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The Texas Medicaid Day Activity and Health Services (DAHS) Program provides adult day care services on weekdays during daytime hours to eligible Texas residents, up to 10 hours per day. Services, such as personal care, snacks, congregate meals, and social activities, are provided at licensed centers throughout the state.

The objective is to allow participants who would otherwise require full-time nursing home care to receive care during normal business hours. This allows them to continue living at home or in the community with their primary caregivers on nights and weekends. This also allows family caregivers to continue to work during day time hours.

Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible for the DAHS Program, administered by the Health and Human Services Commission, Texas residents must be at least 18 years of age and have a medical diagnosis that requires nursing home level of care. Although the age requirement is low for an elderly care program, this program is open to aged Texas residents, i.e. individuals 65 and over. Applicants must be willing to receive care in adult day centers instead of in skilled nursing homes.

In addition to the medical eligibility requirements, DAHS applicants must be financially qualified to obtain Medicaid. This is a complicated process that considers income and resources. In 2022, the monthly individual income limit is $841 and the countable asset limit is $2,000.

While Texas does not have a Medically Needy Medicaid program, persons whose finances exceed the limits can still likely qualify for Medicaid. However, they will need to retain the services of a Medicaid planning professional, such as an elder law attorney or other financial planner to do so. Learn more about this option.

It is also possible to qualify for DAHS through Community Care Services Eligibility. In that case, an individual must have income under $2,523 / month.

Benefits and Services

Adult day care providers participating in the DAHS Program must provide assistance in the areas listed below. Participants can receive care 5 days per week, up to 10 hours per day, dependent on need.

  • Assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (such as meals, grooming, and toileting)
  • Medication Administration
  • Nursing Services
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
  • Social Activities
  • Transportation – (This is an optional service. It is not required that it be provided.)

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How to Apply / Learn More

The Day Activity and Health Services program is offered throughout Texas. One can apply for the DAHS Program by contacting their local Area Agency on Aging or by applying online. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission offers some additional information about the program on their webpage, including the current directory of all participating daytime care facilities throughout the state.

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