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For those with temporary or permanent mobility challenges, walk-in tub and shower combinations can be valuable amenities. Making it easy to bathe and shower while avoiding the dangers that can come with climbing over a bathtub ledge, walk-in tubs add extra security and stability to a necessary daily routine.

Numerous models of walk-in tub and shower combos are available on the market, each with its own features and functions, allowing seniors and others with mobility challenges to prioritize preferred amenities. Many walk-in tubs contain handheld shower attachments. While beneficial for those who want to shower without standing, a true walk-in tub and shower combo requires a wall-mounted showerhead similar to a traditional shower.

This guide is intended to help seniors and their loved ones who may be in the market for a walk-in tub and shower combo to navigate the options available. It also provides information about the benefits of each option and the costs involved.

The 2 Best Walk-In Tub and Shower Combos


AmeriGlide’s accessible shower and tub products are true walk-in tub and shower combos that offer a fully accessible bathtub and shower setup. Both the small and medium combos provide access to shelving and a showerhead, making it possible for those who desire both showering and bathing to do so safely and easily. Pricing starts at $4,455 and goes up to $4,895 without adding on any special features.

Safety is a priority for AmeriGlide, and all combos include grab bars, overflow drains and adjustable leveling feet. The seat is built-in, so users can fully sit during bathing for stability. The shower and tub space is enclosed in the back and on both sides. For those who prefer additional features to enhance comfort, both sizes of walk-in tub and shower combo offered by AmeriGlide can be upgraded to include both water and air jet options.

AmeriGlide built-in tub and shower combinations require walls on all three sides and do not accommodate a traditional bathtub space. In addition to the purchase price and any installation costs, homeowners may need to retrofit bathroom areas to accommodate the size of a tub-shower combo.

Freedom Bathtubs

Freedom Bathtubs is a leader in accessibility in bath products, and the line of bathtub and shower combo products is no different. However, what Freedom Bathtubs has to offer is more of a hybrid product, in which users can benefit from a standard-sized bathtub space with the inclusion of a shower door. While the showerhead is not built-in, the glass shower door is designed to accommodate easy showering in an accessible way.

Unlike other walk-in tubs, the Freedom Bathtub shower model is styled more like a standard bathtub and comes with a bamboo bathtub bench, as opposed to the traditional built-in seat. Models are available with doors on both the left and right, as well as the option for a heated shell and air jets for optimal comfort.

Due to the lack of actual showerhead, the Freedom Bathtubs shower door model is far more affordable than other alternatives. This is ideal for those on a fixed income and those who would like to incorporate a walk-in bathtub without expensive bathroom upgrades. Prices for Freedom bathtub products start at $1,638.

Why Choose a Walk-In Tub and Shower Combo?

For those with mobility issues, climbing into a normal bathtub to take a shower or bath can post great risks to health and safety. Even grab bars aren’t always adequate to prevent slips and falls. A walk-in tub offers a door that allows those with mobility challenges to enter a tub without stepping over the side. Many walk-in tubs have a built-in seat, so users can sit comfortably while bathing. This way, users do not have to sit on the floor of a tub and risk an inability to get out without injury.

However, most walk-in tubs limit users to a bath, which isn’t always ideal. For those who wish to shower as well as bathe may find that a walk-in tub and shower combination is a better solution. Walk-in tub and shower combinations are not as common as standard walk-in tubs, as those with mobility issues may unilaterally prefer bathing over showering due to trouble standing for prolonged periods. However, these installations can be valuable for individuals who live with family members who prefer showers or who are in a position to both shower and bathe.

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How to Choose a Walk-In Tub and Shower Combo

Deciding on a walk-in bathtub and shower combination is a personal choice, and this kind of product won’t be right for everyone. These points can make it easier to determine whether a walk-in combo model is the right decision, as well as which model to choose.

  • Cost: Bathtubs in all varieties can be expensive, and walk-in tubs are generally sold at a higher price point at a baseline level than standard tubs. When a shower is added to this, costs continue to increase. The possibility of incremental costs in installation should also be considered. As a walk-in tub is normally a different shape and size than a standard tub, bathroom renovations may be required to accommodate this kind of product. For those on a budget or living on a fixed income, cost may be a significant concern when evaluating options.
  • Features: For some people, a simple tub is enough. For others, additional options, such as water jets, are preferred. Before choosing a product, ensure all features suit bathing and showering needs.
  • Use: Walk-in tubs and showers play different roles in helping to maintain proper hygiene. Those who do not shower often may not require a tub-shower combo and the associated additional costs, especially if a tub with a handheld attachment is available. Further, tubs can be installed under existing showerheads, if desired. However, those who share homes with able-bodied individuals who prefer to shower may find a combination product is an ideal solution.

For people with mobility challenges who like to bathe and shower, a walk-in bathtub and shower combination makes it possible in a safe and low-risk environment. With a little research, it’s possible to find the ideal walk-in tub and shower combo to meet individual needs.For more information about buying a walk-in tub and shower combo, read our article about The Top 8 Most Affordable Walk-in Tub Brands of 2019.

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