Page Reviewed / Updated – August 06, 2010

As of April 2014, this program has been changed to Healthy Michigan Plan.    It is no longer relevant to elderly state residents seeking financial assistance for long term care.   We continue to maintain this page so that readers are aware that this option no longer exists.

Program Description

The Adult Medical Program (AMP) is also referred to as the Adult Benefits Waiver (ABW) or sometimes the County Health Plan.  It is a Michigan state program for low income residents which provides basic medical care.  Note that this program provides very little in terms of long-term care. Instead, it is focused on pharmacy and basic care services.

Eligibility Guidelines

The Adult Medical Program has strict eligibility requirements.  Generally speaking, Michigan residents must be 65 years or older, childless, blind or disabled, and meet specific income and resource limitations.

Income eligibility levels vary depending upon one’s living arrangements however the general eligibility threshold is 35% of the federal poverty level or, in 2013, less than $4,021 / year.  One’s cash assets must be valued at less than $3,000.

Note that if one is eligible for Medical Assistance or other Michigan Department of Health Services Medicaid program, then one cannot be eligible for the Adult Medical Program.

Benefits and Services

The Adult Medical Program provides for basic medical care and pharmacy services.  It does not pay for long term care or inpatient services.  There are no costs to apply or to enroll in the program.

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How to Apply / Learn More

This Adult Medical Program is administered by the Michigan Department of Human Services.  To apply or to learn more about this program, visit their website.