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Medical alert systems have helped older seniors remain independent and in their homes, enabling them to call for assistance during an emergency. Not every emergency, however, is an “emergency.” Sometimes a senior only needs help getting something down from a high shelf or moving a heavy item. That is where the RescueTouch medical alert system comes in.

RescueTouch was founded by Virginia Beach EMT Scott Lepper. In 2019 it merged with NurseAlert to become Florida Health Alert and Technology. What makes the RescueTouch medical alert system unique is that five of its six plans offer the user the option of direct contact with family members or friends through the alert device.

What You Should Know

All RescueTouch’s plans operate on AT&T mobile services. Many experts consider mobile a better option for seniors than a landline-based system.

RescueTouch‘s base option, the 9-1-1 Direct plan, is the only one of these six plans that does not connect the user to contact friends and family. Instead, the 9-1-1 Direct plan links the user directly to emergency services. This basic service has one of the lowest base prices of any medical alert system in the industry.

Otherwise, users can choose from two sets of monitor plans: family monitor plans or professional monitor plans. Under the family monitor plans, users can choose up to five friends or family members who they can contact during an emergency or if they need help in a less fraught situation. The professional plans allow the user to directly contact an emergency response center rather than 911 (although that is an option) as well as notifying family and friend members via text alerts that their loved one has requested emergency assistance.

RescueTouch also has two unique features unlike others in the medical alert systems industry:

  • Chit-Chat has a walkie-talkie-like feature that allows RescueTouch users to communicate with another RescueTouch user in their home. This makes it ideal for older couples, siblings or friends who share a residence.
  • Most plans allow family and friends to communicate with RescueTouch users through the user’s device. This is ideal for family members who want to check-in on loved ones or for seniors who may not carry their mobile phone with them at all times.

RescueTouch only has one medical device which is programmed according to the plan chosen by the senior. The device comes in four colors: blue, pink, green and black. It is a small stylish pendant designed to be carried in a pocket of or worn by, the user.

The six RescueTouch plans are:

  • The Family Response Plan, which is monitored by family members and friends. This plan includes voice contact and GPS location.
  • The Family Response with Fall Detection plan, which includes all the above features along with fall detection.
  • The Chit Chat Twin Pack plan, which comes with two RescueTouch devices and includes all the above features including fall detection and the ability for the two devices to communicate with each other.
  • The 9-1-1 Direct plan, which does not include any family contacts, fall detection or GPS location and only calls the local 911 emergency response center.
  • The Whole Shabang! plan allows the user to either contact RescueTouch’s emergency response center or a family member. It includes fall detection, GPS location and the ability for family members to contact the user. When a senior elects to contact an emergency center, the senior’s five contacts receive a text message.
  • The Chitchat Monitored Twin Pack Plan offers everything that is in the Whole Shabang! plan with the added ability for communication between the two RescueTouch devices included in the plan.
Features Family Response Family Response with Fall Detection Chitchat Twin Pack 9-11 Direct The Whole Shabang! Chitchat Monitored Twin Pack
24/7 operator monitored Not available Not available Not available X X X
Family monitored X X X Not available X X
Voice connect X X X X X X
Family text alerts X X X Not available X X
GPS location X X X Not available X X
Family initiated contact X X X Not available X X
Fall detection Not available X X Not available X X
Contacts 5 5 5 1 5 5
Range Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Battery 2.5 days with GPS on, 5 days with GPS off 2.5 days with GPS on, 5 days with GPS off 2.5 days with GPS on, 5 days with GPS off 5 days 2.5 days with GPS on, 5 days with GPS off 2.5 days with GPS on, 5 days with GPS off

RescueTouch Pricing

The RescueTouch 9-1-1 plan is probably the most economical plan in the medical alert industry. RescueTouch, however, does requires the purchase of a device. A single device costs $99, while the Chit Chat Twin Pack costs $178.

There are benefits, however, to buying rather than leasing. The device will always be new and not a refurbished one. It also means seniors do not have to worry about returning the device when they end their plan. Seniors can forget to do this, and many medical alert companies charge fees when devices are not returned in a timely fashion.

Aside from purchasing devices and the plan, there are no extra fees. Plan discounts are offered when paid quarterly or annually. There are no long-term contracts and when ending the RescueTouch plan early, the company reimburses 80% of the remaining fees.

Aside from the discounts offered when paying quarterly or annually, Florida Health Alert and Technology also offers discounts to nurses, the disabled, AARP members, veterans and first responders.

9-1-1 Direct

9-1-1 direct costs $30 when paid monthly, $81 when paid quarterly (save $9) and $288 annually (save $24).

Family Response

This plan cost $35 a month, $96 when paid quarterly (save $9) or $348 annually (save $72).

Family Response with Fall Detection

This plan is $40 a month, $111 when paid quarterly (save $9) or $408 annually (save $72).

Chit Chat Twin Pack

The Twin Pack costs $65 a month, $186 quarterly (save $9) or $708 annually (save $72).

The Whole Shabang!

This uniquely named plan costs $50 a month, $141 quarterly (save $9) or $528 annually (save $72).

Chit Chat Monitored Twin Pack

The monitored twin pack goes for $75 monthly, $216 quarterly (save $9) or $828 yearly (save $72).

RescueTouch Pros and Cons


  • Ability for user to connect directly to a friend or a family member
  • Ability for friend or family contact to speak directly to users through pendant
  • Chit chat feature allows a couple, two siblings or two friends who live together to talk to each other
  • GPS location
  • Waterproof so it is safe for the shower
  • No Long-term contracts or cancellation fees
  • Numerous discounts available


  • Can experience slow response time when calling a RescueTouch monitoring center
  • Volume level on pendant is quite low
  • RescueTouch has expensive initial costs

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RescueTouch FAQ

Is the price of the RescueTouch device included in the monthly service plan cost?

No, each RescueTouch device must be purchased separately. Currently, they cost $99 for a single device and $178 for the Chit Chat Twin Pack.

Do I need to already have a cell phone plan to use RescueTouch?

No, each RescueTouch plan includes a connection to AT&T’s LTE 4G network. Since 5 out of 6 RescueTouch plans allow the user to connect to up to five contacts, it is in many ways like having an extra cell phone.

Is there a trial offer?

There is a 30-day free trial offer. If you are not satisfied with the RescueTouch send it back within the first 30 days to get a complete refund.

Who should use a RescueTouch device?

RescueTouch is a great choice for seniors who may not have extensive healthcare concerns but want to be able to call a family member or friend when needed. It’s also good for seniors who might feel intimidated about calling an emergency response center for a simple concern. The chit chat feature is also good for people who live together and want to know how each other are doing.