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Epilepsy is a chronic health disorder that affects more than three million Americans, with one million being over the age of 55 years. The most debilitating aspect of epilepsy is the neurological effects that cause unpredictable seizures. These seizures vary from person to person and happen without warning. When seizures strike at night during sleep, calling for help may be difficult or impossible. A medical alert system for seniors with epilepsy can automatically alert a call center when activated by voice or when the system detects a fall. The operator then dispatches help and notifies a family member or friend.

This guide includes information on medical alert systems designed to provide reassurance for seniors and their loved ones that help is always available in the case of seizures.

The 3 Best Medical Alert Systems for Seniors With Epilepsy

Medical alert systems are valuable tools for elderly people with epilepsy who live alone or may find they need help while out traveling. These systems offer security around-the-clock against unexpected seizures that require immediate attention or treatment. Below are the best three medical alert systems for seniors living with epilepsy.


MedScope was founded by a father and son team with a passion to design high-quality products for the long term care industry. MedScope services users who purchase the company’s Personal Emergency Response Systems, or PERS, all over the United States and provides a quick emergency response for seniors in need.

With a full line of medical alert systems, PERS with fall detection is intended for use by seniors with epilepsy. MedScope ensures all fall detection alarms are answered within 30 to 45 seconds by their trained care team members. This device doesn’t need a landline or cellular service to connect loved ones to a response representative and incorporates two-way, hands-free voice communication. Available only as a pendant button, it’s waterproof and has a range of 600 to 800 feet even through walls, doors and windows making it safe for showering, bathing, being outside the home gardening or working out in the garage.

Other features include:

  • 5-year lifespan
  • 24-hour battery backup kicks in during a power outage
  • Base unit recharges when power is restored
  • PERS performs a silent, self-diagnostic test every month to be sure it’s working properly

Smart Monitor

Beginning with one mom who needed help monitoring a child with epilepsy, Smart Monitor was designed to create a medical alert system that could detect unexpected movements. Now, people of all ages who have epilepsy and their families can feel more secure using SmartWatch Inspyre™. This medical alert watch senses unusual movement or shaking and alerts caregivers, doctors, designated medical personnel and family members with a text message sent to cellular phones. The watch is GPS-enabled, and the phone app allows authorized access of medical records to a medical team.

This medical alert system can be used for seizure detection, to call for help and to transmit medical data to personal physicians.

Other features available are:

  • Help Alert
  • Audio capabilities
  • Activity tracking
  • Symptom reports
  • Medication reminders

Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm Medical realizes the aging population in the United States is growing and strives to provide technology to enable seniors to live free of restraints brought on by physical limitations. Products are designed for ease of use and convenience, and seniors with epilepsy are protected with fall detection in case of a fall or abrupt movement due to seizures.

Bay Alarm Medical system includes four devices to choose from that monitor users whether at home, in the car or traveling. No landline is needed; the system works with 4G LTE cellular service. All medical alert products include nationwide coverage, and seniors with epilepsy are reassured fast response time with care representatives lauded to answer an emergency alert within 12 seconds. GPS provides location tracking to locate users if they encounter seizures while out and about.

The call button and lanyard is engineered to sense high-impact falls, such as a fall from a seizure, and recognizes normal movements to help avoid false alarms.

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How to Choose a Medical Alert System for Seniors With Epilepsy

When shopping for a medical alert system for senior family members with epilepsy, look for fall detection designed with advanced technology to avoid false alarms, but proper detection methods to trigger an alert for seizures.

The average response time from care representatives is important especially during the night or while a senior is out traveling. The response center should also include services where call operators have access to medical information. When operators know the user has epilepsy, they are better prepared to send emergency assistance immediately if the person cannot talk or communicate.

Medical alert devices have progressed from a single button that had to be pressed once the user fell to technologically advanced systems that provide voice controls, GPS, mobile options and cellphone apps for caregivers to check on their loved ones.

Epilepsy causes many types of seizures that can be different for each person. At times, a person may lose consciousness or experience an aura that happens before a seizure with symptoms such as feelings of a wave traveling through their head, visual disturbances, numbness and tingling or confusion. They may not be aware enough to push a button, especially if woken from sleep. Devices that sense a heavy fall or shaking and have voice-activated alerts are good options for seniors with epilepsy.