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Medical alert systems are gaining popularity among older adults, runners, lone workers and people living with disabilities thanks to the added security that comes with having instant access to a 24/7 emergency call monitoring center. These systems include a wearable panic button that’s usually worn as a pendant or on a wrist strap, and there’s now a variety of medical alert smartwatches on the market. These high-tech watches combine all of the features of a full-sized medical alert system into a small, watch-style device that’s discreet and user-friendly.

The Freedom Guardian is a medical alert smartwatch from Medical Guardian, an American medical alert company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. This guide provides a comprehensive look at the Freedom Guardian, including an overview of the features and costs. There’s also a list of the pros and cons of the Freedom Guardian along with answers to the most frequently asked questions about this all-in-one emergency call button.

What You Should Know

Freedom Guardian is an innovative medical alert device that’s designed for active users who want a small discreet panic button that offers a number of value-added services and features. It’s completely self-contained with an integrated cellular SIM card activated on the nationwide AT&T cellular network.

The Freedom Guardian is equipped with a speaker and microphone to enable clear two-way conversations with Medical Guardian emergency operators, as well as the text-to-voice feature. Subscribers can send and receive short audio messages through the Freedom Guardian companion app, available for iOS and Android, to up to four authorized users known as the subscribers’ Care Circle.

There’s also a secure online portal that provides subscribers and up to four authorized family members, friends or caregivers access to the messaging feature and real-time location information for the subscriber. The app can also be used to access account information, monitor calls for assistance and check the battery status of the Freedom Guardian.

Freedom Guardian Watch Plans and Pricing

Unlike many other medical alert devices that are included with the monthly monitoring costs, Freedom Guardian users must purchase the device outright.

The upfront purchase cost for the Freedom Guardian is $99. Medical Guardian offers four subscription emergency call monitoring options for the Freedom Guardian, and all subscriptions include the AT&T cellular service for the device.

Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annual Annual
Cost per day $1.45 $1.45 $1.45 $1.35
Subscription price $44.95 $134.85 $269.70 $494.45
Lockbox +$2.99 per month +$2.99 per month +$2.99 per month Free
Shipping Varies depending on service type and location Varies depending on service type and location Free ground shipping Free ground shipping
Text-to-Speech Messaging +$5 per month +$5 per month +$5 per month +$5 per month

Medical Guardian’s Protection Plan is available on all subscriptions for an additional $6.99 per month. The plan includes unlimited tech support and limited product replacement for devices damaged by normal wear and tear, accidents, power surges and manufacturer defects.

Subscribers can also opt to add Enhanced Emergency Notifications for $2.99 per month. This feature sends real-time text and email notifications to everyone in the subscribers’ Care Circle in the event of an emergency.

All Freedom Guardian plans include access to the Companion mobile app that can be used by subscribers, authorized family members and trusted friends.

Pros and Cons of the Freedom Guardian Watch

While the Freedom Guardian has a number of innovative user-friendly features, this medical alert device isn’t right for everyone. Take a look at the pros and cons of this medical alert watch:

Freedom Guardian Pros

  • Built-in AT&T SIM provides nationwide coverage
  • IP-67 rated (water-resistant and dustproof)
  • Battery lasts for up to 48 hours
  • GPS, Wi-Fi and cell tower triangulation for accuracy
  • Easy to read with a variety of indicators, including time, battery level, local weather apps and a calendar
  • Unlimited messaging between up to 4 emergency contacts
  • US-based call center with English and Spanish-speaking operators and real-time translation available in 240 other languages

Freedom Guardian Cons

  • Up-front purchase price and high monitoring fees compared to other in-home and mobile medical alert systems
  • No automatic fall detection feature
  • While water-resistant, the Freedom Guardian isn’t fully waterproof and should not be submerged in water
  • Watch may be too complex for those with poor dexterity, limited vision, cognitive impairments or who simply aren’t comfortable using a touchscreen device
  • No option to download additional apps and no heart rate monitoring
  • Device won’t work without cellular service, so it may not be reliable in some rural areas or in homes with poor cellular reception
  • Watch battery should last up to 48 hours between charges, but actual battery life may be significantly less in areas without strong cell signal

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Freedom Guardian Watch FAQs

Where’s the help button?

There are two help, or panic, buttons on the Freedom Guardian that instantly connect users with Medical Guardian’s 24/7 call monitoring center.

There is an on-screen emergency/SOS button that users press and hold for three seconds to trigger a call for help. There’s also a red panic button on the side of the watch that’s also activated by pressing it and holding it down for three seconds.

What if a subscriber accidentally activates their help button?

If the button is activated by accident, subscribers simply need to let the Medical Guardian operator know when the operator comes on the line. There’s no charge for false alarms.

What happens if the subscriber can’t speak to the operator?

When a call to the Medical Guardian monitoring center is placed, the operator will begin speaking with the caller through the Freedom Guardian watch. If the caller is unable to respond, the operator will identify the exact location of the caller, dispatch emergency services to that location and send out a notice to everyone on the caller’s Care Circle list.

Can the Freedom Guardian be used to place and receive phone calls?

No. While many smartwatches with integrated cellular SIM cards can function as a stand-alone phone, this feature isn’t available on the Freedom Guardian. The only calls that can be made directly to and from the watch are to the Medical Guardian emergency call monitoring center.