10 5.6
Nectar 5.6 2.5 5.6 10 7 0
Tuft & Needle 4.7 3.8 0 8.4 5.6 8.4
Ghostbed 4 0 10 4.4 1.4 2.8
Amerisleep 4 7.5 4.2 1.4 0 7
Yaasa 3.3 5 1.4 2.8 5.6 1.4
Purple 2.6 1.3 5.6 0 2.8 4.2


Although it did not receive the highest score in any core metric, Tempur-pedic did very well with a score of 7.8/10 overall, ranking in 1st place. While many other brands have a mix of both high and low scores, this brand impressively managed to be 2nd best in 4 out of 5 metrics. It had 8 or more points in Product Variety and Specifications, Advanced Features, Customer Service, and Reputation and Reliability. Tempur-Pedic’s only mediocre score was in Bed Costs, where it struggled due to some high-cost bed models and relatively few discount options. In the Bed Costs metric, Tempurpedic was tied for 4th place with Casper, with a total of 5.6/10 points- still a decent score.

How Tempur-Pedic Scored

Product Variety and Specifications: 8.8/10

Tempurpedic was 2nd best in this metric, with 8.4/10 points. This brand is the only one with 4 adjustable bed models, whereas other brands have 1 or 2. Tempurpedic offers its bases in 8 sizes, matched only by Saatva. Customers can choose from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, California king, and split California king. The regular twin size and the full size are not offered on the most advanced models, however. For seniors who are concerned about underbed storage, Tempur-Pedic beds come with 9” leg height. Adjustable leg upgrades that provide up to 12” of storage space cost between $38-$72. Note that other brands do not charge for the option of leg adjustability. Tempur-Pedic no longer offers beds with a wall-hugging design.

Advanced Features: 8.4/10

Tempur-Pedic scored 8.4/10 points, earning 2nd place in Advanced Features. This brand’s “smart” models can be adjusted via phone apps or even by voice control with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant speakers. The most advanced model’s app can adjust its own position in response to snoring and can provide customized sleep tips, too. Tempur-Pedic’s smart features are unmatched by other brands. All of this brand’s beds other than the Ease model offer massage options, built-in USB ports, and underbed lights. Tempur-Pedic’s remotes have many desirable features, including backlit buttons, 3 factory preset buttons (zero gravity, anti-snore, and TV watching-some not available on the Ease model), 1 memory button, and the ability to lock to prevent children from using the bed. Unfortunately, these remotes are less intuitive than some competitor options. For example, its child lock feature is activated through pressing a combination of buttons, not a single button like many other remotes. Also, many other brands have more than one memory button. This brand’s factory preset buttons can be overridden to be used as memory buttons, which is a less convenient option.

Bed Costs: 5.6/10

Tempur-Pedic scored 5.6/10 points in Bed Costs, tying with Casper for 4th place. This brand actually has the least expensive and most expensive adjustable bed, so its beds can suit a variety of budgets. A twin Ease model can cost as little as $749, while a split king or California split king of the Ergo Extend Smart Base costs $3,998. From Tempur-Pedic, both regular shipping and white glove delivery are free in the lower 48 states. Those who are interested and have good credit may be able to make their purchase with the Tempur-Pedic credit card by Wells Fargo. Unfortunately, Tempur-Pedic offers no occupational discounts despite their popularity with other companies.

Customer Service: 8.4/10

Tempur-Pedic has 2nd place in Customer Service with 8.4/10 points. This brand does not offer any trial periods for its bases, but it does stand by its beds with a limited 25-year warranty. Under most circumstances, buying from Tempur-Pedic means getting complimentary white glove delivery. It’s also possible to get a Tempur-Pedic delivery to Hawaii and Alaska, though an extra $600 charge applies. Many other brands do not deliver to either of those states at all. Customers can start shopping by visiting one of Tempur-Pedic’s 38 stores or one of the retail chains that carry its products. For shopping from home, Tempur-Pedic “sleep experts” (sales agents) and customer service experts are available by phone for an average of 80 hours per week, including some weekend and evening hours. Customers can also choose to reach out to Tempur-Pedic through a chat tool online. The chat tool does not automatically pop up, however; it’s located in the contact section of the website.

Reputation and Reliability: 8.4/10

With 8.4/10 points, Tempur-Pedic has 2nd place in Reputation and Reliability. Founded in 1992, this brand has the most industry experience. It’s roughly 20 or more years older than most competitors. Although the brand has Swedish roots, it’s now based in the United States and makes its beds in Virginia and New Mexico. This company’s reviews were mixed online. It has 4/5 Trustpilot stars, but only 2.8/5 Google stars and 1.1/5 Better Business Bureau (BBB) stars. BBB rates the brand with an A- for its responsiveness to customers. Note that no company that we reviewed scored higher than 2.5/5 from the BBB reviews.

Tempur-Pedic Company Highlights

  • Model Name(s): Ease, Ergo, Ergo Smart Base, and Ergo Extend Smart Base. In the past, other models also existed but are now discontinued.
  • Related Companies: Tempur Sealy International is Tempur-Pedic’s parent company which formed from the merger of Tempur-Pedic and Sealy Corporation. Sealy websites and stores offer Tempur-Pedic bases. 
  • Bundles: It is possible to save money with Tempur-Pedic by buying an adjustable bed along with a mattress. Exact bundled offers may vary by season. Currently, a $300 “instant gift” is given to customers who purchase any mattress set online. An “offers” tab on the Tempurpedic website can show you the latest deals. 


Saatva ranked in 2nd place with 7.6/10 points overall. This brand impresses with 10/10 points in not only Product Variety and Specifications but also in Reputation and Reliability.  It also has a very respectable 7/10 points in Bed Costs and Advanced Features, ranking 3rd in both. Saatva struggles in the Customer Service category, ranking in 5th place with a score of 4.2/10, since it has no physical locations and does not offer free trial periods. Saatva and Tempur-Pedic are the only adjustable bed companies on our list that have no scores lower than 4/10 points. 

