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Medical alert systems are designed to bring peace of mind and quick access to emergency assistance at the press of a button. They typically consist of a base station and transmitter that connects the user with a trained dispatcher when activated. The dispatcher communicates with the user and arranges for immediate emergency medical help as needed. Many systems also come with GPS and automatic fall detection capabilities. Seniors and individuals with functional limitations, a history of falls, medication management issues or deficits in hearing, vision or cognition can particularly benefit from such services.

While most medical alert system providers are U.S.-based, Numactive stands out as a Canadian company with an extensive network of partners throughout North America. To offer a full-service medical alert system, the company partners with SecurityOne Alarm Systems, an alarm monitoring service established in 1978. Numactive offers an array of proactive fall solutions and medical alerts with in-house, professionally trained care consultants standing by 24/7.

This guide covers Numactive’s product lineup, pricing and options. It also discusses benefits and potential concerns regarding Numactive devices and services.

What You Should Know About Numactive

Numactive offers two medical alert systems: Alert Home and Alert Sky. Alert Home comes with a base unit, and both options include an alert pendant. The company tests out the systems during setup. Furthermore, Numactive checks each customer’s service daily, unlike many other medical alert providers.

Numactive’s care consultants are available 24/7 for emergency calls. The company monitors every device for low battery signals, AC power failure and communication glitches. If the provider receives a trouble signal, they contact the user and responders to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Care consultants must complete a six-week training course before assisting clients. The course includes training in medical, automotive, fire and flooding scenarios. Numactive’s representatives encourage seniors to call for any emergency, not only medical crises or falls.

Whether limited with mobility or active, seniors can benefit from Numactive’s services. Alert Home enables clients to call for assistance from anywhere in the home. Alert Sky is tailored for older adults who travel and participate in activities away from home often. Check out the benefits and features of each system below.

Benefits and Features of Numactive Products
Alert Home Alert Sky
Type of Unit One-way alert pendant Two-way communication base Two-way communication pendant
Included in Package Base Pendant Lanyard Wristband Rechargeable AA battery backup Pendant Lanyard Belt clip Charger
Operating Requirements AC power Landline phone AC power
Range Base: 500 feet Pendant: 200 feet Unlimited in the United States and Canada where Rogers, CDMA or AT&T cellular coverage is available
Best For Home-bound seniors Independent and mobile seniors
Monthly Fee $34.99 $49.99

Benefits of Alert Home

The Numactive Alert Home system can be ideal protection for individuals with limited mobility. It comes as a landline communication device that uses a standard phone jack. The base features a 500-foot range, and the versatile pendant has a 200-foot range.

  • More economical option
  • Comes with wristband
  • Base range is suitable for many residence settings

Benefits of Alert Sky

The Alert Sky mobile personal emergency response system empowers seniors to live actively and independently with help right within the reach of a lanyard, wristband or belt clip. Users can speak with a specialist who can call loved ones or emergency services, depending on the situation.

  • Mobile sensors to detect falls and trigger two-way communication
  • Functions anywhere cell phone service is available throughout the United States and Canada
  • GPS tracking
  • 72-hour battery life

Pros and Cons of Numactive Medical Alert Systems

When shopping for a medical alert system, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of its devices and services.

Pros of Numactive

  • Monitoring stations in Canada and across the United States
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Fall risk-certified care consultants
  • Free personal consultation
  • Customized monitoring and dispatch commands
  • User health profile provided to paramedics in the event of an emergency
  • Designated contact emergency services
  • Daily system testing
  • Flexible monthly, quarterly and annual pricing plans
  • No additional charge for monitoring equipment
  • Free next-day shipping with quarterly and annual plans
  • Water-resistant pendants

Cons of Numactive

Numactive carries only two products, so its options are limited in comparison to other companies. Although customers don’t have to pay for equipment up front, they’re required to prepay for three months of service in advance. Additionally, pricing data is not readily available; for pricing details, customers must call and leave a phone number for a sales representative to contact them. The company doesn’t offer a hardware protection plan, extra buttons or a lock box either.

  • Limited product offerings
  • Landline phone service required for Alert Home setup
  • Limited plan and pricing information on website
  • Three-month prepayment and activation fee required on most plans to begin service
  • Returning unit within the first two years incurs a prorated activation fee up to $149, except upon the user’s death

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Which Numactive plan is the most economical?

Numactive customers can set up monthly, quarterly and annual payments. Clients who are uncertain if they need long-term service can sign up for a month-to-month plan and cancel with no further obligation. The quarterly plan can save up to $85 per year, and the annual plan can save up to $120 per year.

What if I change my mind after signing up?

Return the unit in brand new condition and in its original packaging within 15 days of receipt for a full refund.

What does fall-risk certification mean?

Numactive trains its care consultants to complete a fall-risk assessment on each client to help prevent falls before they occur. The medical alert provider collaborates with caregivers and health care professionals to pinpoint personal and environmental fall risks to offer recommendations.

Do Numactive Care Centers carry any credentials?

The emergency alarms industry is not regulated, but Numactive is listed with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC). These organizations oversee member companies that meet stringent requirements including an annual audit, background checks and thorough training.

Can the Numactive alert system come with me if I move?

Yes, users can call customer support for guidance on setting up at a new location.