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Medical alert systems provide immediate help for more than just falls. A fire, break-in, flood or any emergency requires a fast, reliable way to call for help to prevent injury or death. If a phone is not close by, a medical alert system allows seniors to reach a representative in seconds. At times, senior men who don’t like to ask for help or wear jewelry may have an aversion to using a medical alert system. They may think it is unnecessary, causes them to feel inadequate or looks silly. However, there are many medical alert systems that have features that may appeal to men and provide reassurance to their family and friends.

Medical alert systems are monitored by a trained representative in a United States-based call center. In-home units allow for instant access to help while at home, in the yard, in the garage or out in a shop. Based on the system’s range, seniors can move about their property knowing they are seconds away from a representative. Mobile units use cellular service so that seniors can travel beyond their home, and if an emergency occurs, the alert system’s built-in GPS provides the location for an EMS to respond.

When deciding on a medical alert system, seniors need to consider several factors to be sure they are comfortable with wearing the system. Seniors and their families need to consider ease of use, reliability, a simple setup or plenty of customizable options for seniors to create a system that fits their lifestyle. For senior men, appearance, technology and size may also be important to ensure use and effectiveness.

The 3 Best Medical Alert Systems For Men

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian aims to provide a life without limits. Its contemporary innovative technology delivers a range of products that meet the most basic at-home needs to systems that include an expansive detection range. Their systems allow the base station to be as far as 1,300 feet away and still receive the activation button signal. Several products include GPS, making Medical Guardian systems some of the most mobile products on the market.

For senior men, the Freedom Guardian emergency alert system offers a discreet and stylish watch that’s comfortable to wear. With a contemporary look and numerous mobile options, this medical alert system is great for men who want a fashionable and reliable product. It works and looks like a smartwatch with options such as SMS text messaging, a calendar and weather with the security of a medical alert system built-in.

The Freedom Guardian includes GPS tracking and Wi-Fi connectivity and when on-the-road it works on cell phone service to allow for nationwide functionality. The companion phone app allows family members or friends to locate their loved ones and send messages back and forth. Two colors are available, black or white, and the system comes with options for monthly monitoring with add-ons such as text-to-speech messaging and reminders and alerts.

The watch costs approximately $98.00 and monthly service plans can be paid by the month at $44.95 a month, quarterly at $134.85 or yearly at $494.45 a year.


LifeFone designed a versatile emergency alert system that allows for in-home service and nationwide mobile service that makes use of cell phone connectivity. Its At-Home & On-the-Go GPS Base System includes a base station and a choice of mobile devices including an unpretentious watch that works well for men. It’s lightweight, is inconspicuous and offers a simple call button, avoiding complicated programming. The watch is equipped with GPS location services, allowing LifeFone emergency call professionals to find a user’s location quickly, send help and inform family members of their loved one’s whereabouts. It’s available in black or white.

The LifeFone system costs approximately $50.00, and the monthly subscription costs $36.95 per month.

Medical Alert

The MobileElite Medical Alert System by Medical Alert is an on-the-go system, enabling nationwide travel with the security of GPS location services and fall detection. This unit includes a simple black watch and comes with an app called Medical Alert Connect. Users can set up profiles for different family members or friends and allow them to track their location with the built-in GPS. The system includes easy start-up instructions and uses a cell phone service for connectivity. This service is included in the monthly service plans so seniors don’t need to add this to their existing cell service plan.

The Medical Alert MobileElite Medical Alert System system offers plans for $37.95 a month, $34.95 a month paid semi-annually or $32.04 a month paid annually.

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What Medical Alert System Options Work the Best For Senior Men?

Most senior men prefer a medical alert system hidden from view, allowing them to remain dignified but safe knowing help is always readily available. A multifunction watch or simple wristband with a call button provides men a system they can incorporate easily into their wardrobe to make wearing the unit more tolerable.

Some of the options men may prefer include:

  • A simple wristband with a single call button.
  • A system with or without a phone app.
  • GPS for easy location sharing.
  • A stylish smartwatch that incorporates medical alert protection with numerous other functions.
  • A medical alert system with a home base and mobile connectivity.

When a medical alert system is needed for the safety and comfort of the user and family and friends, the type of unit or mobile device they choose has a great influence on whether the senior family member will wear it regularly. Consider the personal needs, likes and dislikes before purchasing a medical alert system for men.