How Saatva Scored

Product Variety and Specifications: 10/10

With 10/10 points, Saatva has the best score in this metric. This brand essentially has one model, the Lineal, though it comes in a regular version and a special “upper-flex” version for use with a specific mattress. Saatva’s success in this metric comes not from its number of bed models but from the fact that it offers eight different bed sizes and has highly adjustable legs. Available bed sizes include twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, California king, and split California king. This bed’s legs are between 8”-13,” providing the most underbed storage. Adjustments can be made in half-inch increments, too, so they are more customizable than many other brands. The Lineal has wall-hugging technology for convenient access to bedside tables

Advanced Features: 7/10

Saatva has 3rd place in this metric with 7/10 points. Its most advanced features include massage settings and underbed lights. It also comes with three factory preset buttons – zero gravity, anti-snore, and TV watching mode. There is only one dedicated memory button for customized settings, but that button can be used to store 3 custom settings at once. Saatva’s remote also features a child lock button for safety and a built-in flashlight for convenience. Considering all of the above, this bed functions like a very high-end bed in most respects. However, its lack of USB ports and smart features means that it’s not the most advanced model available.

Bed Costs: 7/10

Saatva scored 7/10 points in Bed Costs, earning 3rd place. Its beds cost $1,999-$2,498, depending on size. This means that its smallest (twin) bed is the 2nd most expensive we reviewed, but it’s king beds are priced in the middle of the pack. For comparison, the higher end of the price range from some brands is between $3,000-$4,000. Regular and white glove shipping is typically free from Saatva in all states other than Hawaii and Alaska. Klarna is available on the Saatva website as a convenient financing option. Saatva also makes its bed slightly more affordable for some by giving $250 discounts on orders over $1,000 for customers who can verify that they are military/veterans, first responders, nurses, teachers, or government employees.

Customer Service: 4.2/10

With 4.2/10 points, Saatva ranked in 5th place in this metric. It has excellent customer service in terms of having an easily accessible chat option online, a 24/7 phone line for customer service, and a 25-year limited warranty. Saatva also offers white glove delivery in 48 states and will assist customers with finding delivery solutions for Hawaii and Alaska even though the company does not directly ship to those states. Downsides to Saatva’s customer service include the fact that it does not provide the option of any in-person shopping and it also has no trial period during which adjustable beds can be returned.

Reputation and Reliability: 10/10

With 10/10 points, Saatva is 1st in Reputation and Reliability. Founded in 2011, Saatva is based in the USA and gets its adjustable beds from a respected US-based manufacturer, Leggett & Platt. Though Lineal is assembled in the USA, a substantial amount of parts may come from other nations. Note that if technical difficulties with the Lineal arise, it is possible that Saatva staff will refer customers to Leggett & Platt product support, depending on the situation. Saatva is popular with its customers and has unusually good review scores of 4.4/5 on Trustpilot, 4.8/5 on the BBB, and 4.8/5 on Google. Between those three sites, the brand has nearly 1,300 posted customer reviews online, an unusually high number. The BBB rates Saatva an A+ for its responsiveness to customer service complaints.

Saatva Company Highlights

  • Model Name(s): Lineal (only model).
  • Related Companies: Leggett & Platt is the manufacturing partner that makes Saatva’s adjustable bed. 
  • Bundles: When buying from Saatva, you can save $100 if you get a mattress and an adjustable bed at the same time. Note that Saatva offers numerous mattress styles, and the Lineal can pair with most of them.


Casper ranked in 3rd place overall with 5.6/10 points- just 0.1 points ahead of its closest competitor, Nectar. In its strongest core metric, Customer Service, this brand ranked 1st thanks to its trial period, its 20-year warranty, and several other factors. Casper’s scores fell in the middle of the point scale for most other metrics, but its score was low in Advanced Features. Ranking in 6th place for that metric, Casper beds lack a child lock and offer relatively few preset and custom setting options. 

How Casper Scored

Product Variety and Specifications: 6.3/10

With 6.3/10 points, Casper ranks in 4th place in this metric. This brand has 2 adjustable bed models, offering a choice between basic and more advanced features. With only twin XL, queen split king, and California king, however, it has half the size range of leading brands. Both Casper models have adjustable legs, with the base model adjustable between 5”-12” and the Pro model adjustable between 3”-12”. The Pro also has convenient wall-hugging technology, though the basic model does not.

Advanced Features: 2.8/10

Caper has just 2.8/10 points in this metric, falling in 6th place and beating only Tuft & Needle. Its remotes come with 2 factory presets (anti-snore, and zero gravity) and one memory button. Due to vaguely worded product listings, it’s unclear whether or not the memory button can hold more than one custom setting. Casper beds do not have a child safety lock, and they also are not equipped with smart features. Despite these issues, Casper’s beds do have some highly sought-after attributes. Both models have convenient built-in USB ports. The Pro model also includes under-bed lights, backlit remote buttons, massage settings, and a headrest that has extra tilting capabilities not found on many beds. The basic bed model has a flashlight on the remote instead of backlit buttons.

Bed Costs: 5.6/10

Casper’s Bed Costs score is 5.6/10 points, tied with Tempur-Pedic for 4th place. Depending on the model and size, an adjustable bed from this brand will cost between $945-$2,990. Its basic model prices are fairly competitive, but the Pro model costs are 3rd highest of reviewed companies. While regular shipping from this company is free, white glove service costs $149 in most cases. Customers who want to use a payment plan can do so easily through Affirm. Casper also offers 15% discounts to nurses and other medical professionals, first responders, educators and students, and military/veterans. The discount may only apply towards the cost of a mattress, however.

Customer Service: 10/10

Casper’s customer service is excellent, with the brand scoring first place in this metric. Casper offers a trial period in case customers find they want to return their purchase. It also provides limited warranty coverage for 20 years. With 50 Casper stores plus some product availability through large retailers such as Target, many customers will be able to look at Casper products in-person before purchasing. For those shopping from home, phone lines are open 66 hours each week, including some weekend and evening hours. The chatbox online is also an excellent option for getting help. Casper can arrange for shipment to Hawaii and Alaska, though extra charges do apply. Its white glove service is offered in all 50 states.

