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Waiver Description

This Louisiana Medicaid waiver is designed to provide an alternative to nursing home care by allowing the elderly and physically disabled to receive care services in their homes or in the community in place of a nursing home. This type of program is sometimes referred to as a nursing home diversion program and it is generally preferred by both participants and state officials, though for different reasons. Waiver participants prefer to receive care services in environments with which they are familiar and comfortable. State officials know that it is less expensive to care for elderly and disabled persons at home by leveraging family caregivers instead of paying staff for full-time supervision in a Medicaid-dunded nursing home.

Eligibility Guidelines

Waiver applicants are subjected to age, financial and functional restrictions to qualify for EDA assistance.

Functional Ability and Age – persons 65 are older are eligible provided they require the level of assistance offered in nursing home. Persons aged 21 and over are eligible provided they are certified as disabled by the Social Security Administration.

Income and Assets Requirements – EDA Waiver applicants must meet the Louisiana Medicaid Limits. For 2013, monthly income for a single person cannot exceed $2,130 and their total countable assets cannot be valued over $2,000.

These limits are less restrictive for married couples if only one spouse is applying. In this split-spouse situation, the non-applicant spouse can have up to $115,920 in assets. In addition, joint income can be shifted to the non-applicant which has the duel benefit of lowering the applicant’s income and providing an increased living allowance for the non-applicant.

If one does not meet these limits and still cannot afford their cost of care, they should find assistance qualifying for Medicaid.

Benefits and Services

Each applicant is approved for specific benefits following a needs assessment. This waiver covers the following:

  • Adult Day Health Care
  • Companion Services
  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptations (Home and Vehicle Modifications)
  • Personal Emergency Response System
  • Support Coordination
  • Transition Intensive Support Coordination
  • Transition Services


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How to Apply / Learn More

This waiver is available statewide in all Louisiana counties. There is a Request for Services Registry (RFSR) meaning it is currently over-subscribed and persons are being put on a waiting list to receive services. To inquire about the waiting list and to apply, call the Long Term Care Helpline at 1-877-456-1146.

Please refer to the Community Choices Waiver instead.