Page Reviewed / Updated – November 16, 2010

Definition: Community Living Grants

Community Living Grants are not individual grants provided directly to families. Instead this is a federal grant program that provides funding to the states for the development of programs that assist individuals who are not eligible for Medicaid and potentially require nursing home level care.  The goal of the program is to help families care for their loved ones at home instead of having them placed in skilled nursing facilities.

There is much confusion regarding this program partly due to the variety of names by which it is referred and because of similarly named local programs. One may hear Community Living Grants referred to as:

  • Community Living Program
  • Community Living Program Grants
  • CLP Grants
  • Nursing Home Diversion Programs
  • Nursing Home Diversion Modernization Grants Program
  • NHD Programs

Generating further confusion is the fact that there is also a program with a similar name designed for specifically for veterans called the Community Living Program – Veterans Directed HCBS.


While individuals do not receive direct financial assistance from these grants, the state programs that have been developed based on this grant money do directly assist families.   Individual state programs are discussed in detail in greater detail on this website.  A state by state list of assistance programs is available here.

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States Receiving Grants

There have been 3 rounds of grants provided to 28 states.