Reputation and Reliability: 5.6/10

Casper scored 5.6/10 for 4th place. This brand is the second youngest company on our list, founded in 2014. While its headquarters are based in the USA, Casper’s beds are manufactured in China and Thailand. This brand does well, overall, when rated by customers. It has 4.3/5 stars at Trustpilot and 4.2/5 on Google. Its BBB customer rating of 2.5/5 stars is low, but the BBB does rate Casper as an A+ for its responsiveness to customers. Casper has fewer than 100 reviews on the BBB, 111 on its Google profile, and nearly 6,000 on its Trustpilot profile.

Casper Company Highlights

  • Model Name(s): The Adjustable and the Adjustable Pro.
  • Related Companies: Target and Nordstrom (retail partners).
  • Bundles: Casper routinely offers bundling deals for buying mattresses with bed frames, as well as for buying other combinations of products. Currently, you can get 20% off of an adjustable bed by buying it with a mattress. Seniors should note that Casper’s price listings can be complicated, with multiple prices slashed and the differences between bundled and unbundled costs sometimes unclear.


Nectar’s score of 5.6/10 points puts it in 4th place overall. This brand did particularly well in Bed Costs where it was first thanks to its unusually low prices and discounts. Nectar’s 2nd-best score is its 3rd place ranking in Customer Service with 7/10 points. Its scores in other categories are mixed, and Nectar has last place in Reputation and Reliability due to its low online ratings and its past problems with manufacturing transparency. 

How Nectar Scored

Product Variety and Specifications: 2.5/10

In 7th place with 2.5/10 points, Nectar scored on the lower end for this metric due to its limited models and sizes. This brand has one model offered in twin XL, full, queen, split king, and regular king. For comparison, some brands offer up to 4 models and 8 sizes. This bed model does not have a wall-hugging design, so certain positions may move you out of reach of your nightstand. When it comes to key specifications, customers should note that Nectar’s bed legs are not adjustable, but they do provide roughly 10” of underbed storage space. Their exact height is not listed in product specifications but can be estimated.

Advanced Features: 5.6/10

With 5.6/10 points, Nectar is tied with Purple for 4th place. Nectar may only have one model, but this model has quality features. This bed includes not only 3 factory presets (anti-snore, zero gravity, and TV), but also message settings. The remote also has 3 memory buttons. Having three dedicated memory buttons is rare, and only Purple has more. Other handy features from Nectar include a flashlight on the remote and USB ports built into the frame. The USB ports even include small LED lights so that you can easily plug phone chargers into them when it’s dark. While it has many great features, the remote’s lack of a child safety lock is disappointing. This bed also is not equipped with any smart features.

Bed Costs: 10/10

Nectar is 1st in this metric with 10/10 points. Its starting cost of $849 is the 2nd lowest (after Tempur-Pedic’s $749) and the cost of its most expensive size is just $1,698 (2nd best after Tuft & Needle’s high of $1,595). It may seem odd that Nectar can be first in costs when it’s 2nd best for these two data points, but the price range of the bed itself is not the only cost factor. This brand also provides free regular shipping, a convenient financing option through Affirm, and a 15% discount for first responders, healthcare professionals, and military members (including active, veteran, retired, and reservist). Those who live in Hawaii or Alaska will need to pay $150 per item for shipping. Considering that many companies don’t ship to Hawaii and Alaska, and others charge as much as $600 for shipping to those states, the charge that Nectar requires is quite reasonable. Seniors should note that white glove services require an additional $149 charge, and white glove is not offered in Hawaii and Alaska.

Customer Service: 7/10

With 7/10 points, Nectar is 3rd in this metric. Customers can visit over 2,000 retail partners to see at least some Nectar products in stores, though the adjustable beds may not be kept in stock in all locations. You can also contact Nectar via web chat or over the phone. To chat, you must provide an email address. Nectar’s phone hours are somewhat limited, with lines open 56 hours per week, including weekend hours. One of the best aspects of Nectar’s customer service is the 50 night trial period. It is one of just 4 brands we reviewed that offers the option of returns. This brand offers regular shipping to all 50 states and white glove services within all states but Alaska and Hawaii. One downside to this brand’s service is its 3-year warranty. All other brands we reviewed have 10-25+ years. However, seniors should note that for most warranties, any coverage provided after the first 3 years is typically quite restricted anyway.

Reputation and Reliability: 0/10

With 0/10 points, Nectar has last place in this metric. Since it was founded in 2016, Nectar is the newest company that we reviewed. While it does have its headquarters in the USA, its beds are made overseas. Our research also revealed that in 2018, Nectar had to settle with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)due to its misuse of regulated “assembled in the USA” claims it had made. Nectar currently struggles to get favorable ratings on review sites and has 1.9/5 stars with Trustpilot, 1.5/5 with the BBB, and 2.1/5 on Google. Across these 3 platforms, there are a total of 327 reviews. On the BBB, there were also 1,698 posted “complaints,” a type of customer post that does not count towards the company’s star rating. This high number of complaints was a problem for other companies.

Nectar Company Highlights

  • Model Name(s): The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame.
  • Related Companies: Nectar has recently begun offering its mattresses in numerous brick-and-mortar retail chains, including Macy’s, Mattress Firm, Mattress Warehouse, and more. 
  • Bundle: Nectar offers a variety of deals, but the exact details of savings are difficult to parse. It appears that buying a mattress with an adjustable bed will not reduce the price of either item. However, when buying such a bundle you may be given free accessories such as pillows, mattress protectors, and sheets.

Tuft & Needle

With 4.7/10 points, Tuft & Needle ranks in 5th place overall. This brand’s scores are uneven across the different metrics. It has 2nd place in both Bed Costs and Reputation and Reliability, tying with Tempur-Pedic for the latter metric. However, it ranks in last place for Advanced Features due to its relatively stripped-down design. Its scores in other metrics fall more in the middle. 

