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Cost of Assisted Living in Houston, Texas

Page Reviewed / Updated - January 21, 2020

This guide provides information on the costs of senior care in the city of Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. Here you will also find information about available state resources, as well as local non-profit programs to help pay for the costs of assisted living in Houston. Read our guide to paying for senior care in Texas for a broader explanation of available programs in the state.

The Cost of Senior Living and Care in Houston

In Houston, senior care costs slightly more than the state average. The cost of day services for elders is over $500 a month in Houston, but home care and assisted living only cost $100 more than the state average. According to the Genworth 2018 Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost of nursing home care is considerably less affordable, at over $1,200 more a month than assisted living.

How much does Assisted Living Cost in Houston?

In Houston, assisted living costs an average of $3,863 a month, which is close to the state average. Other large cities like Dallas and Austin cost much more on average, at $4,350 and $5,190 a month, respectively. Costs vary widely across Texas, with the lowest averages occurring in Texarkana at $2,265 and El Paso at $2,250. In most areas around Houston, assisted living costs are within $500 of the state average.  

How much does Home Care Cost in Houston?

Compared to other cities in the area, Houston falls on the higher end of the price range for home care in Texas, averaging at over $200 more expensive than the state average. Texarkana is the most affordable city near Houston for home care costs at $3,222 monthly, followed by Beaumont at only $3,432 a month.

The state average cost for homemaker services is the same as a home health aide. However, in Houston, the home-health aide is paid $1 more an hour on average. In cities like Killeen, Corpus Christi, and Sherman, the home-health aides can cost several more dollars an hour than a homemaker.

How much does Adult Day Care Cost in Houston?

Adult day health care costs vary greatly across Texas, from $693 in Corpus Christi to $1,408 a month on average in Dallas and Austin. Houston costs much more than the rest of the state, at an average of $1,300 a month. The state average is $758, and several cities near Houston offer adult day care programs in that price range, such as Texarkana, Beaumont, and San Antonio.

How much does Nursing Home Costs in Houston?

Nursing home care is about $1,000 more a month on average than other types of care in Texas. In more populated areas like Houston, which averages $5,095 a month for nursing home care, the costs are $1,000 or more a month more than other areas. Cities like Tyler and Texarkana are around $700 a month less for nursing home care than in Houston.

Usually, nursing home costs are more than assisted living. However, in San Angelo, nursing home care is $4,365 a month on average, which is $85 less than assisted living. In Odesa, nursing home care is only $79 more a month on average than assisted living.

Financial Assistance Programs in Houston

Houston STAR+PLUS Medicaid Waiver Program

The Medicaid waiver for seniors in Texas, called STAR+PLUS, helps low-income adults over age 65 with the costs of senior care by paying for medical services through the provider of their choice. This program’s managed care organizations (MCO) depend on the area in which you’re located – in Houston, the MCOs are United and Cigna-Health Springs.

These programs have some differences, like approved doctors and value-added programs. The state provides a chart to compare plans for those who qualify for Medicaid. Molina joins these plans in providing the STAR+PLUS program to those who are eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare, and there are charts to compare the plans available to those with dual-eligibility.

Medicaid in Texas is an entitlement program, meaning that anyone who qualifies based on age and income will qualify for medical services. Texas Medicaid does not currently provide guaranteed medical coverage for low-income adults without children. To qualify for Medicaid services for elders in Texas, one must:

  • Be age 65 and older, or disabled

  • Have income no greater than $2,250 in 2018 for single adults or $4,500 for a couple

  • Own assets of no more than $2,000 for single adults or $3,000 for a couple

  • Not currently be receiving a Medicaid waiver or frail elderly services

Houston is in the public health region 6/5 South, and the Medicaid office for this region is located at 5425 Polk St, Suite J, Houston, Texas, 77023. You can reach the Harris County Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-213-8471 to apply for medical assistance programs.

Medicaid Buy-In Program

For adults over than 65 that work but need help paying for medical services, there is a Medicaid Buy-In Program. Participants in this program make monthly payments to receive regular Medicaid services like health care and access to waiver programs.

To qualify for this program, monthly income is limited to $2,453 a month, but there are differences in countable income; the first $1,471 of earned income is disregarded, and unearned income is counted only after the first $733.  There is also a countable asset cap of $2,000. To apply for the Medicaid Buy-In program, call 1-877-541-7905.

Other Financial Assistance Programs

Community Care for Aged and Disabled (CCAD)

The Community Care for the Aged and Disabled program provides personal care services for those not living in a nursing home, as well as assistance paying for licensed assisted living facilities. Medicaid income limits apply; individuals may not earn more than $2,250 a month. Applicants may not hold more than $5,000 in liquid assets, or $6,000 for a couple.

