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A medical alert system consists of electronic monitoring software and hardware that promptly contacts emergency personnel or caregivers and sends assistance in case of an accident, a fall or medical difficulty. Over the years, LifeStation plans have given many seniors the comfort of knowing help is available any time day or night. Seniors who live alone are especially vulnerable to accidents and falls, and an electronic monitoring system gives them and their families peace of mind knowing they’re being looked after 24/7.

What You Should Know

LifeStation has options for every lifestyle, including monitoring systems for the home only and cellular plans that go with a person when they leave home. There is a range of options available for each senior to select from to customize a plan that meets their particular needs. Having a safety net empowers seniors to live their best lives and continue to be self-sufficient. It’s a boon for caregivers and relatives as well. Adult children of seniors can locate them if necessary, and caregivers can be alerted when an emergency call is made or the monitoring equipment is accidentally disconnected.

Plans and Prices

Safety at Home

A LifeStation medical alert system plan for the home starts as low as $22, and rates are guaranteed to stay the same for the life of the service. Equipment includes a free base station with a speaker that attaches to the home phone or can stand alone with cellular service added. The lightweight call button can be worn on a wrist strap, like a watch, or around the neck as a medallion.

If a senior is unable to get to the phone, they can press the call button for an immediate response. The speaker volume is loud and the reception is clear enough for a senior to listen and respond to a trained LifeStation representative from across the room. The Plus System uses the AT&T cellular network, and no additional phone or cellular plan is required.

LifeStation has partnered with Uber to provide users with easy access to transportation, and seniors can contact a friendly LifeStation representative to arrange for a ride to or from any location. A professional operator will gladly stay on the line until the ride is confirmed. Some medical alert providers charge extra for transportation services, but it’s included in LifeStation plans.

Security Away From Home

Mobile security plans connected to a cellular network begin at $38 per month, protecting seniors at home while also allowing them the freedom to securely shop, socialize and attend appointments. The lightweight mobile monitoring unit weighs only 2.5 ounces, can be worn on a lanyard inside or outside clothing, and gives a voice prompt when the long-lasting battery is low. Just like the at-home watch or medallion, the mobile monitoring pendant is waterproof and can be worn while showering or swimming.

There’s a speaker built into the compact 3-inch unit, and it operates on the same cellular networks as mobile phones. Mobile 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and enhanced GPS tracking work together to pinpoint the location of the wearer, and LifeStation devices use the AT&T network, one of the most reliable networks in the nation.

This advanced location technology is a helpful feature for seniors who get lost and need directions. It also gives loved ones the peace of mind of being able to find a missing senior by sending a text, and seniors who lose a GPS pendant outside of the home can send a quick text to LifeStation to locate it. The software can also be integrated with Amazon Echo, allowing caregivers to ask Alexa to find a loved one.

Plan Choices

Service Type Plans Security Device Signal Range Speaker Waterproof Call Button
Home Landline $22-$37 Medallion/Base 500 Feet Yes Yes
Home Cellular Network $31-$46 Medallion/Base 600 Feet Yes Yes
Mobile System $38-$49 Pendant Unlimited Yes Yes

Plan Service Details

There’s no charge for the equipment needed for the LifeStation medical alert system, and shipping is also free. At a top cost of $49 for the premium service, it’s a good deal for a senior who needs the extra security. The simple system initialization is performed by the user, and helpful operators are always happy to talk seniors through the setup. A long-term contract isn’t required, and month-to-month service can be ended at any time with no penalty. With the 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s no downside to giving LifeStation a try. When you join, there’s also a rate lock guarantee that ensures the cost of service won’t increase.

Equipment Details

Both the call button and the mobile pendant are waterproof and can be worn at all times. In addition to the wearable equipment, the base unit for in-home service features a large emergency button. The 500-foot range of the landline speaker station is large enough to work in an average-sized home or apartment, and the home cellular system adds another 100 feet to the reception range. The mobile 4G LTE pendant with GPS has an unlimited range.

Add-On Features

Fall Detection

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that one in four seniors fall each year, and that falling is the leading cause of injury among seniors. For just $10-$15 a month, the LifeStation fall detection service is available. Using an advanced sensor, the software detects a fall and automatically calls for help. Through the built-in speaker, a senior wearing a fall detection pendant can communicate directly with a trained professional who will assess the situation and send immediate help.

Other Extras

A second call button can be placed on the wall for $3.50 per month, and additional family members or roommates can be added to either type of at-home plan for only $4 each per month. For an extra $3 per month, LifeStation will provide a key lockbox that automatically gives first responders access to the home, and users can also opt for a $5 monthly equipment protection fee to replace damaged equipment with no deductible required. Seniors can customize their plans by choosing only the features they need, and the premium plans have the benefit of including all extra features at a savings of up to $11 per month.

Plan Packages

Add-On Features Home Landline Home Cellular Network Mobile System
With All
Added Services
$49 $57 $51
Premium Plan $37 $46 $49
Package Savings $8 $11 $2

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Pros and Cons

The LifeStation medical alert system isn’t just a safe, affordable and effective way to keep seniors safe. It’s also useful in other situations. Individuals who work in isolated areas can benefit from having immediate access to emergency assistance if needed, and anyone with a chronic medical condition can get emergency help quickly using LifeStation. Below, we’ve listed a few pros and cons to consider when choosing a plan that’s right for your needs.


  • Affordable plans start at $22 per month.
  • There’s no setup fee or connection charge.
  • All equipment is free, including free shipping.
  • U.S. operators are based in New Jersey and Texas.
  • LifeStation offers 24/7 technical help and customer support.
  • Users get a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Service can be canceled at any time without a penalty.


  • Optional add-ons do not include a medication reminder or calendar function.
  • Units require installation by the user although operator assistance is available.
  • The signal range may not be sufficient for large residences.