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Seniors and people who live with disabilities have inherent risks when they live alone. One fall could leave them struggling without someone to help them, and that’s why medical alert systems exist. Medical alert systems give these individuals the ability to call for help in the middle of an emergency so they can continue to live independently without putting their safety at risk.

BrickHouse Alert offers a simple, mobile help button and 24/7 medical monitoring system that gives seniors and individuals living with disabilities peace of mind as they maintain as much independence as possible. This product stands out in the crowded medical alert systems marketplace because it offers just one basic system, with one potential upgrade. This makes it easy for seniors and their family members to choose what system to use.

Here’s a closer look at what BrickHouse Alert offers and how it can benefit seniors and their families. It looks at the pricing and plans, as well as the pros and cons of this monitoring system.

BrickHouse Alert: What You Should Know

BrickHouse Alert is a mobile system designed for monitoring on the go. The main component is a compact, lightweight emergency button that seniors can take with them anywhere. The button is connected to the AT&T cellular network, so it works anywhere the cellular network has coverage. This emergency button is on a wearable pendant that has GPS, a speaker and a microphone.

In the event of an emergency, the wearer pushes the help button and can speak directly with a call center operator. The monitoring center has both English and Spanish speakers who are trained in emergency response. During setup, customers can provide the call center with a list of emergency contacts, who they can then contact when the pendant’s wearer has an emergency. The call center can also summon 911 emergency professionals if needed.

With BrickHouse Alert, there’s no base station. This means the user doesn’t have to worry about a range. The pendant contains everything needed to connect to the monitoring center and allow the wearer to speak to emergency responders.

BrickHouse Alert has an optional WanderAlert feature. This feature allows families to set up a virtual geofence around their loved one’s home. Using the built-in GPS, the system alerts the caregiver if the individual leaves that specified area. This can help protect those who are prone to wandering.

BrickHouse Alert gives caregivers access to an online dashboard that indicates things like motion and last-known GPS coordinates. The dashboard is also where the caretaker can monitor and change geofencing boundaries.

BrickHouse Alert
Monitoring Yes
Waterproof It’s fully waterproof and safe for the shower.
Battery The included rechargeable battery holds a charge for five days. Place the device in the charging cradle and plug the cradle into the wall to charge.
Monitoring fees Yes
Fall detection No
GPS Yes. It’s used for optional WanderAlert feature.
Phone requirements None. The system runs on the AT&T cellular network, but the user doesn’t require a cell phone. The system also doesn’t need a landline connection.
Accessories None. Everything is included in the one available package.
Mobile monitoring Yes
Setup DIY setup is simple.

BrickHouse Alert Plans and Pricing

BrickHouse Alert has just one system, but it does offer a few different payment options to help families fit it into their budgets. The system requires a one-time $79.99 purchase fee. For this cost, the user will own the pendant and charging station, and they never need to worry about returning it.

The company offers three payment options, monthly, quarterly or annually. Monthly service plans are $29.99. Quarterly service plans are $89.97 every three months, which doesn’t provide a discount but does offer the convenience of quarterly billing. Users who pay annually save $60 per year by paying $299.88 once a year, which is $24.99 per month. The WanderAlert caretaker monitoring system adds a cost of $5 per month, regardless of the billing frequency.

No matter which payment plan they choose, users never pay activation fees or other hidden charges. This system also doesn’t require a contract. Families can cancel at any time if they find it doesn’t work for their needs.

BrickHouse Monthly Service Plan BrickHouse Quarterly Service Plan BrickHouse Annual Service Plan
Upfront Purchase Cost $79.99 $79.99 $79.99
Service Plan $29.99 a month $89.97 every quarter $299.88 a year
WanderAlert Caretaker Monitoring $5 per month $15 per quarter $60 a year

Pros and Cons of the BrickHouse Alert Medical Alert System


  • The call monitoring is 24/7 with emergency operators who speak Spanish and English.
  • The waterproof pendant can go in the shower or be used when swimming.
  • The system has the ability to offer a list of emergency contacts to the call center to keep caregivers aware when there are emergencies.
  • There’s an option to add WanderAlert for geofencing and alerts if the wearer leaves a specified area.
  • The battery charge lasts up to five days.
  • There’s no need to stay within a certain range of a base station, so the device can be used on the go.
  • The system connects to AT&T cellular networks so no landline is needed, and the device can be mobile to help wearers maintain more independence.
  • There’s a small purchase price for everything needed to start using the BrickHouse Alert system, including the charging cradle and lanyard.
  • One system eliminates the confusion of choosing a monitoring system or package.
  • There are no activation fees or contracts to worry about.


  • Recharging takes five hours and is necessary every five days.
  • There’s no option for wearing the system on the wrist.
  • There’s no fall detection feature.
  • The annual plan is the only option for discounts.
  • Plan pricing can go up after the first 12 months of service.
  • There’s only a short, one-year warranty on the pendant.
  • BrickHouse requires 30 days notice for canceling service, or it’s automatically renewed and billed.

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BrickHouse Alert FAQ

Does the BrickHouse Alert system require a phone?

No, neither a cell phone nor a landline is required for this system. It runs on a cellular network and built-in SIM card, but that coverage is included with the purchase. It does require a good cellular signal in the area where the device will be used, so families should verify this before ordering the system.

How does the WanderAlert geofencing work?

If the wearer struggles with memory conditions, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, or is at risk for wandering away from home for another reason, the caretaker can set up a geofence around the home. If the pendant’s wearer crosses that line, the caretaker is notified. The geofence is easy to set up using an online interface, and BrickHouse Alert offers a quick start guide to help.

How does the wearer call for help using the BrickHouse Alert system?

The BrickHouse Alert system has an emergency SOS button on the pendant. When the person presses this button, the pendant instantly connects them to a call monitoring center where trained emergency response professionals can assess the situation and summon the right help. The emergency response professionals may call 911, summon the caretaker or another emergency contact, or do both.

What happens if the wearer takes off the BrickHouse Alert device?

If the wearer takes off the BrickHouse Alert device, they won’t have monitoring protection. The online dashboard that caregivers can access displays the motion state of the alert pendant. If the device goes immobile for long periods of time unexpectedly, the caregiver can check in to see if the user is still wearing the pendant.