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A walk-in tub can provide a safe bathing experience for seniors and those with mobility challenges, allowing for easy entry without climbing up and over the side of a standard tub.While function is a major advantage of a walk-in bathtub, this doesn’t mean fashion shouldn’t also be a point of consideration. Some walk-in tubs are quite stylish, offering an appearance and amenities that go beyond a simple bathing experience. This guide provides a way for seniors and their caregivers to evaluate the most stylish walk-in tubs on the market, as well as information to help them make an informed decision.

The Best Stylish Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of bathing needs. These are four of the best choices for seniors seeking a bathtub that is functional, as well as attractive.


As a brand considered to be one of the gold standards in walk-in bathtubs, AmeriGlide offers something for everyone, regardless of style preference. Products vary greatly, with budget options starting around $2,035 and luxury models reaching $4,675, including shipping.

Those seeking style will love the company’s Sanctuary line, which features extra amenities, such as shelving and a towel rack, as well as extension panels to help tubs fit into the place of a standard bathtub. Seniors can choose standard models, as well as those with air jets, water jets or a combination of both for a relaxing bathing experience. These additional features do come at a cost, but it can be worth it for individuals seeking a little luxury at bath time. The Hydroplus model, for example, includes six adjustable air jets, 15 water jets and an aromatherapy system.

Ariel Bathing

For seniors in the market for a walk-in tub with a sleek, minimalist appearance, Ariel Bathing provides numerous options with many features from which to choose.

Despite coming in several different models, all Ariel Bathing walk-in tubs look the same. Made with fiberglass-backed acrylic completed with a sophisticated white gel coat and featuring a handheld shower attachment with brushed chrome roman faucets, all tubs are styled to look as upscale as possible. Three models in varying sizes and door positions are available:

  • The Soaker, a jet-free model designed for standard bathing
  • The Air, a higher-end model equipped with air jets
  • The Dual, a luxurious alternative with air jets and whirlpool capabilities. Prices start at $2,375.00 and extend to $4,180.00.

American Standard

For those who love variety, American Standard offers an extensive array of products in many different styles. From classic and minimalist to trendy, the hundreds of models produced by American Standard can satisfy any sense of style.

Due to the sheer volume of available options, seniors are able to choose from sleek and modern tubs and patterned models that can complement any existing bathroom decor. American Standard produces many standard soaking tubs for those on a budget or who aren’t interested in additional features, as well as air jet tubs, water jet tubs and combination massage tubs that offer both water jets and whirlpool features. The pricing scale for American Standard products is quite large, due to the extensive array of products, but they generally range between $1,698 to $11,981.

Ella’s Bubbles

Ella’s Bubbles is dedicated to modern, efficient and stylish walk-in tubs for seniors and those living with mobility challenges. With many different classes of products, including inward swing and outward swing doors, laydown tubs, wheelchair-accessible tubs and companion tubs, it’s easy to meet any preference without sacrificing a fashionable design.

Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tubs are designed for maximum comfort, featuring amenities like foot massaging jets, heated seats, folding trays to hold beverages or accessories and dual drain technology for a quicker bathing experience. The unique opaque glass doors offer a futuristic look unavailable from any other brand. Many tub types are equipped with the Infusion Microbubble Therapy or Therapeutic Air Micro Jet System, offering a luxurious way to enjoy a bath. Pricing is quite variable due to the number of models, ranging from around $4,000 to $9,000, depending on the model and vendor.

Why Style Matters

A bathtub is a functional part of a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish. Many people spend thousands of dollars outfitting their bathrooms, remodeling them to look modern and attractive without sacrificing function. Purchasing a stylish walk-in tub means the ability to preserve your personal aesthetic preferences while still creating an accessible environment.

Walk-in tubs are available in styles that can suit any taste, from simple models to those offering a futuristic vibe. What kind of tub you choose will ultimately come down to a combination of your style preferences and the features you need to make bathing in a walk-in tub as enjoyable as possible.

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How to Choose a Walk-In Tub Based on Style

When making any large purchase, weighing all of the factors that can influence buying decisions is critical.

  • Appearance: Style is all about appearance, so what a tub looks like is the most important element to consider when evaluating brands and products. What looks stylish to one person may not be attractive to another, so much of the assessment of appearance will be very personal.
  • Features: Features can actually play a part in the overall style. For example, a handheld shower attachment or faucets can affect what a walk-in tub looks like. To some shoppers, however, some of the vital features of a tub, such as whirlpool capabilities, can slightly outweigh the appearance of a tub, based on personal preference.
  • Budget: While your budget isn’t directly tied to style itself, it can limit the kind of tub available to you for purchase. For those on a fixed income, the budget should always be a part of the consideration process to ensure all needs are met without causing unnecessary financial hardship.

A walk-in tub can be a vital bathroom upgrade for those who no longer feel comfortable climbing over the ledge of a tub to shower or bathe. With a door on the side, as well as an included seat for an easy and comfortable bathing experience, walk-in tubs can serve a valuable purpose. For those who value both function and aesthetics, purchasing a tub that is both stylish and useful can be a top priority. By evaluating the attractiveness of each model and keeping other factors, such as features and budget in mind, it’s possible to find the best stylish walk-in tub for you.

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