Page Reviewed / Updated – March 22, 2023

Program Description

The state of Vermont currently offers two different pharmaceutical assistance programs: Healthy Vermonters and VPharm. VPharm requires participating seniors to be enrolled in Medicare Part D and charges a monthly premium. Benefits include help with Part D premiums and discounted prescription co-pays.

Healthy Vermonters offers discounted prescription medications and charges no monthly premium. 

Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible for these programs, seniors must meet the following criteria:

Healthy Vermonters
  • Be a Vermont resident. There is no length of residency clause.
  • Have no prescription insurance coverage or have maxed out their coverage benefit for the year.
  • Have an annual income of less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level if enrolled in Medicare Part D. In 2023, this is no greater than $58,320 if unmarried, widowed or otherwise single, and $78,864 if married or a two-person household.

    For those who are not enrolled in Medicare Part D, the income limit is 350% of the FPL. In 2023, this means an individual can have an annual income up to $51,030, and up to $69,006 for married couples.

  • Be a Vermont resident. There is no length of residency clause.
  • Be a minimum of 65 years old or disabled.
  • Must have Medicare Part D.
  • Have an annual income of less than 225% of the Federal Poverty Level. In 2023, this is less than $32,808 if single, and $44,376 if married.

Benefits and Services


VPharm helps pay for Medicare Part D plan premiums and prescription co-pays. Remember, there is a monthly premium for VPharm. As of 2023, there are three levels of coverage, which is determined by income.

Coverage Group

Monthly Premium

Individual Annual Income Limit

Couple Annual Income Limit

VPharm 1




VPharm 2




VPharm 3




Healthy Vermonters

Healthy Vermonters offers discounted prescriptions without monthly premiums.

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How to Apply / Learn More

These programs are administered by the Agency of Human Services, Department of Vermont Health Access. To apply or learn more, visit their website or call 800-250-8427.

One can also obtain an application here.

The state of Illinois has two programs designed to provide financial assistance to the elderly to help them purchase their prescription drugs.  Rx Basic is for individuals without Medicare insurance and the Rx Plus is designed for those on Medicare.

Rx Plus is known as a Medicare wraparound program which means the benefits wrap around those benefits provided by a Medicare Part D plan.  When making a prescription purchase, Medicare Part D is the first payer and then this program contributes towards those costs the Part D plan does not cover.