Page Reviewed / Updated – August 06, 2010

Program Description

The Oklahoma Respite Resource Network (ORRN) provides vouchers to pay for respite care for caregivers that provide ongoing care for a loved one. Respite care, or relief from caregiving for the primary caregiver, can be provided in the home, in a day care center, or even overnight or for several nights in a residential care facility. This program does not put restrictions on what the caregiver can do with their time off from caregiving. The Voucher Program is managed by the Oklahoma Areawide Services Information System, more commonly referred to as OASIS.

Eligibility Guidelines

OK’s Respite Voucher bases its eligibility requirements on the needs of both the caregiver and the care recipient.

Care recipients must require assistance with their activities of daily living and they must be receiving full-time care from an unpaid caregiver. Their relation to their caregiver is not considered a relevant factor in determining eligibility.

Caregivers must be Oklahoma residents and, in 2015, must have an annual household income of less than $60,000.

Beneficiaries cannot also be receiving services under the OK Advantage Waiver

Benefits and Services

Respite care can be provided at home or in locations outside the home, such as adult day care centers. There are no restrictions as to how the caregiver being relieved can use their time. Typically, respite is provided in 4-hour blocks of time although longer, shorter, and even overnight respite care is not uncommon. 

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How to Apply / Learn More

Respite Vouchers are available to residents statewide. This program does not have geographic restrictions. To learn more one can visit the OASIS Respite Voucher webpage, call their toll-free number at 1-888-771-4550 or contact the DDS Area Office to begin an application.