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Seniors — and anyone with health issues that make living alone risky — appreciate and depend on medical alert systems as a way to remain independent and able to stay in their homes. Using daily living patterns that are even more consistent later in life, the Tempo Medical Alert system provides a technologically advanced option for senior care.

Driven by the need to take care of his parents, the founder of CarePredict, Satish Movva, wanted a way to provide better care options for seniors and in turn, improve their quality of life. The company was founded in 2013 and has since designed and manufactured the Tempo Medical Alert system. Using innovative technology, the device is equipped with a sensor that records the user’s daily schedule of activities. When the system detects a significant change in their schedule, it sends a message to a family member or friend who can then contact their loved one by email, by text or through the mobile phone app.

This medical alert product from CarePredict is different from others in that it uses high-tech operations to pioneer new ways to keep seniors safe in their own homes. Read this guide about the Tempo Medical Alert system to learn about the technology, uses, cost and pros and cons to determine if this is the right system for you.

What Does the Tempo Medical Alert System Offer?

Medical alert systems offer help once an emergency occurs and a call is made or a signal is sent to a response center. For some seniors, time is precious and minutes could mean the difference between a minor health need and a serious health emergency. When long-time technology expert Satish Movva founded CarePredict, his goal was to design and manufacture machine-learning capable wearables to predict when medical care is needed and summon help before a dangerous situation occurs.

The Tempo Medical Alert system uses artificial intelligence, AI, to track a senior’s daily activities through the use of a smartwatch and sensors located throughout their home. Sensors monitor patterns and rhythms and learn the user’s normal routine. If a senior sleeps late and skips breakfast, a message is sent to their caretaker, family member or friend. Once the system gathers enough data, the AI can even sense when a senior isn’t spending time in the kitchen, possibly indicating they aren’t eating.

Standard two-way communication is part of the system package by use of a communication hub, and caregivers or family place the four sensors included throughout the senior’s home. The sensors monitor movements and times to create patterns and rhythms, and this information is sent to the cloud through the communication hub. The app from CarePredict collects the data and shows activity and trends to an unlimited number of family members, caregivers or authorized friends.

Using the data gathered, the CarePredict app offers information such as event reports for any deviation from a typical daily schedule, a map showing where the user is and 2D floor plans and layouts on the screen that when touched, will show where the user is at that time. App subscribers can track outdoor activities, when the user is cooking, when they’re bathing or if they’re sleeping. This proactive medical alert system helps all the people concerned with the senior’s care, interpret changes or warning signs that something may be wrong. In turn, this allows for more timely care.

Main Components

Tempo Wearable Sensor Context Beacons Communication Hub
Component Comes with a black fabric band and can be replaced with any 22mm watch or wrist band Room sensors placed in main rooms to provide the device with the home layout and user patterns Two-way communication
Wireless Enabled? Yes Yes Yes
Battery Life Rechargeable N/A Plug into an electrical outlet
Fall Detection Yes N/A N/A
Water-Resistant? No No No

Tempo Medical Alert System Plans and Pricing

Tempo Medical Alert System
Included Components In-home medical alert wristband with a sensor, two rechargeable batteries, a charging device, 4 sensors and a communication hub
One Time Equipment Cost $449.49
Monthly Monitoring Fee $69.99, includes caregiver app for iOS or Android devices
Caregiver app 30 days of app access free for new subscribers

Pros and Cons of Tempo Medical Alert Systems

The new technology included with the Tempo Medical Alert system assists in the prevention of medical emergencies by early detection based of the user’s patterns and activity. Below are the pros and cons of this emergent technology.


  • Early detection of medical incidents or problems
  • Unlimited app users
  • The sensor on the wristband has a UV sensor that detects sunlight to track how long the user has been outside
  • The sensor monitors heart rate using a pulse oximeter


  • Higher start-up cost and monthly monitoring cost than most other medical alert systems
  • Not waterproof or water-resistant
  • Seniors are likely to need help setting up the system

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Will the Tempo Medical Alert system be noticeable when it’s learning the user’s daily patterns?

No. The system uses silent sensors and AI to collect data without being intrusive for the user.

What batteries are needed?

The system includes two rechargeable batteries so the senior never has to remove the sensor

What devices can the app be installed on?

The app works on iOS or Android devices such as cellular phones and tablets.

How is the sensor worn?

The sensor is a wrist device and can be worn on the black fabric band included or any other 22mm band allowing elderly adults to choose a style they like.

Where is the Tempo Medical Alert system available?

The Tempo Medical Alert system is available in the United States, Canada and Japan. CarePredict will be making the Tempo Medical Alert system available in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.