How Tuft & Needle Scored

Product Variety and Specifications: 3.8/10

With 3.8 points, Tuft & Needle has 6th place in this metric. With just one bed model and 4 different bed sizes, it keeps its options simple. The sizes available are queen, king, California king, and split king. This bed model lacks a wall-hugging design, and in some positions, you may find that reaching the bedside table is difficult. The bed does offer adjustable legs that can be up to roughly 10” tall, so underbed storage is ample.

Features and Settings: 0/10

Tuft & Needle does not offer many cutting-edge features, so it scored 0/10 points, ranking in last place in this metric. This bed does have 2 factory preset positions- zero gravity and anti-snore- that can be activated through the touch of one button. The remote also has backlit buttons and a child lock. Unfortunately, the bed includes no massage or smart features and no built-in USB ports. Furthermore, one can only save custom positions by overwriting the factory presets- saving more than two settings, whether custom or preset, is not possible.

Bed Costs: 8.4/10

Ranking 2nd best, Tuft & Needle has 8.4/10 points in Bed Costs. Its beds cost between $995-$1,595, depending on size. Both the high and low end of this brand’s price range is fairly reasonable. Tuft & Needle provides free shipping in 48 states, and it charges $600 for making shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and other unspecified “remote locations.” Note that Tuft & Needle offers no white glove services, whatsoever. However, it does offer 15% off to a wide variety of healthcare professionals, first responders, and military (active or veteran). The brand uses a company called Sheer ID to verify discount eligibility. Those who are interested in buying on a payment plan can do so by using the financing service Affirm.

Customer Service: 5.6/10

With 5.6/10 points, Tuft & Needle ties with Yaasa in 4th place. In addition to having 3 of its own stores, Tuft and Needle sells select products through Sam’s Club, Crate & Barrel, Lowes, and other retailers. Availability of its adjustable base at retailers will vary. For customers shopping from home, using the Tuft & Needle chatbox to ask questions is easy. Calling is also fairly easy since phone lines are open 73 hours each week, including extensive weekend hours. Customers can also try a bed knowing they can return it if needed during the 100 night trial period offered. Unfortunately, this brand’s 10-year warranty is on the short side compared to some other brands. This brand also does not offer the option of white glove delivery.

Company Reliability and Reputation: 8.4/10

With 8.4/10, Tuft and Needle is tied with Tempur-Pedic for 2nd in this metric. Tuft & Needle lost points due to its recent founding in 2012 and due to the fact that its beds are made in China. However, this brand has excellent reviews online. On a scale of 1-5 stars, customers rated Tuft & Needle with an average of 3.9 stars on Trustpilot, 4.9 on the BBB, and 4.6 on Google. The BBB rates Tuft & Needle as an A+ company for the way it handles customer interactions. Across these three review platforms, this brand has been reviewed over 460 times. The only other company to even come close to Tuft & Needle’s BBB rating was Saatva, which has 4.8/5 stars.

For most adjustable beds, physical descriptions are not important since almost all adjustable beds have utilitarian, black metal frames with movable platforms that have grey cloth edges. Such frames are typically designed to be unnoticeable and may even be hidden inside a decorative bed frame. Considering this, it’s worth noting that Tuft & Needle’s bed has a significantly more stylish look. It’s composed of white stainless steel and has some decorative birch veneered wood. 

Tuft & Needle Company Highlights

  • Model Name(s): Adjustable Bed. 
  • Related Companies: Serta Simmons, a leading mattress brand that’s over 150 years old, has merged with Tuft & Needle. Tuft & Needle retains its separate brand identity.
  • Bundle: Tuft & Needle is currently offering enormous savings for bundling its hybrid mattress with its adjustable bed. The price of the bundle appears to be about 45% less than the price of buying the two items independently. Bundles offered by this brand will likely change seasonally.


Overall, Ghostbed earned a rating of 4/10, tying for 6th place with Amerisleep. This company scores 10/10 in Advanced Features, delivering the best combination of safety, convenience, and comfort. It also ranked 5th for Bed Costs, an impressive feat considering the deluxe nature of its adjustable bed model. Ghostbed lagged in the Product Variety and Specifications metric due to its single bed model and limited bed sizes. 

How Ghostbed Scored

Product Variety and Specifications: 0/10

Ghostbed has last place with 0/10 points in this metric. With only 1 bed model and 3 bed sizes, this brand is not known for its range of choices. Available sizes include twin XL, queen, and split King. The two halves of the split king can be synched to operate as a regular king mattress would, if desired. This bed does not have a wall-hugging design, so you may find that different positions will take you out of easy reach for items on your nightstand. Ghostbed’s legs also are not adjustable. However, with about 12” tall legs, there is ample underbed storage.

Advanced Features: 10/10

With 10/10 points, Ghostbed ranks first in Advanced Features. This bed does not have smart features, but it has everything else. With massage settings, underbed lights, and USB ports, it has features that are commonly not included in beds of a similar price. It’s remote can easily switch between zero gravity, anti-snore, TV, and lounge (reading) presets, and it also has one memory button for saving a custom position. The remote also has a lock button for safety when children are around, and it has a built-in flashlight that’s convenient late at night. No other bed we reviewed has such a large combination of valuable features.

Bed Costs: 4.2/10

Ranking in 5th place, Ghostbed has 4.2/10 for Bed Costs. Its model’s regular price is $1,199- $2,398, depending on size. This model’s twin beds are among the most expensive we reviewed, but its split king is among the most affordable, especially considering its range of features. Seniors should note that this brand does offer 30% sales on its bed quite frequently, so chances of getting a lower cost than the regular price are good. While regular shipping from Ghostbed is free, adding white glove delivery does cost $199- the highest white glove fee that we saw. Shipping to Hawaii or Alaska also costs an extra $600. Ghostbed offers a generous 30% off discount for students, educators, first responders, military members, and government workers. It verifies eligibility through the discount platform. Those who want to use financing on their bed costs can do so through either Split-It or Affirm on Ghostbed’s website.

