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Medical alert systems are simple yet powerful devices that enable users to communicate with family and emergency services. These portable systems help keep seniors safe both in and out of their homes by providing expert assistance at just the click of a button. Our side-by-side comparison of major medical alert service providers is designed to help users easily choose the system with the best features to fit their lifestyle.

In comparing Medical Guardian and Bay Alarm Medical systems, we found that Bay Alarm Medical offers more affordable monthly monitoring prices as well as a unique system specialized for vehicles. On the other hand, Medical Guardian offers a smartwatch, a home security sensor system and a trusted caregiver app. These modern features make Medical Guardian optimal for seniors looking for technological solutions, although Bay Alarm Medical’s affordable prices make it a better choice for users simply seeking basic services.

Medical Guardian vs. Bay Alarm Medical Comparison Table

Category Side By Side Comparison Medical Guardian Bay Alarm Medical

Up-Front Equipment $0 $0
Monthly Monitoring $29.95 – $79.95 +$10/month for optional fall detection monitoring $19.95 – $59.95 +$10/month for optional fall detection monitoring

Activation Fee $0 $0
Contract Month-to-month, quarterly, semi-annual and annual Month-to-month, semi-annual and annual
Optional Monthly Add-On Services Lockboxes – $2 or free for annual users Wall buttons – $2 Fall detection monitoring – $10 Fall detection monitoring – $10 Wall buttons – $3 Device protection – $5 Additional spouse or roommate buttons – $3 Caregiver tracking app – up to $5 depending on plan choice
Water-Resistant Wearable Devices Pendant or wristband Pendant or wristband
Connection Landline or cellular (AT&T network) Landline or cellular (AT&T network)
2-Way Voice Communication Via in-home base or two-way speaker built into Mobile Guardian and Active Guardian devices Via in-home base unit and wearable pendant
Range (From in-home base unit for landline service) Up to 1300′ Up to 1000′
Battery Life Rechargeable batteries in wristband/pendant of Mobile Guardian and Active Guardian units — up to 24-hour battery life in Mobile Guardian and up to 5-day battery life in Active Guardian

32-hour battery backup in Classic Guardian and Family Guardian base unit, 30-hour backup in Home Guardian devices
Up to 3 days of rechargeable battery life in On The Go devices

32-hour battery backup in In The Home base stations, 32-hour backup and 3-day mobile battery with 360° Protection units
Fall Detection Optional monthly add-on with Classic Guardian, Home Guardian, Family Guardian and Active Guardian units Optional monthly add-on with all devices
GPS Locator Included in Mobile Guardian and Active Guardian devices Included in On The Go and On The Road devices
Coverage Away From Home Included in Mobile Guardian and Active Guardian devices Included in On The Go and On The Road devices
24/7 USA Call Center Yes; translators available for languages other than English and Spanish Yes; service in over 140 languages through real-time translation
Hanging and wall-mounted master lockboxes free with annual plans Limitless Icons Collection offers jewelry-style pendants Wall-mounted call buttons with optional voice activation Door and motion sensors and a family and caregiver app with Family Guardian plan Hanging and wall-mounted master lockboxes Extra medical alert buttons Bella Charms, a fashionable cover for wearable call buttons

Medical Guardian Overview

Medical Guardian offers a variety of modern medical alert solutions, including the Freedom Guardian, a smartwatch with GPS capabilities, voice-to-text SMS messaging and a touch screen. This company also offers the Family Guardian, a sensor-based system for the whole home that can be monitored via app by caregivers or trusted family members.

This cutting-edge technology comes at a price, and Medical Guardian has some of the highest monthly monitoring costs in the industry. Base pricing for home units starts at $19.95 per month, like most basic plans, but can go up to $79.95 for motion and door sensors to track daily activity. Mobile system monitoring starts at $39.95 per month, although semi-annual and annual plans can offer savings.


  • A range of modern tech, including voice-activated wall buttons
  • Caregiver apps allow family and friends to check the GPS location of mobile devices or home activity through the Family Guardian system
  • Freedom Guardian offers the full capabilities of a smartwatch
  • All devices are waterproof except for Freedom Guardian smartwatch
  • Discounts for annual and semi-annual payment plans


  • Not all units come with fall detection
  • High monthly monitoring costs
  • Device insurance not available

Bay Alarm Medical Overview

As one of the top-rated medical alert systems in the United States, Bay Alarm Medical offers a variety of devices designed for all ages and activity levels. These include a specialized in-car system with GPS capabilities and automatic crash detection.

Bay Alarm Medical offers some of the most affordable medical care alert systems on the market today. While its basic prices are on par with industry standards, its On The Go device starts at only $24.95, which averages $10 per month cheaper than similar services offered by competitors. For only $39,95 per month, the 360° Protection plan offers monitoring in-home, in the vehicle and on the go.


  • Top-rated across the nation for affordability
  • Unique On The Road system offers GPS monitoring and automatic crash detection
  • Fashionable Bella Charms allow users to customize the appearance of devices
  • Fall detection available on every device
  • Around-the-clock service in over 140 languages through real-time translation


  • Wearable devices are a little larger than competitors
  • No smartwatch or in-home safety and door sensor devices
  • Comparatively high-priced monthly add-ons can add up quickly

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Our Pick

After examining the devices and prices offered by both competitors, it’s apparent that each option has its own strengths. Medical Guardian’s wide range of modern solutions, including smartwatches, caregiver apps and home sensors, make it ideal for active seniors who want to keep in touch with family more easily.

Bay Alarm Medical offers a specially designed car system with automatic crash detection for users who like to travel. It has some of the most affordable prices in the industry, making it a winner for seniors seeking essential medical alert services at a low monthly cost.