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What Is a Prescription Delivery Service?

Prescription delivery services provide busy or home-bound patients with cost-effective methods to purchase and receive high blood pressure medications at home. Utilizing medication management processes that check for potential negative interactions and automated distribution tools to accurately label types and quantities, these services help hypertensive patients maintain a consistent and safe medication regimen. Customer assistance, translation and specialty services for patients with disabilities are available 24 hours a day from licensed pharmacists and representatives to provide consultations on blood pressure medications.

Many patient insurance plans employ pharmacy benefit managers who negotiate lower prescription drug costs with pharmaceutical companies for patients. Maintenance medications, including blood pressure drugs, are good candidates for home delivery so patients should consult with their physician and insurance provider for eligibility and costs.

Here are a few items to consider including types of services and costs, along with legalities and health benefits.

Which Prescription Delivery Service Is Best for Blood Pressure Medications?

There are several options available for home delivery of blood pressure medications. Patients should select the service that best meets their needs and aligns with the medication therapy plan developed by their physician and insurance provider.

  • Neighborhood pharmacies may offer home delivery services to their customers. For patients who are more comfortable dealing with their local pharmacy, this option can also provide more diverse delivery times from a few hours to a few days. Your local pharmacy can provide additional information on whether they provide this service.
  • Mail-order services are provided through prescription benefit plans within their network. Choosing a mail-order service outside your provider’s network can reduce patient savings and increase out-of-pocket costs. Patients should verify providers and pre-approval requirements, along with any discounts or deductibles they qualify for prior to selecting this service.
  • Online pharmacies are accessed through a website and provide home delivery of prescription medicines. After a patient creates an account and their physician submits the prescription, they can select their medications on the website for processing. Orders generally arrive with two weeks of submission.
  • Point of care pharmaceutical dispensing allows physicians to dispense medication to patients during office visits. This provides greater flexibility to the physician in managing patient care and convenience for the patient. Not all states allow physicians to dispense medications from their office, so patients should check with their doctor to confirm this option is available.

How Home Delivery Services Help Hypertensive Patients Adhere to Medication Therapy Plans

Consistently taking blood pressure medications is key to hypertensive patients maintaining a stable health plan for their life. Prescription delivery services package and label 90-day supplies so patients can identify days and times to take their medicine. Pre-packaged medication helps patients take the prescribed type and quantity, and automated renewals of 90-day quantities help patients maintain a consistent regimen.

Pharmaceutical Care Management Association research found patients who receive medications through home delivery services are nearly 85% more likely to consistently take their medication than patients who pick up prescriptions from a local pharmacy.

How Can Home Delivery Services Reduce Patient Costs for Blood Pressure Medicines?

Patients with controlled hypertension can reduce expenses by requiring fewer doctor visits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Medication delivery services offer lower negotiated drug costs and fewer co-pays for 90-day supplies of high blood pressure drugs. Again, this helps reduce patient out-of-pocket expenses.

For Medicare Part D patients, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires prescription delivery services obtain patient consent before processing renewal orders to ensure patients only receive and pay for needed medications. Individual plan terms vary and patients should confirm their coverages and co-pays for home delivery of medications.

Do Insurance Companies Pay for Prescription Delivery Services?

Senior health plans, including Medicare Part D and Medicaid, have provisions in their prescription benefits coverage for home delivery of blood pressure medications. These services are generally more cost-effective for the patient and the plan payor because the medications are purchased and shipped in bulk. In most cases, home delivery services do not charge patients a shipping fee for standard delivery of their medications. Rush deliveries may incur shipping fees for the patient.

Is It Safe to Order High Blood Pressure Medications From a Home Delivery Service?

The United States Food & Drug Administration allows patients to receive prescription drugs through the mail via Section 503(b) of the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act.Patients should confirm the home delivery service requires a prescription from a licensed physician and the blood pressure medication is labeled and dispensed per their prescription. Also, ensure they employ licensed pharmacists and have a U.S.-based phone number and physical address. The FDA’s BeSafeRx website can help verify the service is a U.S. licensed pharmacy. Report unusual experiences to the Food & Drug Administration on their MedWatch portal for unusual side effects with medication or this FDA portal for suspicious online pharmacies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Prescription Delivery Services

How difficult is it to change to a home delivery service?

The process to change from a local pharmacy to a home delivery service is not complicated. Online pharmacies require a personal online account and a prescription from a licensed physician to enroll. Mail-order service applications can be completed at a local pharmacy when new prescriptions are filled. The local pharmacy usually handles the first two to three refills to ensure there are no negative reactions to the medication. Patients should check with their plan administrator for approval to use a home delivery service.

What high blood pressure medications are approved for home delivery services?

All classes of blood pressure medications are available for home delivery, from ACE inhibitors and beta blockers to diuretics and vasodilators. Patients should consult with their physician and insurance provider for specific medications.

What is the risk of purchasing blood pressure drugs from an unlicensed pharmacy?

Purchasing medication from an unlicensed online pharmacy can be dangerous, since they are not required to meet minimum U.S. safety requirements. Unregulated sites can dispense medication without the right mix of active ingredients, which can be too weak, too strong or harmful when taken.

When would a patient not want to use a prescription delivery service?

Medications for short-term use or immediate medication needs may not be feasible for a home delivery service. These services primarily distribute medications in 90-day supplies and are better fits for patients with long-term prescriptions.

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