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Monitored medical alert systems are designed to help users enjoy their independence without compromising on their safety. These small, high-tech systems include one or more lightweight, wireless wrist or pendant panic buttons. When a user activates their help button, they’re instantly connected with a 24/7 emergency call center, and the operator will speak with the caller through a two-way speakerphone on the help button or the base unit. Depending on the system, subscriber and situation, the operator will contact the caller’s neighbor, caregiver or a family member, or dispatch fire, ambulance or police services.

MobileHelp Smart is an innovative medical alert system that’s based on the Samsung Gear S3, a rugged smartwatch with an integrated heart rate monitor, GPS and two-way speaker. This guide provides an overview of the MobileHelp Smart watch including costs, features and pros and cons of the device.

What You Should Know

MobileHelp is a medical alert company based in Boca Raton, Florida that offers a variety of in-home and mobile monitored medical alert systems. The company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

MobileHelp’s emergency monitoring services are provided by Rapid Response, a dedicated call response company that’s been in business for over 25 years. Rapid Response maintains two redundant facilities in Syracuse, NY, and Corona, CA, to ensure all calls for assistance are answered promptly. All emergency operators are carefully screened and drug tested, and must either hold at least a 2-year Associates Degree or have served in the military for a minimum of 2 years. Call answer services are provided in English and Spanish, and service is available in over 240 additional languages through a live translation service.

The MobileHelp Smart is a medical alert smartwatch built on Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch platform, although the Smart doesn’t include all of the features on a standard Gear S3. The Smart’s operating system, apps and user interface have been customized to create a discrete, wearable all-in-one medical alert system that works on AT&T’s nationwide 4G network.

MobileHelp Smart includes a microphone and speaker that allows users to have a two-way conversation with the call monitoring center. There’s a GPS transponder that transmits the exact location of the user to the monitoring center, and that location information can be shared with first responders in the event of an emergency.

To call for help, users can either press and hold the”‘help” icon on the home screen, or press the “help/back” button located on the side of the watch. To prevent accidental activation of the help buttons, users need to hold the help buttons for a few seconds. Once the call is completed, the emergency response operator speaks with the caller through the speakerphone on the watch.

In addition to serving as a medical alert device, the MobileHelp Smart includes a number of useful apps, such as a localized weather app, heart rate monitor and activity tracker.

MobileHelp Smart Plans and Pricing

The MobileHelp Smart sells for $349.95, and there’s a monthly monitoring fee of $24.95, which includes unlimited calls to MobileHelp’s monitoring center.


  • Device manufactured by Samsung, an established name in personal electronics and wearable tech
  • Is a modified version of Samsung’s Gear S3 Frontier, a top-rated smartwatch
  • Device has an IP68 rating, making it water- and dust-resistant
  • Rugged scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass face
  • Looks and feels like a regular smartwatch rather than a medical device, which can appeal to users who dislike the idea of carrying a traditional panic button
  • Includes a variety of Samsung Health apps
  • Integrated heart rate monitor and program that records a user’s heart rate over time
  • Powered by Samsung’s Tizen OS, a stable, reliable operating system designed specifically for use on Samsung’s wearable devices
  • Works on AT&T’s nationwide 4G network
  • Integrated GPS location tracking to help improve response times in an emergency
  • U.S.-based call monitoring services
  • Two-way speakerphone allows users to talk with an emergency operator through the watch
  • Localized weather app
  • Activity tracking
  • Bezel-based menu navigation
  • Default home screen includes a prominent “help” button
  • Watch face displays date, time, battery strength and real-time heart rate
  • Adjustable, replaceable strap accommodates a range of wrist sizes
  • Wireless charging dock
  • Users report that the MobileHelp Smart has excellent-quality audio


  • High upfront cost of $349.95
  • No fall detection
  • Device may be too large for users with smaller wrists
  • Low-vision users may have difficulty navigating the on-screen menu options
  • Watch must be removed and recharged every 48 hours or less, depending on usage and signal strength
  • Active users report that the built-in step counter and fitness app quickly depletes the battery
  • MobileHelp doesn’t offer a price guarantee, so the cost of monitoring services can change at any time
  • While the watch is water-resistant, it’s not waterproof and cannot be worn in the shower or other wet environments
  • Purchase price is close to the cost of other smartwatches that offer more features, such as the Apple smartwatch with automatic fall detection
  • No text-to-voice messaging option
  • Device can’t be used to make or receive regular, nonemergency phone calls

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Who should consider using the MobileHelp Smart?

MobileHelp Smart is geared towards anyone who wants the security offered by a traditional monitored medical alert system, but who don’t like the look and feel of medical alert bracelets and pendants.

Because the MobileHelp Smart is a specially designed smartwatch, it may appeal to tech-savvy users who want a device that offers enhanced features that aren’t available with other medical alert systems, such as heart rate monitoring and activity tracking.

Can the MobileHelp Smart be used without signing up for monthly monitoring services?

While anyone can buy and wear a MobileHelp Smart, in order for it to function as a medical alert device, users need to sign up for a monthly monitoring plan with MobileHelp.

Can the MobileHelp Smart send and receive text messages?

No. Although the regular Samsung Gear S3 includes a text messaging feature, this feature isn’t available on the MobileHelp Smart.