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A walk-in tub can reduce slips and falls as compared to a traditional tub and make recovering from injuries and helping a loved one easier. While numerous walk-in tub options exist and some may drive up the cost of installation if they require modifications, such as larger pipes or a wall surround, the average cost for walk-in tub installation is between $700 and $3,000. This guide offers an insight into what factors play a role in the cost of a walk-in tub installation.

The Type of Walk-in Tub Installed

A key factor in the cost of a walk-in tub is the style and type selected. Standard models, while lacking in any added features, are some of the most affordable walk-in bathtubs available. They offer a simple swinging door that allows a person to step into it. Standard walk-in tubs can be as little as $1,500 for basic designs but up to $5,000 for more elaborate options (this doesn’t include the cost of labor).

A tub and shower combo, which allows a person to stand up to shower as well as sit down, typically costs $2,500 or more. Larger models, such as those that have two seats within them, start at around $3,500, which can be ideal for those who need one-on-one help while showering or those who want two people to bathe together.

Advanced features can also add to the cost. Hydrotherapy water jet walk-in tubs include numerous pressure settings on the water jets. That allows for adjusting to get just the right level of pressure for a massage. Another option is a whirlpool air jet style, which uses air instead of water jets that help to create a massaging feel. These style models tend to cost at around $5,000.Bariatric-style walk-in tubs are wider to accommodate those with more enhanced mobility concerns and those who are unable to use a standard tub size. The costs for bariatric-style tubs start at around $5,000 but can extend up to $8,000, depending on their size and features.

The Cost to Install a Walk-in Tub

Once the tub is purchased, the installation is added on as an additional cost. A significant range in costs applies here based on the amount of work necessary to install necessary plumbing, reconfigure bathroom spaces and upgrade electrical fixtures. In some cases, costs are significantly lower because few changes are necessary. Standard installation costs start at just under $1,000. More advanced installations, such as those requiring electrical or plumbing upgrades, will cost between $1,500 and $3,000 in labor.

Plumbing upgrades can significantly increase overall costs. Installing a new walk-in tub into a bathroom, for example, that does not replace an existing standard tub may increase costs by $4,000 to $6,000. This may include the installation of new water lines and drainage. The use of a tankless heater instead of connecting to a water heater could influence costs as well.New electrical installations can also increase expenses. In areas where no electricity is present, running new lines is necessary. Most walk-in tubs require a dedicated circuit of 15 amps. Most building codes will also require a GFCI grounding. This helps to minimize risks when electrical lines get wet. Electricians should be the only ones providing these installations and can cost, on average, $65 on up per hour.

Additional Cost Factors for Walk-in Tubs

Some people may need to make additional investments when installing a walk-in tub. For example, tiling the surround around the tub and enhancing the walk-in tub with a neck rest or footrest and shelving can all drive up costs of installation.

Special types of walk-in tubs, such as a curbless shower unit designed to improve accessibility for all by having no lip on the floor, therefore, removing barriers for those in a wheelchair or with limited mobility can impact the cost of installation. The largest fluctuation in installation costs may be seen if the layout of the bathroom, flooring or ceiling needs to be changed to accommodate the walk-in tub.

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Costs Associated with Name Brands

As with other types of products, the cost of walk-in tubs plus installation varies by manufacturer. Some brands like Universal and Homeward Bath offer various sizes of walk-in tubs, including doors of several sizes, which can incur higher costs as compared to a brand like American Standard that may not offer these features. Other companies, such as Safety Tub, offer specialized products designed for tight spaces. It’s worth it to do your research to find out which companies are known to offer the most affordable walk-in tub installation fees.

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