Customer Service: 1.4/10

Ghostbed has 1.4/10, landing in 7th place. With no physical stores and no trial period, customers aren’t able to get a look at a bed before deciding if it’s right for them. However, Ghostbed does have many positives when it comes to customer service. It’s the only company that offers a limited lifetime warranty, while most other companies have warranties between 3-25 years. As with all warranties, Ghostebd’s contains many limits. When you have questions, contacting Ghostbed via chat is fairly easy online, and the brand’s phone lines are available 98 hours every week, including many evening and weekend hours. Only Saatva offers more phone availability. When it comes to deliveries, Ghostbed ships to all 50 states. Its white glove services are limited to just 33 states at this time, however.

Reputation and Reliability: 2.8/10

Ghostbed has 2.8/10 points, ranking in 6th place for this metric. This company, which was founded in 2010, is based in the USA and makes its beds here, too. However, Ghostbed’s ratings on a variety of platforms were less-than-stellar. On a scale of 1-5 for each site, Ghostbed has an average of 2.4 Trustpilot stars, 2.6 Google stars, and just 1.3 BBB stars. Moreover, the BBB assigned Ghostbed an F for its failure to respond to 53 complaints (these are posted separately from reviews) filed against it. This problem arises from the fact that Ghostbed has not claimed its BBB profile. Seniors should note that across all 3 platforms, Ghostbed had just 39 1-5 star reviews. It’s hard to extrapolate true customer satisfaction from such a small sample size.

Ghostbed Company Highlights

  • Model Name(s): The Ghostbed Adjustable Power Base.
  • Related Companies: Ghostbed’s parent company is Nature’s Sleep.
  • Bundle: Ghostbed advertises mattress and adjustable bed bundles, but it can be difficult to tell exactly how beneficial these deals are. The confusion arises over the fact that the website sometimes runs multiple sales at once – often 30% off sales. Currently, it appears that the only advantage to buying a Ghostbed bundle is the inclusion of two free pillows. The value of these freebies is listed as $170.


Tied with Ghostbed for 6th place, Amerisleep scored 4/10 points overall. Though not the absolute best in any, this brand has respectable scores in multiple metrics. Unlike Ghostbed, it scores well in Product Variety and Specifications, ranking in 3rd by offering multiple bed models and an expanded size selection. It also ranks 3rd in Reputation and Reliability and 5th in Advanced Features. Amerisleep is last in Customer Service, struggling due to lack of a trial period, limited customer service hours, and limited white glove delivery.   

How Amerisleep Scored

Product Variety and Specifications: 7.5/10

Amerisleep ranks in 3rd place in this metric, scoring 7.5/10 points. Many brands we reviewed have just one model, so it’s nice to see 2 options from Amerisleep. While there are five different sizes available overall, some sizes are only available on one model. The available sizes are twin XL, full (+ model only), queen, split king, and California split king (basic model only). Both models have adjustable legs which provide between about 8”-13” of underbed storage. While the basic model does not have wall-hugging, the + model does.

Advanced Features: 4.2/10

Amerisleep has 4.2/10 points and ranks in 5th place in Advanced Features. Both models from Amerisleep have a zero gravity preset, and the + also includes an anti-snore preset. Both bed’s remotes have backlit buttons, a child lock, and 2 buttons that can save custom positions. Only the + model includes massage features, app control, and USB ports. Notably, neither model has underbed lighting or smart features. Overall, the base model has very limited but functional features and the + has more options, but still not the full range of features that some brands have.

Bed Costs: 1.4/10

Ranking in 7th place, Amerisleep scored 1.4/10 points for its Bed Costs. Beds from this brand fall in the mid-to-high range, with prices from $1,100-$2,200. While both regular and white glove shipping is free, the white glove option is rarely available except on bundles. There are no available payment plan options from Amerisleep. This brand also does not offer special occupational discounts, unlike many brands.

Customer Service: 0/10

Amerisleep ranks in 8th place (the last place due to the presence of a tie) with 0/10 points for customer service. This brand has 12 of its own retail locations in Arizona, Texas, Oregon, and Colorado, but anyone outside of those states will need to shop exclusively online. For online shoppers, Amerisleep has a handy chat feature. However, Amerisleep phone lines are open just 45 hours per week, with no weekend hours. Another significant limit to this company’s customer service is that it only offers white glove delivery when an adjustable bed is ordered in a bundle that includes other items (like a mattress). Otherwise, regular curbside shipping is used. Amerisleep does make an effort to accommodate a variety of customers by providing assistance with customized shipping arrangements to Hawaii, Alaska, and even Mexico and Canada in some cases. The Amerisleep limited warranty is 10 years for the more basic model and 25 years for the + model. All sales on adjustable beds are final.

Reputation and Reliability: 7/10

With 7/10 points, Amerisleep ranks in 3rd place in this metric. Founded in 2010, this brand manufactures its beds in the USA. With a Trustpilot score of 3.3/5 and a Google score of 4.6/5, it rates very well on some review platforms. Its score was much lower on the BBB with just 1/5 points. However, the BBB assigned the company an A+ for responsiveness to customers. Note that there are only 2 reviews and 13 complaints on the BBB, and just one review on Trustpilot. Amerisleep’s Google profile has 144 reviews, however. Amerisleep does not appear to spend much time managing its review profiles on third-party sites.

Amerisleep Company Highlights

  • Model Name(s): Adjustable Bed Base, Adjustable Bed+. 
  • Related Companies: N/A.
  • Bundles: This brand offers many promotional deals, including bundles. Currently, its adjustable bed and mattress bundle can save customers up to $1,600, depending on the exact products selected. Savings in bundles are likely to change frequently with this brand.


With a score of 3.3/10, Yaasa ranks in 7th place overall. Neither worst nor best in any metric, Yaasa has mixed scores. It is best in Customer Service, tying for 4th with Tuft & Needle with 5.6/10 points. It also has 5th place in Product Variety and Specifications, earning 5/10 points. Yaasa’s lowest score is in Advanced Features, with just 1.4/10 points. Its beds have some nice, modern touches, but they are designed to be relatively simple and they lack some popular features such as massage settings.

