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Walk-in tubs are offered by several major retailers that use local partners for installation services. Seniors may want an opportunity to see how easily they can get into and out of tubs before deciding which one to buy, making a local supplier a solid choice for shopping. Costco stocks several walk-in tubs designed to work in different homes, each with a variety of features. Access Tubs is the exclusive supplier for these bath tubs at Costco. These tubs are not available through other retailers and often have affordable pricing compared to other manufacturers.

This guide will review the walk-in tubs available at Costco and explain features of each one.

1. Access Tubs: Walk-In Jetted Tub

The Walk-In Jetted Tub is a straightforward option for adding a soaking tub with whirlpool massage jets and a maintenance heater to keep the water warm longer. Installation is fairly straightforward, although it may require the services of an electrician to add a dedicated circuit to run functions, such as heating and the power drain.

With the power drain, this tub empties in one minute or less, making it easy for multiple people to enjoy a bath one after the other. The 68-gallon capacity offers a deep soak, although it might need an upgraded water heater to ensure a full tub. The drain can be installed on either the right or left side to accommodate different bathroom layouts.The solid brass, four-piece Roman faucet fills the tub quickly, once a senior is seated inside. The seat height meets ADA-compliant guidelines to minimize the difficulty of getting in and out of the tub. The door swings inward and seals tightly, reducing the risk of leaks. With a lifetime warranty on the seals for the original owner, the price of $2,699.99 is affordable for this fully-featured tub.

2. Access Tubs: Walk-In Air Hydro Jetted Massage Tub

Many walk-in tub manufacturers charge a premium for combo jets, often adding significant additional charges. For example, Ariel’s Dual Combo therapy system costs an average of $920 more, according to a recent comparison by Paying for Senior Care. The combo system for this Access Tubs version is included at an all-in price of $3,699.99, although installation is not included. Some of the tub features include:

  • Outward opening door
  • Air and bubble jet system with 22 independently controlled jets
  • Low-entry step
  • Freestanding installation
  • Compact design
  • 53-gallon capacity compatible with most water heaters
  • Total dimensions 38″ D x 38″ H x 32″ W

Intuitive controls are within easy reach for seniors who want to turn the massage functions up, down or off.

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3. Access Tubs: Walk-In Dual System Tub

With the Walk-In Dual System Tub, you get 12 adjustable hydrotherapy jets and an additional 26 bubble massage air injectors. This is the only tub from Costco that also includes aromatherapy and chromotherapy to create a full spa experience in a home bath. The wide-opening door makes it easy to get into and out of the tub, and the seated height is ADA-compliant.Two size options allow seniors to find a tub that fits well into an existing bathroom space, with one that has a 68-gallon capacity and a wider option that fills up to 70-gallons. Prices range from $2,799.99 to $2,899.99 depending on the size.