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Many seniors struggle with stepping in and out of a standard bathtub. Slippery surfaces and a lack of supports can make a standard tub downright dangerous for seniors with mobility issues or other health conditions. Walk-in tubs offer a safer alternative to standard tubs. They come equipped with support bars, secure seating and anti-slip surfaces that make it easier for seniors to move around safely inside the tub.

Many of these tubs also have the option of adding jets, also known as a hydrotherapy system. Jetted tubs can provide seniors with a broad range of health benefits. Hydrotherapy is known to help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as lower heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure. It’s also useful in improving the quality of sleep, reducing chronic pain and increasing blood flow to major muscles, which may help with tension and mobility issues.

In this article, we cover the specific features of some of the best walk-in tubs with jets.

The 3 Best Walk-In Tubs With Jets

Hydro Dimensions

Hydro Dimensions is an excellent brand to consider for those looking for an affordable walk-in tub option. The company’s products are available from dealers across the country and include important safety features that seniors commonly search for when purchasing a walk-in tub, including an anti-slip floor and grab bars. The company’s warranty includes lifetime coverage on the most vital components of the tub, including the shell and door seal.

Hydro Dimensions offers one of the most comprehensive option menus out there. Its line of walk-in tubs offers several jet therapy options, including:

  • Hydro Massage
  • Air Massage
  • Dual Massage
  • Duel Jetted Air Massage/Massage Therapy
  • PureBubbles

This means that seniors can choose the jet options they enjoy most or that offer the best health benefits to suit their needs. While hydro massage and air massage offer gentle relaxation, seniors who are looking for something stronger might want to consider dual massage, or dual jetted air massage/massage therapy, which comes with extra jets. Hydro Dimensions allows customers to customize jet placement for an additional fee.


With a base price that’s well below many of its competitors, Arial is another truly affordable choice in the world of walk-in tubs. The company doesn’t offer nearly as much as Hydro Dimensions when it comes to add-ons and warranty coverage, but where it does stand out is its safety and accessibility features, as well as its cost transparency. Ariel is known for being upfront about how much upgrades cost, what the total cost includes and how its warranty, which covers parts only for the first year, works.

When it comes to jets, Ariel keeps it simple. Customers who want to upgrade their walk-in tub can choose between air jets and dual jets, and each option comes at an affordable price. In addition to jets, Ariel walk-in tubs include grab rails, anti-slip surfaces and ADA compliant seating.


While Spirit walk-in tubs tend to be priced a bit higher than Hydro Dimensions and Ariel tubs, the company’s warranty, as well as the features and options that are commonly available in its tubs, make it a contender for one of the best brands of walk-in tubs with jets. Spirit offers a full lifetime warranty that includes labor, as well as safety features, such as grab bars and an anti-slip floor. Customers can choose from a variety of upgrades that include a shower riser, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and a heated seat and back.

Jet upgrades are reasonably priced on Spirit walk-in tubs and include the following options:

  • Air jets
  • Whirlpool
  • Dual jets
  • Microbubbles

With so many options, seniors can easily find a tub that includes features specifically geared towards relaxation and sleep enhancement or choose from options, such as dual jets, that provide a deeper, more therapeutic massage action to help with aches, chronic pain and mobility issues.

Why Purchase a Walk-In Tub With Jets

A walk-in tub, with or without jets, is an important addition to the home for seniors who have issues stepping in or out of the bathtub, as well as those who require additional space and supports to safely bathe. A walk-in tub helps to minimize the risk of falls and provides more space for seniors to move comfortably within the tub.

The addition of jets turns a basic walk-in bathtub into a therapeutic tool. Doctors often tout the benefits of hydrotherapy in treating a broad range of health conditions and other issues. Jetted tubs promote relaxation on a physiological level, often slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow to major muscles throughout the body. The benefits of these effects include enhanced sleep, stress relief and a reduction in stiffness and chronic pain. Seniors who suffer from arthritis, injuries and mobility issues, as well as those with sleep disorders, stress or anxiety can benefit from installing a walk-in tub with jets in their home.

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How to Find a Walk-In Tub With Jets

There are several important things seniors should consider before purchasing a walk-in tub with jets. These considerations include the cost, the safety features and the warranty offered by the manufacturer. It’s important that seniors also take time to conduct due diligence on the tubs they’re considering before settling on a model. This includes checking the manufacturer’s reviews and reading the fine print regarding installation costs and warranty inclusions.

Seniors can expect to pay a minimum starting cost of about $2,000 for any walk-in tub; however, some walk-in tubs may have a base-cost that’s in excess of $5,000. Most manufacturers consider jets an upgrade, which may cost as little as $200 or as much as $1,000 or more, depending on the type of jets and whether or not jet placement is customized.

Warranties can vary quite a bit between manufacturers, as well. It’s important to ask how long warranties last, as well as what’s covered. While some warranties are all-inclusive, others may only cover parts and in many cases, labor isn’t part of the deal.

The manufacturers mentioned above provide quality walk-in tubs with the option of adding jets. These tubs are available at a variety of costs, and some offer additional features that can further promote seniors’ well-being and relaxation. Seniors who are considering installing a walk-in tub with jets in their homes should be thorough in their search and find a walk-in tub that includes the features they need, as well as the type of jets that work best for them.

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