How Yaasa Scored

Product Variety and Specifications: 5/10

With 5/10 points, Yaasa has 5th place for this metric. This brand offers both the Yaasa Adjustable Bed (the deluxe model) and the Yaasa ONE (the basic model), but it now appears to offer the ONE model on Amazon only. It’s possible that Yaasa is phasing the ONE model out of production. Available bed sizes are twin XL, queen, king, split king, and California king. The California king size is offered only on Yaasa ONE. Both beds appear to have no leg adjustability, but they do have 10” of underbed storage space. The more deluxe model also is built with a wall-hugging design.

Advanced Features: 1.4/10

With 1.4/10 points, Yaasa ranks in 7th (2nd to last) place in this metric. Although its beds have very modern looks, they include relatively few truly advanced features. They have no smart capabilities and no message features. Under-bed lighting for the deluxe version appears to be available only on Amazon purchases at this time. Both beds come with zero gravity and anti-snore factory presets, but if you want to add your own custom memory positions you have to save them over the presets, losing those original options. On the plus side, the sleek Yaasa remote has backlit buttons and includes a child lock button for safety. The deluxe bed also includes USB ports that are built into the frame.

Bed Costs: 2.8/10

Yaasa ranks in 6th place (out of 8 places) with 2.8/10 points. Its price range is quite wide at $899-$3,199. Customers should note that the deluxe version of Yaasa’s adjustable bed includes a Yaasa mattress in its price. At this time, regular shipping on Yaasas beds is free, but the cost and availability of white glove shipping is decided on a case-by-case basis. Customers can choose from Affirm, Kaput, or Sezzle if seeking financing options on their purchase. Unfortunately, Yaasa does not offer discounts to customers based on their employment or other factors, as many of its competitors do.

Customer Service: 5.6/10

Yaasa has 5.6/10 points, ranking in 4th place along with Nectar in this metric. This brand stands out for its 30 night trial periods which can give hesitant shoppers peace of mind. It also has 3 US showrooms, but no other availability in physical stores. Yaasa offers free shipping in 48 states, and although it does not ship directly to Hawaii or Alaska it will assist customers from those states with finding shipping solutions. Yaasa’s beds have limited 10-year warranties. If you need to get in touch with this company’s customer service, you can do so via a chatbox on the website, or you can call. Note that Yaasa only has its phone lines open for 40 hours each week- no weekend hours are available.

Reputation and Reliability: 1.4/10

With 1.4/10 points, Yaasa has 7th place in this metric. Its low score is derived largely from the fact that it has no customer reviews on either the BBB or Trustpilot. Yaasa’s Google profile reviews average 4.5/5 stars from 59 reviews- quite a good score. Founded in 2016, Yaasa is a fairly new company. Its headquarters are in Switzerland, though the company also has multiple offices and distribution points in the USA. It’s unclear to what degree bed components are made and/or assembled in the USA. Yaasa does not make very definitive claims about its manufacturing locations.

Like Tuft & Needle, Yaasa beds have a physical appearance that is far different from most other adjustable beds. Yaasa and Tuft & Needle’s bed shapes are nearly identical, but most Yaasa beds have a sleek, white finish instead of a wood veneer. 

Yaasa Company Highlights

  • Model Name(s): The Yaasa Adjustable Bed and Yaasa ONE (a more basic version, currently not listed for sales except through Yaasa’s Amazon storefront).
  • Related Companies: Amazon is currently a Yaasa retail partner. 
  • Bundle: If purchasing directly from Yaasa, the adjustable bed comes with a free mattress (retail value $899-$1,499).  Unfortunately, on Yaasa’s website there is no option to buy the bed without the mattress.


Purple has 2.6/10 points overall, ranking in last place out of 9 companies. Its personal best metric is Advanced Features, in which Purple has 5.6/10 points, tying with Nectar in 4th place. As a popular and widely advertised but still quite new company, Purple has mixed reviews and ranks in 5th place with 4.2/10 points for Reputation and Reliability. This brand’s lowest score is in Bed Costs where it ranks last mainly due to its high starting costs.

How Purple Scored

Product Variety and Specifications: 1.3/10

Scoring 1.3/10 points, Purple ranks as 8th in this metric, just above Tuft & Needle. With only one model, the Purple Power Base, and 4 bed sizes, consumers have limited choice. Available sizes include twin XL, queen, king, and split king. The Purple Power Base does not have a wall-hugging design. However, customers will be happy to know that the base’s legs are adjustable. You can choose between settings of 3”, 5.25”, or 8.25,” adjusting bed height and underbed storage space as desired.

Features and Settings: 5.6/10

With 5.6/10 points, Purple did well in this metric, ranking in 4th place with Nectar. Purple’s bed comes with a massage feature, under-bed lighting, a backlit remote, optional app control, and USB ports. The remote is loaded with anti-snore and zero gravity presets, and it can also be programmed with 4 additional customized memory settings. This is the best amount of memory buttons that we have seen on an adjustable bed. Potential customers should note that some reviews say the under-bed light is fairly weak- best for finding things under the bed, not for lighting the room. Additionally, the remote lacks a child safety lock.

Bed Costs: 0/10

Purple ranks in last place with 0/10 points for this metric. With a range of costs from $1,399-$2,798, this bed has the highest starting cost. Thankfully, regular shipping and white glove shipping are typically free, though there have been temporary interruptions to white glove services in recent months. Purple does not offer any shipping options for those in Hawaii or Alaska. Purple’s high costs may be offset for some customers due to its robust discount program which offers 10% off to a variety of customer groups, including healthcare professionals, first responders, military members (and veterans), truckers, educators, and students. Customers interested in financing can use Affirm of Split-It.