Community First Choice (CFC)

The Community First Choice program provides habilitation and personal care services for individuals who require an institutional level of care but choose to remain in their homes. This is a Medicaid entitlement program and so anyone who qualifies for medical services for elders will be able to access this program. Individuals may be enrolled in the STAR+PLUS waiver program and also receive CFC services.

Community Attendant Services (CAS)

For adults aged 60 and over or disabled, there is financial assistance available in paying for personal care services while living at home. The Community Attendant Services program is available to residents who meet age and income requirements for Medicaid, SSI, or other government assistance programs. Applicants must be able to verify their citizenship to qualify.

To apply for any of the Medicaid waivers call the Harris County Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-213-8471.

More Senior Living Resources in Houston



Phone Number


Christian Community Service Center

3230 Mercer, Houston, TX 77027

(713) 871-9741

This organization provides referrals and emergency utility, medical, and food assistance to low-income residents of Houston.

Magnolia Estates

101 Normandy Rd., Houston, TX 77015

(713) 455-3333

Magnolia Estates is subsidized housing in NE Houston with a range of services for those over the age of 55, including a golf course and a salon.

Cornerstone Village

14522 Cornerstone Village Drive, Houston, TX 77014

(281) 580-8004

Cornerstone Village provides 156 HUD subsidized apartments to seniors age 62 and older. There is a waiting list, but they are accepting applications online.

Creekbend Gardens

8106 Creekbend Drive, Houston, TX 77071

(713) 272-7717

Creekbend Garden provides 80 subsidized apartments to qualified seniors over age 62. There are elevators, laundry rooms, and you can bring your pets if you pay an additional security deposit.

Northvale Village

14422 Cornerstone Village Drive, Houston, TX 77014

(281) 880-6144

Northvale Village has subsidized housing for adults over age 62. The rent requirement for subsidized senior apartments is 30% of the resident’s income.

Sagetree Terrace

15505 Bammel N Houston, Houston, TX 77014

(281) 440-7000

This property provides subsidized housing to adults over 62 through HUD. Sagetree Terrace will open soon and is currently accepting applications online.

Evening Star Villa

11800 South Glen Dr, Houston, TX 77099

(281) 498-7758

Evening star villa is a low-income seniors apartment complex and a national church residency. They offer activities, a library, have elevators, and central air conditioning.

Primrose at Heritage Park

10335 N. Houston Rd., Houston, TX 77086

(832) 249-6290

This senior apartment complex is for those aged 55 and older. There are income requirements and possibly a waiting list.

Cypress Wood Estates

15331 Kuykendahl, Houston, TX 77090

(281) 580-5333

The complex has 88 one and two-bedroom units, a pool, and many other amenities, including a playground for the grandkids. It is Houston’s first “green” building and has won many awards. Applicants must be low income and 55 or older.

Houston Heights Towers

330 W 19th Street, Houston, TX 77008

(713) 862-8058

For seniors aged 62 and older with low-income, Houston Heights Towers offers apartments, planned activities, exercise classes, and more.

Villas at Winkler

8625 Winkler, Houston, Texas 77017

(713) 910-7774

Villas at Winkler is a Houston-funded public housing project. The Villas provides 234 apartments to low-income seniors over age 55.

2100 Memorial

2100 Memorial, Houston, Texas 77007

(713) 587-5000

This is a high-rise public housing apartment for seniors with 196 apartments. This property features a pool, a fitness center, theatre, library, games room, and dining facilities.

Bellerive Apartments

7225 Bellerive, Houston, Texas 77036

(713) 789-5000

The Bellerive complex has 210 apartments for low-income elders in Houston. The complex features a nurse-call system and security cameras. It is close to shopping and provides bi-weekly trips.

Lyerly Apartments

75 Lyerly Street, Houston, TX 77022

(713) 694-6681

Lyerly apartments in north Houston provide low-income seniors with one and two bedroom units. There are scheduled activities, and games.

Telephone Road

6000 Telephone Rd, Houston, TX 77087

(713) 645-2131

Telephone Road apartments is a public housing complex for seniors with 200 rooms. Each room is equipped with a nurse-call system.

Independence Heights

109 E. Whitney St., Houston, TX 77022

(713) 699-2846

Managed by the Non-profit Housing Corporation of Greater Houston, this is a complex for very low-income seniors. Residents must be age 62 or older. This house does not provide personal care.

Heights House

1950 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX 77008

(713) 880-1441

For low-income elders age 62 or more, Heights House provides activities, exercise, clubs, and a library. Personal care services are not provided.

Fulton Gardens

3724 Fulton St., Houston, TX 77009

(713) 526-9470

The original Fulton Gardens is for very low-income seniors over age 62. This complex offers an exercise room, computer lab, gated community, coin-op laundry, and scheduled activities.

Fulton Gardens II

3808 Fulton St., Houston, TX 77009

(713) 526-9470

Fulton Gardens II features a gated community, coin-op laundry, and scheduled activities. There are no personal care services provided. Eligible residents are very low-income and 62 or older.