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Medical Alert & Other Technology to Lower Home Care Costs & Increase Safety

Page Reviewed / Updated - October 01, 2019

Technology can enable elderly or disabled persons to remain living at home and function with greater independence reducing their need for costly in-home care. At the same time, loved ones and emergency responders can receive instant alerts when something outside the normal range of activities has occurred.

Today’s Medical Alert devices and related services far exceed the “fall monitors” of past years. The features and number of service providers have grown exponentially. Costs, as well, vary dramatically. To receive quote as well as discuss if a PERS service is right for your family, complete this short form.

The feature set of modern Medical Alert services (formally called Personal Emergency Response Services or PERS) include the following:

  • Automated fall detection instantly determines if your loved one has fallen and immediately sends text messages to any phone numbers the family chooses
  • Medication usage is tracked and any missed doses generates a smart-phone alert
  • Opening of outside-facing and garage doors are monitored to prevent wandering
  • Sensors determine if a stove or oven has been left on
  • Periods of prolonged inactivity can also be set to trigger alerts

Additionally, family members can check for activity within the home anytime without disturbing the occupants simply by using a smart-phone app. This increased awareness of your loved one’s activities can reduce anxiety as well as reduce the need for expensive in-home care.

 To learn more about how these technologies work, determine if they are appropriate for your family and learn pricing and payment options, complete this short form.