Customer Service: 2.8/10

Purple has 6th place in this metric, scoring 2.8/10 points. Lacking a trial period and having no delivery options for Hawaii and Alaska put this company behind some of its competitors. This brand is easy for many customers to access, though, since its products are available in some retail chains. With about 77 open phone line hours, it’s also easy to call Purple’s sales or customer service lines for help, even on the weekends. Chatting online is also an option, though the online chat will require that you give your email. Purple’s base has a 20-year warranty, but customers should note that the warranty is serviced by Reverie, which makes the base. Getting in touch with Reverie may be more difficult since that brand has only about 40 hours of phone lines open each week.

Reputation and Reliability: 5.2/10

With 5.2/10 points, Purple ranks in 5th place in this metric. Founded in 2015, Purple is fairly new but is quite popular for its US-made products. Its Trustpilot score of 3.4/5 stars and its Google score of 4/5 stars are both impressive. Purple lags somewhat in its BBB ratings, with an A+ from the BBB itself but only 1.8/5 stars from customers. Between the three review platforms, Purple has been rated by customers over 380 times.

Purple Company Highlights

  • Model Name(s): The Purple Power Base. 
  • Related Companies: The Purple Power Base is made by the brand Reverie. 
  • Bundle: If you buy a mattress at the same time, you can get 20% off of your Purple Power Base. Other discounts may apply to some accessory purchases, too.

A Full Explanation of Our Metrics

Product Variety and Specifications

Each senior’s budget, design preferences, and amount of available bedroom space is unique, so companies that offer good product variety will be the most helpful to the greatest number of people. We looked at the degree of customer choice that was provided in each company’s adjustable bed line, factoring in the most vital specifications and the practicality of certain design elements. This metric accounted for 25% of each brand’s overall score.

  • Number of Adjustable Bed Models: Does this company have more than one model of adjustable beds? Having a choice of models makes it easier to find the price point and features that fit your needs. 
  • Number of Bed Sizes Offered: Is there a full range of bed sizes available to accommodate varying room sizes? Is the same range of sizes available for all bed models that the company has, or do some models have limited size options?
  • Adjustable Bed Leg Height: How many inches of storage space are available under the bed? Are the bed’s legs adjustable to accommodate different preferences? 
  • Wall-Hugging Design: Are any of these companies’ beds designed with wall-hugging technology (also called “wall-sliding”). While not strictly necessary, this design choice keeps the head of the bed the same distance from the wall no matter what position the bed has been adjusted to. It makes reaching bedside tables easier.

Features and Settings

Many bed makers put great effort into providing high-tech features. Special hardware and remote settings make using adjustable beds easier, safer, and more relaxing than ever before. Hardly any two companies offer exactly the same set of features. This metric is 25% of each company’s final score. 

  • Child Lock: It’s possible for children (and pets) to be critically injured by misuse or accidental activation of the bed’s controls. Does this bed have a safety feature that will lock the remote buttons? Some remotes have a dedicated lock button, and others can be locked and unlocked by pressing a series of buttons.  
  • Massage: Does at least one of this company’s adjustable bed models have a massage feature? The complexity of massage features varies but can include timers, varying intensity settings, and multiple massage “zones”.  
  • Factory Presets: Many companies program their beds to have preset positions that can be obtained through the press of a single button. Popular presets include zero gravity (head and feet both elevated for pressure relief), anti-snore, TV, and lounge (reading) positions. How many of these presets does the company offer?
  • Memory Settings: Many companies also include at least one “memory button” that can be programmed to save a custom position. How many custom settings can be saved on each bed? 
  • USB Ports: Does this company have at least one bed with convenient USB ports built into its sides? Most people, including seniors, now have at least one electronic device that charges via a USB cord, so built-in USB ports have become popular.
  • Convenience Lighting: Do this company’s bed remotes include flashlights or backlit buttons to aid in middle of the night bed adjustments? Do any of its beds have under-bed lighting that can be turned on to make getting out of bed in the dark safer or to help seniors find things that fall under the bed? Are there any other strategically placed lights, such as small lights on the USB ports?
  • “Smart” Settings: Does this bed have any advanced features such as the ability to be controlled via an app, the ability to connect with smart home devices, or the ability to make automatic adjustments in response to snoring?

Bed Costs

Adjustable beds frequently cost $1,000+, and they frequently need to be purchased along with a new mattress, unless the senior happens to already have a compatible mattress. When making such large purchases, seniors need to be able to compare costs among companies with ease. Since cost is often such a deciding factor in major purchases, we have made this metric 25% of each company’s score.  

  • Adjustable Bed Costs: What is the range of costs that this company’s adjustable beds are sold for? The lower end of the range reflects the price of the smallest bed from the most basic model, and the higher end reflects the cost of the largest bed from the most fully-featured model. Keep in mind that many brands have just one model.
  • Shipping and White Glove Costs: How much might you need to pay for shipping or for help with bed setup, in addition to the cost of the bed? We found that all companies we reviewed provided free standard shipping and that prices for white glove services varied considerably.
  • Payments Plans: Does this company offer any payment plan options for those who would like to buy on credit? Payment plans in this industry are commonly offered by Affirm, Klarna, Split-It, Catapult, and Sezzel. Some companies offer their own store credit, and some do not offer any payment plan options.
  • Discounts: Does this company offer discounts year-round to any particular group of customers? Examples of groups that companies offer discounts to include medical professionals, frontline workers, educators and students, military members/veterans, truckers, and seniors. Most had a special discount for at least one of these groups.

Customer Service

Picking a company that’s supportive of its customers’ needs is vital when purchasing an item that includes high-tech components and moving parts.  Each company’s customer service style and typical method of connecting with customers accounted for 15% of its score. 

