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Seniors who prefer to age in place and remain in their own homes often need to install a walk-in tub in their bathrooms. A standard walk-in tub is a good way to reduce the chance of falls and can provide added comfort and space. Most walk-in tubs are built with anti-slip surfaces, support bars, and seating to help seniors and those with mobility issues move around within the tub more easily.

Seniors who receive personal care at home, including assistance with daily tasks, such as bathing, can benefit from the convenience of a hand shower, as well as in-tub seating. A hand shower makes it easier for seniors to clean hard to reach spots and for many, leaves them feeling cleaner than bathing or sponge-baths.

The information that follows covers some of the best walk-in tubs with showers, as well as what seniors should consider when shopping for a new walk-in tub for their home.

The 3 Best Walk-In Tubs With Showers


Ariel’s model 3054 is an affordable walk-in tub option that provides a safe bathing experience for seniors. Its warranty is limited to one-year without labor; however, at a base price of $2,002.00, this model is a top choice for the best walk-in tub with a shower. Its safety features include a built-in grab bar and anti-slip flooring, as well as an ADA compliant shower seat. Customers can choose to upgrade their tub to include air or dual jets, which can promote relaxation and pain relief. Additionally, the Ariel 3054’s shower seat, combined with a handheld shower wand, makes it easy for seniors to bathe comfortably and safely.


AmeriGlide’s walk-in tubs are available in several size options and come with a broad range of standard features, including an inward swinging door, two grab bars, a shower riser, and a curtain. Customers can upgrade their tub to include additional features, such as hydrotherapy jets, as well as an auto-drain feature and single- or dual-end panels. AmeriGlide’s warranty covers 25 years on the door seal, as well as two years on the tub itself and its individual parts. Labor is included in the warranty for the first year.

These tubs make showering accessible to seniors and those with mobility issues or health conditions. They include a handheld shower wand and are spacious enough to accommodate movement within the tub, as well as caregiver assistance for those who need it.

Freedom Bathtubs

Freedom Bathtubs is another affordable option for seniors who want to add a walk-in tub with a shower to their homes. These tubs come with a 10-year warranty on parts, as well as a five-year warranty on pumps and motors and a lifetime warranty on the door seal. Customers can upgrade their tub to include whirlpool, air or combination jets, as well as heated seating. While jet therapy helps bathers relax and can reduce pain and inflammation, heated seating is a good way to achieve these results while showering.

An ADA-compliant seat and handheld shower wand are standard in Freedom’s walk-in bathtubs. This, along with anti-slip flooring and built-in grab bars makes showering more accessible for seniors who are unable to climb in and out of a standard tub or stand for extended periods of time in a standard walk-in shower.

Who Should Purchase a Walk-In Tub With a Shower?

For many seniors, a walk-in tub is a necessity if they choose to continue living at home. Those who’ve experienced falls in the shower or while getting into or out of the tub, as well as those who experience issues with balance, should consider installing a walk-in tub in their home. While all walk-in tubs can be beneficial to seniors with reduced mobility, the addition of a shower, as well as a shower seat, helps reduce the risk of falls while making it easier for caregivers to provide bathing assistance.

In addition to providing seniors with a safer, more convenient bathing option, there are other benefits to installing a walk-in tub with a shower in the home. Most notably is the opportunity to use the tub for hydrotherapy, which many doctors and other health care practitioners recommend for those with sleep concerns, chronic pain, stress or anxiety.

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How to Find a Walk-In Tub With a Shower

When purchasing a walk-in tub with a shower, there are many important things for seniors and their caregivers to consider. Of course, the base cost, warranties, and built-in features are among the most important considerations to make; however, there are several other important things to think about before choosing a walk-in tub.

First and foremost, seniors should determine the cost of installation, which typically starts at $1,000. In some cases, a plumber may be required to assist with installation, which can add to the installation cost. Additionally, when factoring in the costs associated with a walk-in tub, seniors should keep the size of the tub in mind, as water costs may increase with larger tubs.

When seeking a walk-in tub with a shower, seniors with limited mobility should also look at the length and flexibility of the shower hose to ensure it meets their needs. They may also want to look for shower wands with additional features, such as pulsing or massaging jets built-in, which can promote relaxation and soothe tense muscles.

Regardless of the specific features seniors are looking for in a walk-in tub with a shower, the brands mentioned above offer high-quality options at an affordable cost.

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