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Colorado Adult Foster Care (AFC) Program

Page Reviewed / Updated - July 18, 2020

*To the best of our knowledge, we believe that the Colorado Foster Care Program is no longer in existence. Upon reaching out to state officials, no one was aware of such a program. This page is maintained strictly for historical purposes.

Program Description

The state of Colorado provides financial assistance to help disabled adults and seniors avoid nursing home placement by aiding with the cost of adult foster care. This type of care, which may be referred to as Elderly Care Group Homes, is very similar to assisted living, but is provided in smaller homes in a less structured, family type environment. This program is targeted towards low income, elderly persons who are residents of Colorado. Services provided in the adult foster homes include 24-hour supervision, meals, personal care, and medication oversight.

Did You Know?  Many seniors prefer the home-like environment with socialization that adult foster care provides instead of remaining in their own home alone for extended periods of time.

Eligibility Guidelines

Functional Need:
In order to be eligible for the Adult Foster Care program, applicants must require 24-hour non-medical supervision. Candidates that require full-time, nursing home level care may have needs that exceed the capabilities of most adult foster care homes. Persons with mild to moderate dementia may be eligible, but families should recognize that their loved one’s progressive condition might soon require them to move.

Financial Criteria:
This program also relies on the eligibility requirements of other state assistance programs. Individuals 60 and older must either be receiving the Colorado Old Age Pension (OAP) or those under the age of 60 must qualify for Supplementary Security Income (SSI). The program’s requirements are largely financial in nature. As of 2019, single applicants are permitted a monthly income of $771 for those on SSI and $809 for those on OAP. The value of one's countable resources cannot exceed $2,000. Married applicants may have assets up to $3,000.

Applicants who are enrolled in the Home and Community Based Services Waiver or the Home Care Allowance are not eligible for the Adult Foster Care program. 

Benefits and Services

The Adult Foster Care Program pays for room and board as well as a variety of care and support services provided in foster care homes. These include:

  • Meal services
  • Transportation assistance
  • Personal care – assistance with activities of daily living, such as dressing oneself, using the bathroom, eating, and bathing
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Medication administrative oversight
  • 24-hr general supervision
  • Recreational activities

How to Apply / Learn More

To apply for assistance from the Adult Foster Care Program, interested parties should contact their local County Department of Human Services.  Make note, this program may not be available in all counties.

Re-application on an annual basis is necessary to continue to receive benefits from this program. It is required to make certain the participant's financial situation has not changed in such a way as to make them ineligible.