  • Shipping and White Glove Options: Does this company ship to all 50 states, or does it only ship to the contingent USA (all states but Alaska and Hawaii)? Does this company offer white glove delivery? If so, does that service have geographical limits?
  • Trial Period Availability: Does this company offer a trial period during which its adjustable beds can be returned free of charge or for a small fee? Note that many companies offer trial periods for mattresses, but adjustable beds are often excluded from the trial period.
  • Warranty Length: How long are adjustable bed warranties? Warranties on the market range from about 3-25+ years. Occasionally lifetime warranties are available. Note that all adjustable bed warranties include many limitations and exclusions.
  • Connecting Via Phone: How easy is it to get in touch with this company via phone if you have a question or need support for a malfunctioning product? How many hours per week are company phone lines open?
  • Connecting Via Chat: Does this company’s website have a convenient online chat box that you can use to quickly type questions and get responses from a sales agent? Does the chat box require you to give your email address, or can you speak without providing that personal information?
  • Connecting In-Person: Does this company have its own brick-and-mortar stores and/or do popular chain stores sell its beds? If it has stores, are they widespread or are they limited to small regions?

Reputation and Reliability

Making a large purchase is easier if you feel you know and trust the company you’re buying from. Most of the companies we reviewed are not “household names,” but we were able to dig into the basics of their company history, manufacturing practices, and online reputation. Reputation and Reliability counts for 10% of each brand’s score. 

  • Year Founded: What year was this company founded? Does it have a good amount of industry experience? Since companies in this industry frequently merge, a few founding dates were somewhat ambiguous. When dealing with mergers and/or subsidiaries, we used common sense to choose the date of the company most directly tied to the marketing of the adjustable beds in question.
  • Origin: Is this company headquartered in America, or is its headquarters and/or ownership and financial interests overseas? Does this company say that its adjustable beds are made in the USA? Many American consumers prefer to support businesses that create jobs in the country.
  • BBB Profile: Does this company have a profile on the Better Business Bureau that is well rated by customers and the BBB itself? Customers can post complaints and give the company a 1-5 star rating. The BBB gives companies a letter grade based on how the company handles customer complaints.
  • Google Profile: Does this company’s corporate headquarters have a Google Business profile that is favorably rated by customers? Google ratings can be posted by anyone, and they use a 1-5 star rating scale.
  • Trustpilot Profile: Does this company have a favorably rated profile on Trustpilot? On Trustpilot, anyone can post a review and companies can also reach out to past customers to ask them to post a review. A 1-5 star scale is also used here.

How to Find the Most Affordable Adjustable Bed

Of the brands we reviewed, adjustable bed prices can range from around $700-$4,000. Other brands may charge even more in some cases. A few may charge less for extremely basic models. If you need to keep your purchase on the lower end of the price spectrum, the tips below will help you stick to your budget.

Buy Only What You Need

It can be tempting to spring for the biggest and best, but if adjustability is the most important feature to you, then you may be able to compromise on some other factors to get a better price. 

Use a Mattress You Already Have
Adjustable bed bases are compatible with most mattresses that are made of flexible materials such as memory foam. If you already have such a mattress and it’s not too old, there’s no reason to buy another mattress at the time of your bed frame purchase. Just check with the company’s website or sales staff to ensure that the mattress is truly compatible, and make sure your sizing choice is correct.

Consider a Smaller Size
If you sleep alone and you find that you do need to get a new mattress and bed, consider sizing down from your current mattress size. You may find you can save quite a bit by going from a king to a queen, a queen to a full, or even smaller. Extra-long twin (twin XL) sizes are always the most affordable and will work just fine for a single senior. Some couples may be able to size down to a queen to save money as well, but keep in mind that queen beds do not have split options. Being able to adjust the sides of a bed independently is important to some couples.

Consider a Basic Model
Even if you opt for a new mattress and a fairly large bed, you may be able to save money by considering a simple model. Consider your own sleep needs when you do this. If you feel you won’t use smart features, massage settings, or included lights, then a model with a very basic design may suit you just as well as the most advanced option on the market would. There’s no use paying for features you won’t even miss. Compare bed models carefully across several brands to determine which models have the lowest cost, too. You may find that some low-cost options still have a few great features that you really like, such as USB plugs and child safety locks.

Look Into Discounts

The mattress and bed frame market is competitive, so it’s rare to see a brand that’s not offering some kind of special sale. The array of deals on the market can be confusing, so compare several brands until you find a deal that makes sense to you. Beware that some advertised deals are more hype than actual savings, and know that most brands will not let you “stack” multiple discounts.

Common Discounts Include: 

  • Bundles: Buying a mattress along with an adjustable bed frequently qualifies as a bundle. Savings on bundles can be modest- such as $100-$200 off the combined prices- but occasionally bundled discounts will be steep. We have seen 30%-40%+ off on some bundles.
  • Holidays: If you’re not in a hurry to buy, it may be wise to see what deals are offered for the next major holiday on the calendar. Sometimes holidays will have flash sales with great deals.
  • Occupational Discounts: Many companies offer discounts to anyone who can verify they are (or sometimes were) a military member, educator, student, government worker, frontline worker, or healthcare worker. Companies use a variety of websites to check credentials. Even if you yourself don’t fit one of these categories, you may be able to have a relative who does help you place an order.
  • Email List: If all else fails, sometimes you can get a discount code by signing up to receive promotional emails from a company. Discounts could be as significant as 30% off. Be extremely cautious about this option, as it’s often very difficult to disenroll from all emails later. Some companies are relentless in the number of messages they will send.

Prioritize Companies Offering a Free Trial Period

If you’re very concerned about the financial risk of buying an adjustable bed online, you may want to limit yourself to companies that offer trial periods on their adjustable bases. Having the ability to return the bed if you don’t like how it works will make the purchase feel much safer. About half of the companies we looked at offered trial periods on adjustable beds. Some were as short as 30 days, while others were 100 days or more. When buying, make sure to read about the difference between a company’s mattress return policy and its adjustable bed return policy. They are usually not the same. If buying a mattress and bed together, make sure you are clear on both trials’ details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do some adjustable beds have wall-hugging or wall-sliding features?
  • Why are some adjustable beds not made by the company that sells them?
  • Will an adjustable bed help me to stop snoring?
  • What is zero gravity?
  • Are adjustable beds easy to get in and out of?
  • Are adjustable beds safe?

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