Page Reviewed / Updated – June 18, 2022

Program Description

HoosierRx is Indiana’s state pharmaceutical assistance program. It provides financial assistance to help seniors pay their Medicare Part D premiums, which provides for prescription drug coverage. It also helps persons who have a Medicare Advantage plan cover the cost of the prescription drug portion of coverage.

This program is specifically designed for low-income Indiana residents. It is hoped that by providing financial assistance for premiums to enable seniors to get basic medications, seniors will not experience more complicated medical conditions, and therefore, overall medical costs will be kept in check.

A number of companies are currently working with HoosierRx. These companies include SilverScript, CIGNA, Indiana University Health Plans (with Part D coverage), AARP/United HealthCare, WellCare, and EnvisionRx.

Eligibility Guidelines

To be eligible for HoosierRx, seniors must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Indiana resident. There is no minimum length of residency requirement.
  • Be aged 65 or older
  • Be enrolled or enroll in a Medicare Part D plan
  • Have an annual income, in 2022, no greater than $20,625 if single or $27,705 if married.
  • Have applied for Medicare Extra Help via the Social Security Administration and received either a notice of denial or award.

Individuals who are enrolled in full Medicaid are ineligible for HoosierRx. 

Benefits and Services

HoosierRX offers premium assistance for Medicare Part D, or the prescription drug coverage portion of Medicare Advantage, of up to $70 per month. There are no costs to enroll in this program. Please note that the program does not provide direct assistance for prescriptions.

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How to Apply / Learn More

State residents can learn more about the HoosierRx Program by visiting the Indiana Family and Social Services webpage or calling their toll free number at (866) 267-4679.  One can also apply for the program by downloading an application. Candidates should be aware that, if they have not already done so, they are required to apply for Medicare Extra Help prior to being accepted into HoosierRx.  It may take as many as six weeks to process new applications. 

The state of Illinois has two programs designed to provide financial assistance to the elderly to help them purchase their prescription drugs. Rx Basic is for individuals without Medicare insurance and the Rx Plus is designed for those on Medicare.

Rx Plus is known as a Medicare wraparound program which means the benefits wrap around those benefits provided by a Medicare Part D plan. When making a prescription purchase, Medicare Part D is the first payer and then this program contributes towards those costs the Part D plan does not cover.

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  • Search over 400 Programs